Mafia Trade

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Chapter 7

I woke up with the sun shining in the room. The clock read 6:55. I walk to Miles room. I push open the door and peer in. Miles is asleep. The bed is so big and has so many pillows. He buried himself in the pillows. Cute. Should I wake him? He still has, I glance at the clock He has three minutes. I walk to his closet and pull out a shirt and pair of pants. The box under his bed catches my eye and I stare at it. Just be patient. I tell myself. I lay the clothes on the small nightside table. I walk to the bathroom and turn on the warm water. It’s a little past 7:00. It’s only 7:04. I walk over to him. “Miles, It’s morning,” I tell him. He shifts in his sleep and turns to face me. “Come on, Wake up,” I tell him. He looks around and frowns. I can tell he’s unhappy. “I made the tub,” I tell him. His hands are still cuffed and I can see it digging into his skin. I grab his hands and take the key from my pocket. “Here. Let me.” I say. I put the key to the cuffs and pop them off. “Thank you.” He says to me. He stands up and walks to the bathroom. I wait on the bed for him to finish taking his bath.

When I hear the tub drain and the door open I look over hoping to see him. He walks out with a towel wrapped lowly on his hips. He uses another towel to fluff out his hair. He looks amazing. “How was your tub?” I ask. He doesn’t say anything. “Was it good?” He nods. “I want to hear from you. ” He looks up at me with his light green eyes. “This will be your third point against you Miles.” He gulps. “Alright, come here.” I pat my lap. “You need to learn.“I pause. “If I cant train you to be mine, Father will sell you. And not every owner is as nice as I am.” He walks to me. “Put your hands on the bed for me, love.” Reluctantly he does so. “One for not responding, and two for not wanting to eat last night.” Pride rushes over me when he squeaks out an “Okay”. I thank him. Babysteps. I place a hand on the front of his left hip with my left hand and raise my right. He jumps forward a little as my hand hits. He whimpers. “shh Miles. You brought this upon yourself.” I raise my hand again. This time when I hit there is a light moan. Shit, He’s hot. The things that rush through my mind. He’s been through a lot in two days. I don’t want to be like other owners. I raise my hand again. “Why am I doing this?” I ask him. “To train me, to keep me yours.” He says. “Because you responded.” More than you ever have. “I won’t give you you’re third. Instead let’s find a positive reinforcer,” I tell him. “Okay...” He says slightly shaking. “Any ideas?” I ask him. “No.” He’s talking to me! I pull out the books Father gave me. He looks at the packets. “Snacks?” He says pointing to a page. “If you are hungry at anytime tell me and I can give you food. That’s not a reward, that’s a necessity.” He turns back to the book. “Buying things?” He questions. “That can be one. You can get books and candy, and clothes.” He smiles. That is a beautiful smile. “We should find more.” He sits next to me, his foot kicks something under the bed. The box! I kneel down to grab the box. “These will be a reward.” I open it to reveal some vibrators and lube, there are some plugs and blindfolds. “Have you ever used them?” I ask.

His eyes flick up to meet my face. “I’ve never, Done anything like that.” He blushes. What an awkward virgin. I think to myself. “Have you ever dated?” I ask him. “A few times.” He says. His eyes are glued to the box. “Any boys?” I ask, hoping he wasn’t straight. Either way, He’s mine. “Once.” He whispers. “How far did you get?” I ask. He looks like I just asked him to jump off a cliff. “Tell me.” His mouth opens to speak but doesn’t say anything. “If you aren’t going to tell me close your mouth before I give you something to put in it,” I tell him. “My Dad broke us up, a few days ago. We went on one date. ” Miles tells me. “We held hands under a table.” He finishes. “Did your Father sell you?” He nods. “He found out I didn’t like girls. We marry at seventeen in my house and I didn’t like my wife.” I’m a year older? “Is that why you don’t like the dark, because of the box.” He nods. “I won’t put you in the box again.” I can see him intense his shoulders and his face relaxes.

“Could we try to use something in the box?” I ask. “I don’t know,” He starts. “I’ll be careful, this is a reward.” He grabs my hand when I go to grab the box. “I’ve never.” He tells me nervously. “I know. Lay back.” He slides up on the bed and lays down. His eyes close and his body goes stiff. “relax, I won’t hurt you.” That seems to have done it. He keeps his eyes closed nut the rest of him relaxes. What do I use? I think. Instead of the box, I could use my hands. Maybe that would be better to start. I drag my hands to his boxers and slowly slip them off his hips. I lean down to his ear. “Trust me.” My lips go to his neck. I kiss up his jaw and make a trail of kisses. I find a spot that makes him fling his eyes open. “mhm.” I murmur. I attack that spot and he presses his chin higher giving me access to the spot. I start sucking, trying to leave a mark. “Justinnn.” Miles whines. I pull away to see a bright purple hickey. I straddle his hips and lean over him. I place mini hickeys over his body. If he keeps arching into me I’m going to lose it. Squirming around would be an understatement. When I get to his hip I pause. “Imma use my hands,” I tell him. I move so I am closer to him. My hand runs down his stomach and stops right before I get to him. I use the same hand and slide it up his leg. He’s enjoying this. I think. I look at his face. He’s biting his lip and looking down at me. I place my hand on him and he groans. I give him a few tugs and he’s arching off the bed. Wow, His back is almost fully off the bed. His hips rock up. “No, you don’t get to move.” He lets out a whine and throws his head back frustrated. I should spice this up. I let go and sit him up. “where are you going?” He asks. “I got you,” I tell him. I pick him up by his ass and lift him so he’s facing me. His hand goes on my shoulder and the other goes in my hair. “please,” He says to me. I push him into my mouth and feel him push back. If I place him on the wall he won’t be able to fall out of my hands. I smash his back into the wall, Harder than I meant to. He lets out a loud moan and whips his hand to cover his mouth. I pull away from him. “Don’t, I want to hear you. If you want to hold something hold my hair.”

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