Mafia Trade

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Chapter 16

Ten days was far too long to be away from Miles. I never thought I could miss someone within an hour of them leaving. For ten days I went around making deals with people, getting two more large customers for the drug portion of my family’s business, and then a few hitmen jobs. In total, all the new jobs would bring in around Eight mill. My uncle kept me running from place to place, hardly having time to sit down. Which in the grand scheme of things was good because if I wasn’t working, I would be thinking about missing Miles.
Miles would be back in five minutes. I made the men who pick him up wear a tracker so I could watch and see how close he was. Five minutes slowly turned to four, four painfully slow turned to three. I was rocking back and forth on my feet, standing so close to the gate that when the tracker said one minute away I could hear the almost silent cars. The car came into view and my heart stopped, my palms got sweaty and time had never moved so slow. It felt like forever when they parked. I could see Miles in the back of the car.
His door opened slowly, and I ran over. Miles sat looking dazed. “Miles!” I say pulling him up to hug him. He hesitates for a moment but hugs back. “How was, uh camp?” I don’t get a clear response. I get a quiet “It was good.” Something must have happened. I try thinking of what but it scares me to think, it’s a camp that teaches people like dogs to be good helpers so rich families who don’t mind doing this illegally. I don’t ask more questions. He stands in the same spot as when I pulled him out of the car. “Well come on, don’t stand there all day.” I start walking to the house, with miles following behind me.
“We should go on a date tonight, Maybe a movie?” I ask him. “I don’t know.” He tells me. He doesn’t know? “You don’t know what? If we should go on a date?” I ask, hoping he’s messing with me. “They told us we shouldn’t really date the people we work for.” He looks down at the floor, purposely avoiding eye contact. “Since when have you been one to listen? We are going on a date night, I’ll find a movie.”
I go downstairs, leaving Miles in his, Our room. My uncle stands at the end of the stairs. “Is he listening to you now? No problems.” He sounds almost proud that he sent him away like any other maid in this house. “Yeah, One problem. He seems like he’s distant.” I tell him. “He probably knows his job is to cook, clean, and pleas-”
“That’s not his job and you know it!”
“I don’t know why you actually want to date that? What do you do when he leaves you? Do you let him go?” My uncle asks. “If he wants to go,” I tell him. “You aren’t allowed to date, he is here for the purpose of making it look like you have a life and for having someone to take care of you.” He stops and glares at the door which Miles is behind. “No emotions attached.” I don’t argue, I just walk up the stairs.

“I’m back!” I tell Miles. He smiles at me. “I can grab us snacks.” He tells me, “No, No I’ll grab things. You take a break.” I pause and look at him. “You don’t need to serve me.” He nods. “I know, I just- Camp taught us to.” I wince at that. Camp. “Do you want to start the movie?” I ask him. “Yeah, We can start the movie.” I smile back at him. He’s half-asleep by the time the middle of the movie happens. I laugh as he starts to fall on my shoulder. I hold the side of his head and shift myself so he can rest on my shoulder. Last-minute I decide to take him and put him on the bed. He grumbles as I lift him. I bend down and slide my arm under his legs and one behind his back. He’s in jeans and a sweatshirt. “Miles,” I say, tapping him but he just pulls away and tries to roll away from me. I place him on the bed and reach for his shirt, I take it off and leave it on the nightstand. I shut off the movie that’s now replaying and turn off the light. I walk to his dresser and pull out a pair of sweatpants. I walk back to him and unbutton his pants, I slide his jeans off him and try to put the sweatpants on him without waking him up. He throws himself up when he comes to enough to see that I’m changing him. “Hey!” He yells at me. “You fell asleep.” I try justifying. He just nods.

“Want to run away?” He asks me suddenly. “Runaway?”
“Yeah, We can live in another city away from all this...” He starts. “And your uncle wouldn’t be in charge of you, and we could live together.” He sounds tired. “We can talk more tomorrow,” I tell him kissing his forehead and standing up. I shut off his light and go for the door. “Wait, Could you sleepover?” I nod and walk back to him. I fall asleep with his legs intertwined with mine and his arms snaking around my waist.

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