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Trick Your Treat

Grayson sighed at the chime of the doorbell. It was Halloween, and he was running out of snickers. He’d need to get more candy soon. Kids always seemed to go for them like crazy. He tried to divide them into fair servings to make them last, but it was just not possible. By the time he opened the door, his breath was caught up in his throat.

“Trick or treat,” the woman dressed as a witch seductress said with a grin. It was Kayla. They didn’t have an official relationship and were taking things slow. She lived close by and occasionally would come over. Their time together consisted of hanging out and then fucking each other senseless. He enjoyed her company, and their nights together filled with pleasure.

He lost his wife a couple of years back and was still mourning his loss, but her company helped him in ways sometimes he didn’t understand. He definitely had not expected her in front of his door tonight, using her throaty voice full of seduction, but he was all down for it. For her. She helped him get out of the depressing abyss he was stuck under. He remembered the first time he saw her. She is the most beautiful woman he had ever seen after his late wife. Her porcelain skin, her light brown wavy hair, her red addictive lips, her eyes, the way she looks at him.

She was dressed in a tight short black dress, fishnet tights, and high heels. Her black pointy hat and broom gave her costume away.

“Have you come to put a spell on me?”

“I already have.”

“That explains a lot.” He chuckled. “So, a witch costume on a blue moon.”

“You like it? I wore it for you.”

“Very. It suits you.”

He hadn’t noticed she had a box filled with candy in her hand, and she handed it over to him.

“How did you know I needed one of these?”

“Call it a witch intuition.”

His gaze penetrated hers like he could see right through her, and this made her insides clench.

“It’s a joke.”

“I know.”

“Well, obviously, a bad one.”


“It’s the candy I collected at the party down the street, doofus.”

“Do you want to come in?”


He gestured her to come inside. Staying back, he watched from behind as she placed her broom on the wall and hung the hat in his coat hanger. Not taking his eyes off her body, he walked behind her towards his living room.

“You should have come.”

“Not really in the mood tonight to party.”

“I need to use your bathroom. I’ll be right back.” She said as she darted off to his bathroom.

He wasn’t planning her visit, but he would make out the most of it. A spark of fire was ignited in him. Just thinking about the things he would do to her made him sit down on his couch and wait for her to come out. He heard his bell again, which only meant one thing—another batch of sugar-buzzed kids wanting candy.

“Trick or treat!”

He sighed while he opened the bag of snickers and rushed to the door. Once he gave them all candy, he closed the door and returned to the living room, finding Kayla sitting down.

“Wanna watch a movie?” He knew they wouldn’t get to see it halfway, but he was counting on it. She nodded and sat on his sofa.

“Let’s watch a scary movie.”

He wanted to jump her right there, but he liked the anticipation. Making her wait for it excited him. Seeing he didn’t answer, she grabbed the control and turned on his Roku to look for a movie to watch.

“You want anything?”

She shook her head.

“I will go to make some popcorn, ok?” He said, getting up. But she stopped him midway, grabbing his wrists, pulling him down she made him fall back.

As she got on top of him, she pressed herself against him and grabbed his face. “You know. I’ve been fantasizing about coming here all night, thinking about what we would do to each other. Thankfully I brought my candy because if you had to buy more, then I’d have to wait longer for this.”

She captured his lips, and their tongues started dancing with each other. She always fought for dominance, but he won. Every. Single. Time. She still liked the challenge to try.

She started straddling herself against his pants, teasing his bulge, feeling him getting harder by the second. He embraced her and moved positions to lay her down on his long sofa. Not separating their bodies or their lips, he started rubbing his pants against her, returning her teasing. Wanting to make her feel all that he would give her.

Her moans drove him to the verge, and he started licking her jawline down to her neck and stopped at her bosom. He slid her dress and tights down, then started sucking, biting, savoring every last bit of them. At the same time, he reached down to her wetness and inserted a finger. Testing her center and prepping it ready for him. After taking turns between her mouth and her breasts while sliding two more fingers, he headed down to her entrance. He started moving his tongue and lips in the most pleasurable way, making her moan and whimper with pleasure. The sounds were sending goosebumps to his lower abdomen, reaching his groin. She wasn’t very vocal in sex, but he knew how to hit the right spots to make her feel good.

“Oh god, Yes,” This made him desperate to make her climax and taste her until there was nothing left.

“Grayson, keep going” He started humming to make her feel vibrations of pleasure going faster with both his tongue and fingers until she couldn’t handle it.

“Cum for me, Kayla.”

As he finished, his words made her arch her back forward as she released her honeypot. Her explosion made her scream with pleasure. Heading over his box of condoms, he grabbed one out and started getting undressed.

But the bell rang again.

“Trick or treat!”

They both started laughing at the idea of kids cock-blocking their night of pleasure. He headed towards the door once more and saw a was a large group of kids. He gave them candy and headed back inside.

Wanting to pick up where they left off, the bell rang again, interrupting them once more.

“Trick or treat!”

Battling internally from continuing, he went to grab candy and noticed he officially ran out of snickers. He groaned at the thought that he couldn’t enjoy leftovers, but there was still some candy left of Kayla’s box, and he gave them what was left.

“This is going to be a long night.” He mumbled to himself, looking down at his hardened shaft. Heading back to his living room, he found Kayla in the same position he left her and cursed inwardly he would be left with blue balls.

“Love, I ran out of candy. I need to go buy more.”

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