Mafia Trade

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Chapter 4

He gives me a look. A mix between disappointment and pity. I look up at him. He’s tall. Maybe a foot taller. He has blond hair and bright blue eyes. He’s built but not insanely build. Just enough that I can see his arms through his white shirt. He has a broad chest and Dares I say thick thighs. He walks over to my bed. What is he doing? I question myself. I move to the further wall. Hoping to create some distance between us. “I’m Justin.” He tells me. I don’t dare make eye contact. I just listen to him.“Do you have a name?” He asks me. When I don’t respond he stands up. He walks in front of me and I am pinned into the wall. I can tell he avoids my ribs because he puts pressure elsewhere.“Look at me” He lightly jaw and pulls me to look at him. “When I talk to you.” My eyes dart up into his blue ones and he lets go. “Understood?” I nod, fearful of what happens if I don’t. “I need a yes or no. Understand?” He asks me. It’s a simple question but I’m quite terrified. “Y-yes”. He smiles. “Good. My name is Justin. You can address me as such.” He tells me. “And you are?” He asks. “Miles.” I say before I drop my eyes back down to my feet.” I believe my eyes are up here Miles.” I force my eyes to look at him. He is cute. And so far is caring. He hasn’t hurt me. “Come here.” He tells me and moves over. I debate in my head the pros and cons of walking up to him. “Let me see your side.” confused I look at him. Why does he care? I feel his hands on my back and stomach holding me in place. I pull away instantly but he just grabs me. “It looks bruised under the skin. Here, come lay down.” He pats the bed. I walk the far side so I don’t have to cross in front of him more than I need to. I feel him move a pillow or two and throw them on the floor so I have room. He gets up and stands next to me. Hovering over my body. He goes to feel my side but I grab his hand. “Don’t.” Don’t? Now I’m in for it. I just told him no. And given the situation, I’m in. No isnt an answer. “Don’t tell me don’t.” He says rather softly. “And don’t grab at me.” He sharply pulls his hand and I flop mine down next to me. “Now hold still.” He presses the flat of his hand above the bruse. It doesn’t hurt but it doesn’t feel good. “This would go a lot faster if you told me if it hurt here or not.” He slides his hand down and pushes hard. “That hurts.” I can tell his mind is elsewhere when he slides his hand down more. I involuntarily yelp “I’m sorry.” I grab at the bedsheet and try to focus on that instead of the pain. He’s trying to kill me. He’s not a doctor. He’s just doing it to watch me hurt.“Can you sit up for me.” He moves me and looks at my back. “There’s some bruising here too, nothing bad.” He calls for an icepack and starts to walk out. “Leave this on till I come back” he lays me back down and I feel the ice over my ribs. He comes back about an hour later. “We need to fix you a bath. Nothing too hot because we don’t want to hurt your ribs more.” He has a towel and soap. I don’t say anything but I give him a look. The look that says Why are you helping me bathe? “Don’t give me that Miles. You didn’t shower up earlier.” He grabs the rope tied to the cuffs that I forgot about till now. He pulls it and forces me up. I stand and he looks at me. “What are you waiting for. Strip.” I must have misheard him. “What?” I question quietly. “I said.” He steps closer. “Strip.” My body runs cold and my cheeks turn red. I don’t move for a minute and he steps closer. “You really only need to take off one item of clothing because you’re only in one.” He pulls the rope, which slides the give of the rope up, and raises my hands. I see him look at the loop tied to the ceiling. “I know, helpful right.” He says attempting a joke. I look at the ring. It brings my hands above my head and I feel it pull on my ribs. I see him rap the rope around his hand and pull it so it’s stuck where it is. He walks over and grabs my boxers. Do I kick him? Do I let him? He’s too close to me. “Can you step back?” I say before I can think to stop myself. He does step back. But he’s still holding the rope. “Let me take those off and get you in the tub.” He walks to me once more and this time looks at my face the whole time. I feel his hand slip to the band of my boxers and lightly pull down. My leg goes to swing to cover myself in some way but his hand catches my knee. My boxers fall and he looks me up and down and then drops the rope. He motions for me to follow him and I do. Where else would I go? He doesn’t look at me again though. Not till I’m in the bath. He kneels. “Let’s get you cleaned.” I feel him work a sponge over my body and jump a little when it gets too low. He doesn’t say anything but I know he wanted to see my reaction. To see if I moved or did anything. He puts the sponge down and moves to my hair. “Let’s clean your hair.” He grips my hair and runs his fingers through it. I moan quietly when his fingers catch on a piece of my hair. He doesn’t say anything and I don’t mention it. God WHAT was THAT. I am mentally slapping myself. I don’t pay attention to what happens next. All I know is I’m being stood up and wrapped in a towel. “Thank you.” I tell him. He pulls at the rope once more and my hands move slightly up. Not this again. I’ll drop my towel. He backs me up to the bed and I feel my towel fall. He grabs my hips and places me on the bed. I watch as he looks at me and then the door and walks out. Whoa.

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