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Caroline King is celebrating her twenty-first birthday in a hotel in Cancun. She is having the time of her life. Her twenty-first birthday is a day she wants to commemorate forever. But what will happen when the clock strikes twelve? Will she still want to remember her birthday? Or will she resent this day and erase it from her memory?

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1 Get Out

Caroline King felt excited to celebrate her twenty-first birthday at a five-star hotel in Cancun. The clock was soon to strike twelve, meaning the ending of Caroline’s celebration. Her cheeks were redder than the color of the dress she wore.

That night, Caroline was styled by a famous stylist in Mexico, Ricardo. For her birthday, Ricardo gifted Caroline a double strap balconette-style dress. His gift emphasized their long-lasting friendship. When she was twelve years old, her mother introduced her to Ricardo since he was working for Caroline’s mother as the stylist for the fashion show.

For her birthday, he styled her long chestnut hair in a beautiful fishtail braid decorated with crystals that highlighted her elegance and grace. She wore some crystal earrings and a crystal necklace along with some five-inch silver high heel slippers.

Caroline spent the whole night sipping margaritas and dancing to the sound of the Latin music at the bar by the pool area. Of course, she could not celebrate her birthday by herself. Sofia, who has been Caroline’s friend for a few years, and her boyfriend, Christopher, who she met in her second year of college, accompanied her on this special night.

Minutes before the party ended, Christopher handed her a glass of champagne. “Drink this and meet me upstairs in your room, I have a surprise for you,” he said. Caroline nodded and took a sip of the champagne. Christopher was excited, he planned to finally sleep with Caroline. He knew his plan would succeed since he had been waiting for such an opportunity since he met her. He had never seen such a beautiful woman before.

When she finished the glass, she began to feel a little dizzy. Sofia walked up to her and offered to take her to her suite. Caroline agreed to her kind offering. Caroline staggered on her way to the elevator. Though Caroline had too much to drink it was quite rare for her to be drunk or even tipsy. After all, she was a heavyweight when it comes to drinking.

While going up the elevator, Sofia planned to leave Caroline in her own suit and then meet Christopher in Caroline’s suite. She knew that Christopher would be waiting for Caroline. She overheard him bragging about it during his phone call. She decided to not let him sleep with Caroline or any woman for that matter. She did not like the idea of another woman sleeping with the man she loves. Since they have been seeing each other in secret for the past year. She clearly knew that Caroline had never slept with Christopher or anyone. When they stepped off the elevator, Sofia saw that door of the room at the end of the corridor was open.

“Better to leave you here,” Sofia spoke as she found the perfect opportunity to dispose of Caroline. It was more convenient to take her into that suite rather than drag her to her suite all the way down the corridor.

When they arrived at the room, there was a waiter that was providing room service which was about to leave when Sofia stopped him and said, “leave the door open, my friend is staying here.” Without any suspicion, the waiter let them in the suite and left. Sofia entered the suite and threw Caroline on the bed.

When she was about to open the door and leave the suite, the bathroom door opened. She locked eyes with the man walking out of the bathroom in a bathrobe. The wet hair and the water droplets running down his muscular body portrayed that he had a shower. “A man. Not bad. At least Caroline would have some company,” she thought.

After glancing at the man, Sofia left the room in a rush. She was thrilled to be able to meet Christopher without any distractions. She looked around for cameras and to her good luck, the suite was located in a blind spot. Then she made her way to Caroline’s room, without any concern for what would happen to Caroline.

The drunk Caroline who was lying in the bed felt pain with the high heels she had on for the whole night and she decided to take them off and while doing so, she felt another presence inside the room. She sat up and made eye contact with the tall man walking towards her in a bathrobe.

Caroline was too drunk to think much of the situation. Her head was spinning, making her lay down on the mattress again. Caroline was about to fall asleep when she was suddenly awakened by the man’s strong voice, “get out!” She stood up from the bed in an instant. She stepped closer to the man while staggering. She was about to fall to the floor, so she leaned on the man in front of her.

“Could you get me a cup of water? I’m not feeling well,” she said in a faint voice. Their faces were only inches away. Caroline looked into the man’s beautiful green eyes while wrapping her arms around his neck. The smell of her perfume was intriguing, her perfume was from a famous brand. The man could see that the woman was wealthy. “What is she doing here? Who could have sent her?” He thought.

“Will you be a gentleman and bring me a cup of water? I might reward you if you do so.” Caroline placed her right hand on the back of his head and softly stroked his wet hair. The man pulled Caroline’s arms away, without having anywhere to support herself, Caroline fell to the floor. She was now on her knees.

“Who sent you? How did you know I am staying here?” Caroline was confused as she could hardly hear what the man in front of her was saying. Caroline remembered that Sofia was supposed to take her to her suite.

“What are you doing here? This is my suite. You’re the one that needs to get out,” she spoke in a croaky voice. She glanced around the suite and was dumbfounded, none of her stuff was there. “Where am I and who is he?” She thought. Caroline looked at the man once again and judging by his demeanor, she knew that his patience would not last long. Caroline sat back on the bed since she was feeling dizzy again. “Could you please bring me a cup of water?” Third time she asked for water. The man walked over to the table and poured a glass of water.

After serving the glass of water, he stepped closer to Caroline. “Who are you and what do you want?” He asked before handing her the glass of water. Caroline ignored his questions and grabbed the glass of water from his hand. She looked at the man and took a sip of the water.

“Who I am is none of your business,” she replied and took another sip of water. The man’s patience was growing thin. Caroline did acknowledge that the man standing in front of her was handsome and he had a hot temper. Caroline finished the glass of water and then she placed the glass on the nightstand next to her. She graciously raised her head and crossed her legs. She noticed the man’s cold expression, making her shiver. She refused to be intimidated by this man. Due to her occupation, she was used to men looking down on her just because she was a woman. Little do they know she is far from weak. “If you tell me who you are, I will tell you who I am,” she boldly spoke.

“For the last time, get out!” Caroline could barely hear the man as she focused on his lips and how they moved as he was speaking to her. The drug that Christopher had placed on her drink started to take effect. The stranger was intrigued by her words since no one had ever dared enough to speak to him like that. “Who is this woman?” He thought.

“I’m not feeling well. What did you put in the water?” The man was getting mad. How dare she raise her voice at him? She stood from the bed and almost fell. She held onto the man to prevent falling to the floor. As she did this, the man’s bathrobe came undone. Caroline could see his perfect and muscular body She bit her lower lip at the sight of his muscular body.

Since Caroline was not sober, she could only think about the man in front of her, and how much she wanted him. The man smirked as he fixed his bathrobe. She stared into his eyes and then she shifted her gaze back to his lips. The man lifted her chin with his hand, making her lock eyes with him again. He placed his thumb on her bottom lip. Due to the drug, her body temperature continued to rise. She felt this intensified feeling of arousal she had never felt before. The man traced her lips with his thumb. At this point, she could not even control her breathing. “Help me,” She let out between pants. Her face turned red again and the heat she was feeling was enough to drive her mad.

She trailed her hands through her body. Starting on her thigh and finishing the path on the back, grabbing the start of the zipper. She unzipped it down slowly, her breathing making it difficult to concentrate on her actions. Her heart beating fast in her chest. She wanted something she could not describe. The man admired her as his gaze went up and down her body.

The man in a daze pushed her down on the bed and leaned closer to her, placing his knee in between her thighs. Their lips almost touched. “Do you want me to help you?” He asked. Caroline let out a deep breath as she slowly nodded. “Don’t worry, I’ll make you feel good.” The man could not hold back anymore. He leaned in and kissed Caroline’s soft lips. After this, the man showed no mercy. They went on until dawn.

The sun shined brightly through the floor-to-ceiling window. Caroline was woken up from deep sleep by the cold air as the air conditioning, set at a low temperature. She grabbed the blanket lying on the ground and went back to sleep. Caroline felt something was wrong. She felt aching all over her body as she looked around and realized that she was not in her suite. She saw a man’s belongings and panicked. “What has happened? How come I am unable to remember anything?” She wondered. Though she had been in a relationship for two years, she never had sex with her boyfriend.

Caroline stood up from the bed and realized she was the only one in the suite. She grabbed her dress and heels and got dressed. She took the notepad and a pen sitting on the table. ”I had a great time last night; hope we never see each other again. Here is a little something for you,” she wrote. She placed four hundred dollars she had in the pocket of her dress on top of the note. She put on the scarlet lipstick she had in her pocket. She kissed the corner of the note, leaving the shape of her lips marked on the corner of the note.

Caroline walked out of the suite and noticed that she was still in the hotel she was staying at. She let out a sigh of relief as she also noticed that she was on the same floor she was staying. She walked down the hallway and found her suite and was about to open the door with the card she had in her pocket. She held off the tears that were about to stream down her face. “Crying is for the weak!” Those words tormented her, making her want to cry even more but at the same time, those words gave her strength. She took a deep breath.

When she was ready, she entered the suite and found a man and a woman sleeping on her bed. Caroline stepped closer to the bed. She was enraged at the sight of her friend and her boyfriend sleeping peacefully on the bed. “What is going on here?” She shouted, which made the two lovers awake from their slumber in a scare. Christopher finally realized that Caroline was now standing in front of them. Christopher felt guilty. Not because of what he did but because he was caught. “It’s not what it looks like, babe,” he said.

“Oh really, so it’s not like my supposedly good friend and my wonderful boyfriend are sleeping together” Caroline spoke with a hint of sarcasm in her tone. “Give it a rest, Caroline. I’ve won, he prefers me,” Sofia spoke boldly as she stood up from the bed while wrapping the bedsheets around her body. She stepped closer to Caroline and got a strong scent of a man’s cologne. “What is that smell?” The man’s strong scent had rubbed off on her, making her smell like him.

“I don’t smell anything,” Caroline spoke, “the only thing I smell is a conniving little whore.” Sofia opened her mouth in disbelief. “What’s this bruise on your neck? Is this the infamous walk of shame?” Sofia pointed out. Caroline responded, “it was sure shameful when you walked it.” Sofia laughed. “How long has this been going on? How long have you been screwing my boyfriend?”

“Oh, Caroline, he was never yours, to begin with. He was just pretending with you. He was only after your money and connections. Right, babe?” Stunned, Christopher did not know what to answer. “I-I... that is not true... I love you, Caroline.” This has been the first time he has said those words to her. Caroline chuckled when she heard those words. Spotting a liar has never been easier. “Do you really think I will believe those pitiful words?” Caroline was furious with the scene in front of her. She wanted to kill them both. Caroline grabbed Sofia by her arm and dragged her out of the suite.

When Caroline stepped closer to Christopher, she said, “I do not believe you. I won’t believe any of your lies anymore. You are just full of shit! I should have listened to Sebastian. He was right about you. We had been together for two years together. All those rumors going around that you were cheating on me, were true... I was so naïve to believe all of your shit, all of your lies.”

“That is not true.” Caroline interrupted Christopher with a slap. “I want you to get the fuck out of my room and never appear in front of my face again. If you do, you are dead... Get out!” Christopher was still stunned by Caroline’s words. “You are not a man; you are a piece of shit. Get out! Now!” Christopher was startled by her words. He had never seen her speak like that. Her face was filled with rage. He was hesitant to leave, thinking he could calm Caroline down and change her mind about him. He turned his gaze from her eyes and noticed the bruise on her neck. “What is that on your neck?”

Caroline ignored his question and grabbed him by his arm and dragged him out of her room. Christopher knocked on the door loudly, but Caroline ignored his pitiful behavior. Sofia walked out of her suite and took Christopher into her room which was right across from Caroline’s.

Caroline gathered Christopher’s belongings, opened the door to the balcony, and started throwing his belongings off the balcony. Flashbacks from all the times he had hurt her and all the times he had lied to her ran through her mind. Tears streamed down her face, but she instantly wiped them off. She felt so pathetic to be wasting her emotions on such a piece of trash. Caroline decided not to cry for Christopher, he was just not worth her tears. Why would she cry for that piece of trash? Caroline went inside the bathroom and ran the water in the shower. She took off her dress and looked in the mirror. Thankfully, the only mark left by the man was the bruise on her neck.

When she walked out of the bathroom, she glanced at the bed and sneered. She was disgusted. She did not even want to imagine how many times those two had been together. Though she was pissed, she did have to thank Sofia for not letting her have sex with Christopher. She would rather sleep with a stranger than him.

Caroline got dressed and packed her belongings. She sat out on the lounge chaise on the balcony with her laptop to finish the business she was doing in Cancun. The reason why she traveled to Mexico was for business; however, she decided to stay a few more days because of her birthday. She had in fact bought the hotel she was staying at. She only needed to finish some paperwork. She would usually send her assistant to do her work, but this time, she wanted to deal with this matter in person. She understood that a hotel when it was well managed and in a good location was always profitable.

Caroline gathered her stuff and went down to the lobby of the hotel. When she conversed with the manager of the hotel, she asked for them to kick out the guests that were staying in the room in front of hers. She also asked for the names of the guests that were staying on the same floor as her. With this, she found out that the handsome man’s name was Liam Sabbatini, the man that had taken advantage of her when she was most vulnerable. She finished her conversation with the manager about the hotel and made her way to the airport.

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