Mafia Trade

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Chapter 15

I wake up before Miles again. He’s sleeping facing me. my leg is nested in-between his. We are a tangled mess. I look around to see the fire still going and the bathing suits dry above it. I go to move, which causes Miles to move. He moves in closer, His whole body shifts closer and I can feel himself get brushed up on my leg. I freeze. What do I do? Do I wake him and explain that I needed to get up but the only way to get up would be to pull my leg out from in between his. I start to slip my leg out. we always end up in the weirdest positions. He practically jumps up in his sleep when my knee anciently hits him. “I didn’t mean to!” I defend before he can talk. “Imma make breakfast.”

“Gracias mi amorcito.“(Thank you babydoll) I murmur to him. “Thanks my?” He asks. “I can’t translate anything for you. That’s no fun.” I tell him. ” atleat I’m not calling you Baiser jouet.” (Fuck toy) I tell him laughing. “You know french!” He exclaims. “That’s kinda hot.” He says under his breath. “And I know English.” He must not have realized he said it out loud because he starts apologizing. “You don’t need to feel sorry for complimenting me.”

“I know, bad habit. Breakfast is ready!” He hands me some food and we eat. “in a few hours is that camp thing, I was thinking We could skip it and say we got lost on an exploration!” I tell him. “Or, I could just go to It and we wouldn’t piss your family off.”

“But TEN DAYS!“He’s almost finished with his food but clears his plate anyway. “Ten days isn’t that long.” Once I’m finished we pack up our things and leave camp. “Can we come back when I get back?” Miles asks as he sits on my bike. “Of course we can!” I start my bike and we drive away.

My uncle is sitting on the steps with a bag when we get back. “This is for you.” He hands It to Miles, “Take a shower, get in new clothes and get ready because you are leaving in four hours.” I look at Miles, he nods my uncle and keeps walking. “You don’t have to go.”

“I do, YOU didn’t buy me. it was your dad, who gave everything to your uncle. HE owns my contract. and I read it once, it’s for thirty years. So I have thirty years with your uncle. I shouldn’t piss him off now.” we both walk up to his room. I can feel the urgency. He’s leaving me. My brain spins. “It’s only a few days.” He tells me again. “I need to take a shower and get dressed.” He tells me as he walks into the bathroom. I give him a minute or two by himself before I follow him. He’s stepping into the water when I come in. “HEY!” He yells, covering his body. “It’s just me,” I tell him as I close the door behind me. His arms don’t drop and he stands there like a dear in headlights. I grab his wrists and place them by his side. I can hear him taking deep breaths. I roll up my sleeves and grab the shampoo. “Let me,” I tell him. I run my hands through his hair, every now and then pulling a bit to annoy him. I have him turn to face me as I finish cleaning his hair. I take my hand and scrunch it hard at the base of his skull and pull. He lets out a groan and his hand shoots up to my arm. He’s blushing and not making eye contact. “Could you not?” He sasses me. “Pas Quand Tu fais des sons comme ça”. He looks confused. I just smile. I run the leftover soap down his shoulder and to his back, I grab the sponge hanging next to the showerhead and rub the soap in. I put more on the sponge and trail from his neck to his hip bone. I kneel down and scrub his legs a bit. I lean forward and kiss right above his hip. He doesn’t say anything or jump back. I stand back up and put the sponge away. “You’re a tease, you know that right.”

“Vous dites im une allumeuse, voulez-vous plus” He gives me a bitch face. “I said, You said I’m a tease, Do you want more?” His voice cracks when he tries to respond. “Not now, I have to get ready.” I watch as he shifts positions and tries to hide himself. “I’m going to wait for you in the other room, You still have three hours.” He comes back minutes later dressed and with dry hair. “You shouldn’t leave,” I tell him. He nuzzles into my side. “It’s just ten days. I’ll be fine.”

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