A Love for the Shadows

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Skylar just wants to live a normal life, but thanks to her family's secret, she'll never escape the red eyes that haunt her. She should be afraid of him, but her desire is stronger...

Erotica / Fantasy
Raven Flanagan
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Chapter 1

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Rain fell against the glass of the window. The soft pattering sound calmed my nerves. However, my anxiety about walking home was always so much stronger.

When the bell rang the other students jumped from their seats, tossed their bags over their shoulders and rushed through the door like a stampede. My heart pounded slowly in my chest. Each beat like a warning telling me not to go home.

The teacher gave me a grim smile as I rose from my seat after everyone else was gone. His eyes were full of pity every time he looked at me.

Looking back out the window at the storm clouds and rain I blew out a breath. It wouldn’t be the first time I walked home in these conditions, and I didn’t think it would be the last.

The high school hallways were flooded with bodies rushing to get their things from their lockers. The excitement in the air was palpable and made me want to gag. Each slam of a metal locker door made me involuntarily jump and hold my breath.

You’re okay here, Sky. You’re okay. I had to repeat to myself over and over until my muscles relaxed.

I moved like a shadow among my classmates. No one even sparing me a second glance as I passed, and I preferred it that way. They didn’t need to know me, and I didn’t want to know them.

When the cold air outside kissed my face, I pulled up my hood and began the long walk home. My converse soaked through almost immediately but the bite of the cold water on my toes was nothing. Pain was inevitable.

My headphones were old and one of the earbuds didn’t even work anymore but I still put my music on full blast to attempt to drown out the sides of the world around me. I’d be walking home for an hour and I didn’t want to think about what could possibly be waiting for me this time.

When a massive red truck came skidding to a halt next to me on the side of the road I groaned in annoyance. I pulled my earbud out and looked back but was even more mortified than before at what I saw.

“Sky! What the hell are you doing? You can’t fucking walk home in this!” I’d know that annoyingly bright blond head of hair sticking out the driver side window anywhere. We were childhood friends after all.

But it was the sight of the other three jocks sticking their heads out of his truck that made my gut sink to my feet. Instead of replying I pulled my hood up further and kept walking. The sound of a truck door slamming followed me.

His grip on my arm was a bit rough, but he never really realized how strong he was compared to me. Even when we were smaller.

“Jason, please let me go. You know I have to get home.” I begged without looking back at him. I kept my eyes down on the water sloshing around my feet.

“You could get sick walking home in this. My grandma would kill me if she knew I let you do this.”

“Well, then don’t tell her.” I yanked my arm from his grasp and looked back at the other football idiots in his truck. “Besides it looks like you already have a full house.”

“Don’t mind them. They’re just hyped up for the homecoming game tonight.” As he spoke one of the jocks whistled at us. I turned my eyes up to Jason to glare at him. He leaned down to speak quietly for my ears only. “You’re still my best friend, Sky. Please, let me get you out of this rain.”

“Fuck no. Just go have your fun before the game tonight.” I swiftly turned away and started to take one step before turning my head over my shoulder. “But, good luck, Jason.”

Before I turned my music back on, I heard him punch the side of his truck and groan with frustration. But he got back in his truck and drove away. I don’t even know why he kept trying.

Everyone in school knew the rumor about my parents and avoided me. Jason wasn’t doing his popularity any favors by trying to keep me in his life.

My grandparents had been best friends with his grandparents back in the day, and then our parents before his passed away in an accident. With the way my parents were now you’d never guess they were once rich and successful.

Jason’s grandmother still cared about me and I saw her on occasion, but when high school started, and things got worse for me I didn’t want to drag Jason down. His family was the richest and most well-known name in town. Just the fact that we shared a history could doom his future.

Jason Huntington was the star quarterback and most sought-after boy at school. Being friends with the daughter of strung-out drug dealers wasn’t what he needed. I’m sure it was his Nana that pushed him to check on me anyways.

I didn’t want the pity of the almighty Huntington’s, and I sure as Hell didn’t deserve their help.

An hour later I could feel the rain had soaked through my hoodie and even my bones were cold. Yet I stood outside in the street staring at my front door.

The old house looked run down and sad. Even the wood paneling sagged as if depressed it was still standing. The paint was chipped and there was garbage in the yard no matter how many weekends I spent trying to clean it up.

Pure fear clutched my stomach with its sharp talons, and I shook with the urge to run away while my feet were frozen to the ground. Would they ever find me if I did?

Yes. They were surprisingly smart when they weren’t strung out.

As I was debating the pros and cons of staying outside, I heard breaking glass within. When I jumped at the sound, I finally noticed the sleek black car parked outside and a new wave of fear ran through me.

Oh shit. No no no. Do they have guests over?

I could feel my body tense painfully and my breathing picked up as I started to hyperventilate. If they saw me when they were dealing, they might try to offer me instead… I still had bruises on my legs from the last time.

That was when I wished that I had gone with Jason. Despite the dumb jocks with him at least I knew I was safer with him. Jason would protect no matter how stupid I thought he was for doing so.

I turned my music off completely and got closer to the house to listen for what was going on inside. Maybe they were just being careless and broke something?

But the closer I got I heard the sound of struggling through the thin windows. Crashing and breaking and groans of pain. I gasped and covered my mouth as I heard what sounded like a bone being snapped and my father shout in agony.

I’m not sure why, but when I heard my mother’s scream my feet began to pull me towards the front door. Some idiotic instinct to what…? Save her?

Whatever it was driving me I couldn’t stop myself from moving. It was as if I was possessed.

“Mom…?” I croaked as I opened the front door. The inside of the cluttered living room was pitch black. The cardboard and sheets nailed over the windows blocked what light might have come through on the rainy afternoon.

I heard something thud against the floor and thought it sounded slick. My eyes began to adjust with the light coming in from the cracked front door at my back and when I recognized the large shape on the floor at my feet, I couldn’t stop the scream from clawing its way up my throat and past my lips.

I blocked my shriek of terror, covering my mouth as I realized I was standing next to my father’s mutilated body. There was a hole in his throat with blood pooling out and spreading across the dingy hard wood flooring. His brown eyes were open and staring at nothing at all.

When I heard the strained gurgling that sounded like my mother, I looked up to see a misshapen silhouette at the kitchen entrance. Like someone hunched over holding something. Whatever it was dropped its catch and another body fell to the floor. That silhouette straightened into what I assumed was a man wiping his face.

What the fuck? What the fuck?!

A lamp flicked on and my world turned red.

My mother and father both laid on the floor soaking in their mingled blood. Splatters of red were on every single visible surface from the floor to the walls. Even the ceiling was dripping like thick red rain.

That silhouette by the kitchen was illuminated to show a tall man in an expensive suit, now covered with gore. His glowing red eyes looked up at me with nothing more than curiosity as I collapsed to my knees and vomited into the blood now coating my hands.

I heaved until there was nothing left in my stomach. Trembling and sobbing I couldn’t help but wonder if I was next. His footsteps squelched against the blood-soaked floors and I gasped for air through my tears.

I saw his black leather shoes appear in my vision and he stopped. All I could do was clench my eyes shut as unadulterated fear froze me to my spot. Whatever instinct that had driven me in here had abandoned me with no hopes of escape.

A hand pushed my hood off of my head and my entire body tensed. Fingers gently ran through my hair and my breath hitched in my chest and got stuck there. Cold fingers slid down my cheek and grasped my chin. My face was pulled up to see the man squatting in front of me.

Examining with an impassive face. Red eyes. Glowing red eyes. And a face that was devastatingly handsome. In another setting I might have thought he was a model.

Narrow face, high cheekbones, thick brows, and black hair with a strange white streak in the front. Tattoos peaked out from the collar of his suit and back of his hands.

Those red eyes softened as he released a small sigh after he tilted my head this way and that to look over me. I noticed the trail of red from his full lips to his chin.

When he leaned his face towards mine, I clenched my eyes shut again and sobbed audibly. My brain screamed at me to run. To fight. My body refused to listen.

I felt his face next to mine and his soft breath against my ears.

“It would be a dreadful shame for you to die here.” His voice was deep and sensual. The sound of it sent forbidden shivers along my spine. “Their blood showed me the vile things they did to you and worse they allowed others to do, mia cara.”

I gulped hard when he tilted my chin back and ran his nose along the side of my neck. His breath fanned the sensitive skin and I stopped breathing entirely when his lips traced my racing pulse.

“As sweet as you smell I cannot bring myself to do it. You have suffered enough.” He dropped my face and my head sagged to the floor again. “Think of this as a gift.”

I buried my face in my arms and curled into a ball as I listened to the sound of his footsteps fade away. The cold air from outside washed over me. Then the front door slammed shut leaving me alone with my parents’ corpses and the smell of blood.

There I was, shaking in the dark, alone and surrounded by death. Tears streamed down my face and I could still feel that man’s cold fingers on my skin. My head throbbed and my heart beat erratically in my chest like it wanted to escape.

When I found the strength to lift my head again, I didn’t even know who I was anymore. What had happened and why was I here?

There was so much blood.

And then a piercing scream rose from the depths of my chest and soared through the air. All I could do was scream, and scream, and scream…


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