Mafia Trade

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Chapter 6

Justin leaves and I’m stunned. What just happened?! My brain is going a mile a minute. Did he just, I reach to feel my butt and it’s sizzling and my brain is dizzy.
Dinner. What do I wear to dinner? I look and see only a few things. Guess I’ll wear a blue shirt with black pants. I put on the shirt and it’s tight and so are the pants. I feel like he did this on purpose. I stop. Am I going to meet more people than him? Could I be their toy? My brain goes into panic mode. Theirs a knock on the door. I walk over and open it. Justin walks in. Not saying a word and unties the rope from the ceiling and ties it to his writs. “No leaving.” He tells me.
We go downstairs and there’s a large man sitting with a woman at the table. A few maids surround them. Two other women join the table and Justin sits next to one of them. I stay standing. “Come sit.” I hear the big man say. “I’m Robert. I’m Justin’s father.” I bow my head not knowing what to do and not wanting to piss anyone off. My butt still hurts from the last “lesson”. My body betrays me as I think of the lesson. These pants ARE tight. I can see Justin looking at me. I sit next to him. “You can talk you know.” One of the women says. “He isn’t very talkative,” Justin answers for me. I smile at him. “How’s training going?” Robert asks. I blush and try not to look at anyone. “We came up with a system for now. Depending on how well it works. No paddle. He’s already hurting due to his ribs so we didn’t get into that.” I’m shocked at how open he is about this. I’m his toy. Of course, he doesn’t care. “I’ve found that he definitely doesn’t mind getting spanked. And isn’t opposed to hair pulling.” So he did catch that in the bath. Robert looks at me. “I think he needs more training. He doesn’t make eye contact.” Was he talking to me? I look up. “There we go. Eyes.” Justin grabs my thigh. “It’s okay we are working on that.”
The food is placed in front of us. I look to see two of the woman waiting to eat and looking at Robert. Justin’s grip on my leg is harder and if I look at my food his fingers dig into my leg. I’m guessing I can’t eat yet. Robert finishes and Justin is still eating. My stomach grumbles. Justin looks at me and his dad. “I’m allowing him to eat before I finish.” He tells him, He turns to me. “It’s okay.” I look at the food. Mash potatoes, meat, green beans, and water.” I start to eat. I look at the green beans. Untouched. I hate green beans. “You don’t leave till your done,” Justin tells me. I look shocked at him. “Don’t give me that.” He pauses. “That’s one.” ONE? We are still doing this. Shit. I look at my plate. “That’s two.” Two. Is he counting how long it takes? I pick up the fork and eat the green beans. Robert and the three girls leave. “You have to eat them.” He tells me. “Each hesitation is a point. Points mean consequences.” I eat more of it and then drink my water. When I’m done he walks me to my room. “It’s your bedtime in thirty minutes. Get into pajamas, brush your teeth, and get in bed. I’ll be in soon.” Is he sleeping with me?
I pause. “Okay. See you soon?” He closes the door. I get ready and then get in bed. The door swings open. “I’ll give you your two points tomorrow. You’ve had enough tonight.” He grabs my blanket and pulls it higher on me. “We wake at 7 am tomorrow.” He starts walking out. He shuts off the light and I spring up. “WAIT,” I call out. Not the dark. He turns around. “I-” How do I tell him I’m scared of the dark? “Do you need anything?” Miles. You can tell me.” He walks closer and turns on the light. I sigh in relief. “Do you not like the dark?” He asks me. I don’t say anything. This is childish. “Goodnight,” I say and I flip over away from him. He shuts off the light but doesn’t move. I hear footsteps behind me and the bathroom light flashes on. He closes the door a little. “Made a nightlight.” He tells me as he walks out. The door closes and I flip back so the light is next to the bed.
My body relaxes and I fall asleep.

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