Mafia Trade

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Chapter 5

I back him up to the bed. God Miles looks so good. He wouldn’t say no to it either. I think to myself. I lift him and place him on the bed. He’s truly gorgeous. I see his rib and then look to the door. He needs a doctor. I look at him once more and leave. A maid is outside. “See to it he has a doctor check him out. Full examination. Call me when he arrives. Also, get some clothes other than the same things he has. And make sure to switch out his pillows they are too hard.” She eagerly nods and I see her pick up the wall phone. “Hello. I was wondering if I could set up an appointment.” She says as I walk away.

Father is sitting in the kitchen. “I take it you two have had some fun?” He asks raising an eyebrow. “I’m going to make sure he’s healthy. And once he is better, start training.” Father looks at my mother. “He hasn’t started training yet. Can you believe that?” He sounds almost mad. “I have taught him to look at me when he speaks and to answer me with yes or no.” The anger and worry leaves his face. “So you have started training! Wonderful.” A maid walks in and stands behind me. “Yes?” I question. “The doctor is here.” I excuse myself from Father and my mother and walk back to Miles room. The doctor is laying out tools and I can see Miles getting uncomfortable. “Sit here.” The doctor tells him. He takes his temper, he gets his heart rate, blood pressure. “Now stand here.” He gets his height and weight. “Now I want you to put up your arms.” Miles does and the doctor roughly grabs his side. “BE CAREFUL,” I say to the doctor, almost yelling. “Don’t worry. He’s fine.” He tells me. “It’s just a skin bruise. Should be gone in two days latest.” I smile at him. “Thank you.” He pauses. “Can I have some private time with 3635? Ask him medical questions.” He asks. “Of course. I’ll be right out here.” I wait and then the doctor comes out. “He needs two shots because they are out of date and id make sure he gets his eyes checked at some point.” I nod and show him out. “When can you do those?” I ask. “Next week.” I have a maid set up the appointment and I go back to the kitchen. “Use these.” Father hands me a wooden paddle. “Train him.” I walk back once more to Miles’s room.
“We got the pass to start training,” I tell him. He sits quietly. “The quiet part is okay. But when I say speak I want to hear you. okay?” He doesn’t respond. “Yes or No?” I ask. His eyes remain down. “YES or NO.” He doesn’t look up but he says “yes.” I grab the rope and pull his arms up. “Hey.” He says. “Hey? You don’t look at me when I talk to you, you cant say yes or no and now you say Hey!” I need to do something. But what. “Come here! Now.” I demand. He looks at my eyes and walks over. “Lay here.” I pat my lap. “Lay where?” He asks genuinely confused. “My lap.” I clarify. “You get three. One for hey, one for not looking, and one for not responding correctly.” I can see the panic in his eyes. “Three what?” This isn’t helping. “When I tell you. Adress me a sir. Now is a time to do so.” I tell him. He lays down. “You say thank you after each.” He looks around and lays down. I raise my hand and hit once. He flinches and pushes his ass away. “Stay still”. I say to him. “that’s what you get for not learning.” I do it again. “We will restart.” He’s not saying thank you and I won’t remind him. But I will keep restarting. “Restart?” I hum. One, He doesn’t move this time but he does hiss a bit, He still doesn’t say thank you. “Darling.” He’s completely forgotten. I’ll tell him this once. He looks up at the pet name. “Say thank you after each.” I look and his ass is already red. “Okay.” He tells me. I smile. One, I hit lighter than normal. “Thank you.” He tells me. I swear I can feel his body jump to life on the second one. I know one part of him secretly likes this. On the third, I don’t raise my hand. I leave it for a moment. “Now what did we learn?” I ask. He doesn’t talk. “Speck. What did we learn?” I ask again. “To look at you and thank you.” I move my hand away. “Shit.” He murmurs. He goes to get up put I pull him in my lap so he’s facing me.
I let my hand travel down and he groans and pushes his hips closer than they were. “Someone’s excited,” I say. He blushes and his whole face goes pink. “Cutie,” I tell him. I add pressure to where my hand sits. He lets out a soft “ah” and I chuckle. “Would you like anything?” I ask. I can see the panic in his voice. “No. No, I’m okay.” He replies making me laugh more. “It’s almost dinner. Come down once you’ve... collected yourself and changed.” I say when I see how painfully turned on he is. He stumbles off my lap and stares at me.

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