Mafia Trade

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Chapter 9

A week, A whole week in the small town just outside the woods. Word spread fast that a man had escaped being married to Justin and was to be returned for a reward. I had a price on my head. I tried to call my siblings but Dad told them to ignore me if I called. I was alone. Most of the town spoke Spanish. I should have paid more attention in Spanish class because I cant understand them.

After two weeks I thought I was in the clear. Two weeks of not being found meant I must be safe by now. He had moved on, As much as I’ll miss his beautiful eyes and skilled lips I won’t be his slave. The town was busy one day when I woke up. “The family is back.” The whole town referred to them as “The family” Because they knew everyone and often provided for the town. They owned the town and the people in it. “We must morn the loss of Nuestro padre.” One man said. “Who is now to lead? Is it his son?” Another asked. “I heard his son was there today when Nuestro Padre died.” I was so caught up in the story. “The family” went to ship their “Goods” when something happened and a man killed two members, leaving Justin in charge till his uncle can come to town. I tried piecing together what I could.

A hand fell on my shoulder. “Mi amigo, Que hace? ” I knew I was in trouble. I had been identified from a photo posted in town. He grabbed my arm and pulled me to a car. “You’re going back home, amigo.” He threw me in and shut the door. “Stop, I’m not who you think I am!” He started rambling in Spanish, I only could catch a few words. Price, Your owner. He was taking me back. “NO, sir please, I have a family I need to see. Mi Familia.” I tried reasoning with him. I don’t want to go back, I have no freedom and am TRAINED like a dog. We pulled up to the large gate. He talked to a guard and then parked where he sat.

Minutes later the door flung open. “Justin!” I yelped as he grabbed my arm. He didn’t look back at me, or the car. He just pulled me inside. When we were in the large main room he stopped and threw me to the floor at his feet. “Miles, You are in trouble. Making my men search for weeks, Leaving my side. I Thought You didn’t need to be trained as much, Thought you would listen.” I could see the anger in his eyes. I’m fucked. He grabbed me again and started dragging me up the stairs. “Am I not nice to you, Do I not take care of you, Do I ask too much of you.” He says as we walk. “DO I?” He yells and stops walking. “no.” I squeak out. “Mother wants to sell you, so does my Tio.” He keeps walking. “I’m probably the nicest one you will meet. Being resold you will most likely be sent to a factory to work all day or an underground sex club. Mafia clubs are no bueno.” He pushes me down the hall and into my room. “Moy mal.” I understand that one. I think. He throws me onto the bed. “You must serve me like you were made to do.” He points to a glass of water and a water pitcher. I go to turn to it, thinking Humiliating but, Considering what I did, I’m sure this isn’t the worst he could do. “Mi Principe, Change into this first.” I pause. Why the Spanish all of a sudden. Yes, I heard the slight accent and sure, I heard some Spanish when his dad talked to his mother but not as much as he’s using. Is it because he’s mad? I grabbed the clothes he threw at me. No shirt, no pants, just a tight pair of what looks like spandex. I look at it and then at him. “This isn’t appropriate for getting you water,” I say. “Nunca lo olvides, Hay otras formas de servir, mi príncipe. sólo asegurarse de que su cómodo.” He murmurs. “Come again?” I ask, hoping he will repeat it in English.

“Don’t question me, get changed.” When I don’t move he gets up. He stands only about three inches from me and I look up to meet his eyes. “Why won’t you change?!” I can hear the anger. Cause I’m embarrassed when you look at me like that, or maybe because your Spanish is affecting me more than I thought it would. Or the fact that It’s just for water! I think to myself. letting my brain list reasons. “You like Spanish?” He asks, smirking. “Did I say that all out loud?” My cheeks turn red and my eyes drop to the floor as I hear him laugh. “Si, Principe tonto.” He grabs my waist and pulls me so I’m flat against him. I can feel something poke my leg. Oh, he’s... He stops. “I shouldn’t be rewarding you. Tus intoxicantes.” He looks at me with hunger. His hands move to grab my shirt. He pulls off my shirt and then kneels down to my pants. He looks up at me. “I won’t do this without you saying your mine.” His eyes clear up from the foggy haze and glance at me. “I’m not going to force this upon you.” Most would force, in fact. I’ve thought a few times that he would. “I just need you to tell me I can. and tell me you’ll stay.” his eyes go soft. Fuck, his leg brushes against mine and he feels big. He’d break me. “I need words, Principe.” He takes a step back after waiting aminute.

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