Mafia Trade

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Chapter 2

“Miles, come downstairs your siblings are here!” My dad calls to me. I can see my four siblings sitting in their seats. Calum, my dad sits at the head of the table. Each of my brothers and sisters has two kids. The room is packed with people. They all have good manners and take their seats. I'm last in the room and everyone's eyes are on me. I nervously blush and rush to a seat. “Today marks the 17 years my youngest son has been alive. And because of that I gift him a guard and a wife.” A man walks in. He's in all black. He's tall, and blonde, and has green eyes. what a weird but beautiful combination. In walks a woman with blonde hair and brown eyes. She's taller than me which isnt hard due to me being 5′5. Her breasts are fake and her nails are done. She walks over and sits on my lap. I uncomfortably move in my seat and get up making her fall back in the chair. I sit in the chair over and look at my plate the whole meal.

I see my dad get up and whisper something to my mom. I follow him. Anything to leave my “wife” behind. He walks into my room and closes the door. “Dad, what are you doing!” I ask as I hit the door. “Something isnt right with you and I need to find out.” He yells to me. I sit by the door for twenty minutes and only stand when I hear him yell. “We raised a queer!” The door flings open and he throws down some magazines. “It's not what it looks like,” I tell him picking up the booklets before anyone else sees. “Please, Dad.” I tell him. “I didnt raise you to take it up the ass and be someones bitch.” He yells. My whole family is looking now. My mothers crying. “Hes just a child Calum.” She cries. “Not my child, If he want to be that.” He says disgusted. “Than he can, but not as my son.” He signals for a guard. “he is an intruder and we are to treat him as such. He betrayed the family and tried commiting treason.” He declares. “because he is still blood we are not to kill him.” He tells the guards. I walk backward when they start to come near me. “DOnt TOUCH me.” I try yelling but it comes out blabbery due to my crying. “Please, I havent done anything.” I yell to them. “Change him and put him in a box.” I push away from the guards. One grabs my arm and the other grabs my hips and I am thrown over his shoulder. I punch and kick but its no use because my 125 pound body is nothing compared to them. Im thown down a small stairway to the bacement and land on my side. Pain shoots throught me and i curl in a ball. I hear the guards footsteps as they walk down the stairs to me. A man picks me up and takes my shirt while another takes my jeans. Im left in black boxers. They pick me up by my arms and I feel the air get knocked out of me. Another guard is punching me. Once, twice, threetimes and then I am dropped. I cry out in pain. Why has no one come to stop this! I think. I am picked up once more and thrown into an upstanding wooden box. Its about 6′0 tall and my hards harly reach the top. The top of it slams shut and I am left in complete darkness. The pain from my side spreads to my legs and soon my feet are hurt. I try to sit but I cant. The box forses me to stand with my hands stuck to my side. I try rocking the box but it is no good. I let sleep take me after afew hours.

I wake up to the feeling of the box being moved. Its the first sign of anything for who knows how long. Days and nights blured together in the box because it was just me, no light, no food, no sound. “Send him to the warehouse. Get a good price. Short, skinny whiteboy to be sold as a toy. Make bank.” A toy? The box is lifted and I can feel what has to be a truck driving. After an hour, I can tell becuase suddenly im alert. A toy? That scares me. Toy...

The top is lifted off the box and I feel it tip. I fall out and onto the ground. Im on a stage. I run to jump off but glass prevents me. Im surounded by glass. Im trapped. My eyes wonder to see men and woman staring at me. I look to see what I am in. Not knowing what to do I just stand off in the corrnor by what I think is the door. Tears are leaking down my face and im shaking. Im being sold. As a toy. Ive heard horror storys. Being sold as a nanny, as a wife or husband, as a surgical dummy, as a human bomb, a sex slave. The list goes on and on. But a toy. Its almost haunting.
The door opens and I run out it. A group of men grab me and i feel handcuffs being put on behind me. I go to kick but one grabs my legs. They are rapped in a layer of ducktape at the ankle. My wrists chained bt cuffs and I see a man approaching me with tape for my mouth. “Please dont.” I whimper. I sloch to avoid him but am pulled up and sat up manually by a guard. I wince and try to pull away. I must have brused my ribs.
“You’ve been baught. Good price too.” A man tells me. The tape is slapped over my mouth. I see a row of boxes and I thrash around. Trying to excape. Not another box. Ive never been claustrophobic but after all this the dark and tight spaces dont sound the same to me as they did before. “Easy kid.” I hear him say. Instead of standing they lay me down. Rope is tied over my chest and legs so im stuck in the box like a doll would be. “Time to ship ya.” He tells me. Im absolutely terrified. Ship me. I really am a toy.
The box is loaded onto a car and I can feel it sliding in the back. A man is talking. “This is the one Justin wanted?” He questions. Another man replies. “My son picked his own. And I am sure this is him.” He says. “Hes hurt. Saw bruses on his ribs and back” The first man says. “We saw them too. Justin is going to get him cleaned up. Its his responsibility.” The other man says. The rest of the ride is quiet and when I feel the car stop I let out a muffled scream. Im going to be killed. I think to myself as the box is shaken. I hear footsteps as the box moves so I assume its me being carried somewhere. The moving stops and I am placed on my back. The lid is removed and a woman is staring at me. Shes in black and has on a hat. A maid? She unties me and grabs me Pulling me up. “Lets get off the tape.” She tells me as she cuts the tape off my legs. Next is my mouth. “Please. Theres been a mistake.” I tell her. “No mistake sweetheart. Now take a shower and change into those clothes. Get ready for your master.” My what!. I dont dare question outloud. “Can you take off the cuffs?” I ask her. She ties a rope around the middle chain of the cuff and ties it to a hook on the celing. “Its big enough that you can walk around your room.” I try sprinting to the door but the rope yanks and stops me. “Take a shower and change” she says as she leaves. I look at my “room” theres a small couch, a large bed, afew windows, a bookshelf, a tiny closet and a bathroom. I walk up the the closet and see the same two pairs of pants and same three shirts. I squat down to see a large, short box under the bed. I pull it out, open it and immediately shove it back under. Where those... Toys? I gulp. Those where huge. I pause. Are those for me? I can hear footsteps outside my door and remember the shower and clothes. Shit. The door opens to reveal...

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