Mafia Trade

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My hand rushes up to cover the noise coming from my mouth. This feels so good, shit. “Don’t,” He says as he pulls away. “I want to hear you”. I can feel myself blush. This is sinful and dirty. “If you want to hold something hold my hair.” His eyes move up to meet mine. I’m pushed back on the wall as he continues. My hand flies up to meet the other one in his hair. I gasp.

He practically drops me when there is a knock on the door. I lean on the bedroom wall stunned. Did that really just happen. Does he actually like me? Is he gay too? Obviously, if he knows how to give blowjobs like that he’s had practice. Shit im hard. He opens the bedroom door and peaks out his head. After talking to whoever was outside he turns to me. His pupils get bigger when he catches me in his line of vision. “I have to go.” He’s leaving me like this, after all that! “Your leaving?” I ask, mentally slapping myself for wanting the man who bought me to stay. “I have to help with the family business.” I should have known he’s part of the mob. Deep down, I had known. I just didn’t want it to be true. He leaves in a hurry and I can hear running down the hall. He leaves in such a rush that he doesn’t lock the door. I can leave! Even though I don’t know the layout of the house, or the town, or even the city I know once I leave if I run into town and get a phone I can call one of my siblings. Surely one will help. I tried to convince myself.

I slide the door open a little more and look outside it. A long hallway with rooms on both sides. Maybe about six or seven on each side. At the end is a spiral staircase. I can make it there. I think as I step outside my room. I don’t hear anyone so I run for it. I get down the stairs and see a great big room, to the left, is the dining room, I know that for sure and next to it has to bed the bedroom and library. I walk to the big doors on the other side of the room. I don’t know if this is the way out. I try rationalizing my thoughts, Fuck it. I dart out the door and fall onto the grass. I did it! I’d been in that house almost a week and the fresh air felt amazing. Now if I get to town. I think as I see a road. I can hear a helicopter landing and look to see a helicopter pad on the roof. Woah, I bet Justin is in there. As suspected he steps out and walks over to the stairs leading inside. I better go. I run, Faster than I think I ever had. I ran like my life depended on it, Maybe it DID depend on it. My freedom sure did.

A gate... A gate stopped me from freedom. One gate, a piece of chunked metal. And it was going to be the reason I am caught. I can hear yelling and marching. I look to see people at the far end of the, What I would call palace. They look around and split up. Standing in between all of them is Justin. They are looking for me! Shit. The walls are thick with ivy. But I know I have to climb it.

I’ve never been the strongest or the toughest, But I’m stronger than average people my age. Being the son of a Boss has its perks. Or, use to be the son. I pull myself up to the top of the gate and swing down. Thick woods cover the landscape and I run to it. Not too far off from the road though, due to the fact that I have to eventually follow it into town.

I look back onmore time and take off into the woods.

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