Amber’s fantasies

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If you had the opportunity to live out your fantasies, would you? Matt loves Amber’s appetite for sex, fuelled by her vivid imaginations. He’s determined to turn her lustful fantasies into reality starting with Amber’s birthday... He wants her birthday to be the most exciting day she’s ever had... so far!

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A special birthday gift

Amber was awake and smiled when she felt Matt’s arm wrapping around her,cupping her breast.
She could feel his hard cock pushing against her cheeks.
“Good morning birthday girl” Matt whispered in her ear.
“Ready for your birthday weekend?”

Outside the day had started beautifully sunny and warm and Amber realised,she had been looking forward to this special weekend.

“What do you like to start with?” Matt asked, caressing her smooth and soft skin letting his hand wander down her body towards the top of her silky panties.

“Mmm,this would be a nice start!” Amber moaned dreamily.
She felt him chuckle softly and then she was awake.
With quick fingers Matt had pulled aside the already damp material, that covered her moist pussy and caressed her lips before plunging his finger deep inside her.

Amber gasped. It felt so good and she knew it wouldn’t take her long to fall over the edge.
Matt worked his finger as fast as he could now. In and out,in and out. Faster and faster.
Amber could feel her climax building more and more,feeling the heat rising up inside her. She was close.

Matt loved fucking his wife. They were great together. How easily she could come,still fascinated him.
She was the best fuck he ever had.
She just loved sex and wasn’t afraid to let it show in their bedroom.

He turned her on her back and gave everything he had to give.
Faster,harder and Amber took it,loved it and started bucking wildly,her face flushed.

“Yes,yes. More,more. Fuck me!”
Any second and she would come on his fingers. His cock was throbbing hard, wanting to come himself, spilling out inside her.
But he held back for now.
He was making her clench her pussy walls around his fingers signalling him,her release was close.

And then Amber let go.
“Aaah,aaah!” she screamed, one wave of ecstasy following the next until Matt sensed to slow down the pace and let her catch her breath and recover.

“Mmmm, that was nice!” He said and brought his fingers up to his mouth to suck of them her sweet pussy juices.

Amber watched him tasting her and now she wanted to taste him.

They both rolled over in one swift move and Matt was on his back,his stiff cock bobbing teasingly in front of her.
Matt knew that wicked smile and couldn’t wait. He made his hard, throbbing cock jerk a couple more times before Amber grabbed him in her hand and let her mouth sink onto it, taking him down her throat as much she could.

“Aaah,fuck!! That’s so good!” Matt felt his balls tightening and his cock aching for his release.
Amber kept sucking his dick like it would be the last time she got to do it, all the while massaging his balls and stopping just at the annoyingly right time to trace her tongue up from Matt’s balls to the underside of his cock,coming up to the tip of it and swirling her tongue around it to then swallow up the whole length of him again.

Matt could never get enough of this sweet torture. She just gave the best blow jobs. He kept moaning and telling her how good it felt until he just wanted to feel his cock inside her.

Matt pushed her off him.
Amber wanted him inside her just as bad.
She laid on her tummy poking her bottom up in the air wriggling it invitingly at him!

“Fuck! You’ve got the sexiest arse!” Matt growled and let his hard cock smack on her cheeks.
He pulled them apart and Amber tensed. Yes... She didn’t let him fuck her into that sweet arse hole that often,but hey,a man had to try.
And when she did...damn, it felt good!!
She was so tight! ...
But not this morning!
The way into her was by fucking her slick, juicy, dripping wet pussy.

“Aaah! Yes!! Fuck me! Please!! Fuck me!!”
Amber wanted, needed to feel his hard throbbing cock, getting her another orgasm!

She felt him thrust all of him inside of her.

The heat inside her kept rising again,her pussy was burning.

They matched their moves perfectly accommodating one another, panting, moaning and etching closer to their climax.

And then with one last hard thrust Amber felt Matt coming inside her,feeling him throbbing and spasm and it made her come again too.
She bucked and bucked, her inside walls clenching,trying to keep him inside her as long as she could.
She just kept coming with her own orgasm,still wanting to get just that little bit more.

Matt loved the feel of her hot and wet insides clenching his throbbing cock.
He fucked her as hard and fast as he could until she came with that o so sexy Amber scream.
He couldn’t wait any longer and came inside her.

Matt fell beside Amber kissing her lovingly.

“How was that as start to your special day?” He smirked at her and gave her cheek a sharp smack and then left their bed.
Amber frowned. She really didn’t like him doing it and he knew it too, the little rat. But now and then Matt obviously just couldn’t resist.
Amber thought of his mischievous grin and couldn’t help feeling some special excitement for her special day today.

Matt had turned on the shower and Amber curled up, relishing that faint humming post orgasm feeling still inside her.

She heard Matt turning off his shower and she jumped out of their bed to have one herself.

Once the water kept running down her body, she felt her skin being so sensitive and couldn’t resist to feel her swollen lips.
‘Mmm. Just one more little one.’ Amber smiled to herself and dipped her finger deep into her hot and sticky inside.
She stroked her swollen clit and tweaked her nipple to get what she wanted quickly.

Matt was busy in the kitchen getting breakfast ready when Amber walked up to him, hugging him from behind, letting her hand slide down to the front of his shorts, grabbing his cock and cupping his balls.

He turned around smiling.
Amber wore a loose white T-shirt.
She didn’t feel like a bra this morning and liked the feel of the material against her stiff nipples,making them show through.
She had put on another pair of silky panties and didn’t bother to cover them with anything else.
She looked beautiful freshly showered with her long wet hair and rosy cheeks.

“Do I get a birthday kiss?” Amber smiled at him and Matt pulled her close, kissing her passionately, letting his hand wander down to her smooth panties.
“You are so wet. Did you have another one in the shower?”
Amber blushed. Matt knew she was embarrassed about her hunger for sex, but Matt loved this particular attribute on her and was more then happy to never let her get hungry.

“What’s the back like?” Amber knew her man just too well. She turned around, bracing herself on the kitchen counter and poking her backside up at him,wriggling. Matt lifted her shirt.
“Mmmm,very nice!” Matt growled and let his hand glide over the smooth skin of her sexy arse. His cock twitched.

“Come on. Let’s have breakfast! You will need lots of energy!” Matt said with a wicked smile. Amber looked at him a bit confused,but left it at that.

She went outside onto their sunny deck and saw a huge bouquet of flowers and a couple of wrapped gifts sitting on the table.

“Wow! What’s with this?”
“It’s your birthday today,no?” Matt asked.

“Yeah,but... you never buy me flowers! What did you do?” Amber asked teasingly.

Matt rolled his eyes. He knew,he wasn’t as romantic as Amber wished him to be,but he absolutely loved her with all of his heart and he knew,that she knew,even though he didn’t really tell her with words.

“Do you want to open your presents now or later?” Matt asked impatient for her to see her reaction of what’s inside them.

Amber sensed there was something special about the two boxes sitting on the table by looking at Matt,who seemed to be more curious for her to open them then she was.

“After breakfast.” She said and saw the surprise on Matt’s face,because his Amber wasn’t patient enough to wait for anything.

“Okay,I’ll open them now!” She changed her mind and Matt chuckled. That was more like her.

“Any particular order you like me to open them?”
“Love your wrapping!” She teased, as she started opening one of the presents.

The box was smallish but not as light as she thought it would be, when she picked it up.

Amber opened it and her eyes grew wide.
She looked at Matt and saw his mischievous smile.

“You like it?”
“It’s beautiful! But... it’s quite big!”
“You can do it! You will look so hot with it!
I can’t wait to see you wearing it!”
“So... its a present for you then!” She teased!
“Well... call it a present with benefits!” Matt looked so aroused already, seeing her holding the butt plug in her hands, turning it this way and that.

“ It’s such a beautiful colour!” Amber couldn’t stop feeling the heavy gold plated metal and looking at the emerald green shiny jewel at the end of it.
She wondered how it would feel inside her.

“Okay. Open the other one!” Matt commanded, to distract himself from the feel of his hardening cock and the thoughts he had seeing her stroking her newest accessory.
He felt like taking her back to bed and fucking her sweet arse after that plug had stretched her hole for him.

‘What would this be?’ Amber thought holding her breath while unwrapping the other box.
This one was lighter!

“ O, I like these!”
Amber held in her hand the newest
The last one she had used under water,but it wasn’t as waterproof as it said it would be and that was the end of it.

“ It comes with two remote controls!” Matt told her.
“I thought you could wear it tonight when I take you out to dinner! And maybe to town after!” He looked at her mysterious.

Amber blushed. What else did he have planned for her?

Matt tried to gauge the reaction on Amber’s face. He wanted to make this weekend unforgettable for her!
The lucky guy who got to fuck her tonight was going to be in for a treat.
Matt just hoped he would get her loosened up enough to make her go through with everything he had in mind.

They had lived out some erotic adventures in the 15 years they were together and had been married for 12 of them.
He’d finger fucked her in the taxi on their way to the strip club. Matt was sure the taxi driver saw her orgasm in his rear view mirror.
Matt had watched her getting her first lap dance with that hot stripper,who didn’t stop Amber when she reached up to feel the smooth skin of her magnificent tits!
Amber marvelled about their size and Matt could see the arousal in both women’s eyes.
Just thinking of that night made Matt feel horny as hell.
Amber’s breasts were perfect to him. They were an average b cup and Matt knew, Amber would have loved them bigger. But he didn’t agree with her at all. Bigger breasts usually sagged a bit and looked ugly to him. But not hers. They were firm and perfectly shaped and fitted just right into his hands and had the perfect sized nipples,that turned into hard peaks when he stimulated them.

And how could he forget that night with her stranger at the strip club.
Amber stood between Matt on her left and a stranger to her right,passionately kissing Matt and then the other guy. Matt was so turned on that he put his hand down her panties, just to find out, the stranger had already claimed that territory and finger fucked his wife right beside him.
He was so astonished, Amber had let a stranger do this to her. He felt so possessive at that moment.
Who knows what else would have happened,if Matt wouldn’t have panicked and took her home.
At home he had finger fucked her relentlessly as soon as they arrived, making her squirt for the first time. All over the kitchen floor. It was the hottest thing. Only he could make her loose control like that!

They had all sorts of fantasies played out at home in their comfort zone.
Matt knew Amber had a very vivid imagination and he always got the benefits of them,but after all, they were just that. Fantasies!
He wanted to make some of them real,before it was too late. For both of them.
They both didn’t get any younger,although they both kept looking still quite youngish, Matt knew Amber was nervous about getting older.
She turned 46 today,but Matt thought she would easily be guessed to be still under 40.
For him,she got sexier every year.
Matt was her first real sexual partner, but her innocence didn’t stop her trying anything Matt wanted her to experience.
He had created his own little sex monster.
Matt was 54 now. He didn’t worry about his age too much. He still had that young guy look and hardly any greys.
He’d dated women before Amber and had his share of sexual experiences.
Tonight it would be Amber’s turn!

“Is there anything you really really want to do today?” Matt asked Amber.
“Tell me what you want. What you really really want!” She mimicked the “Spice Girls”,dancing and smiling in front of him.
Matt loved her happiness. She always smiled,hardly ever was she grumpy.

“Hmm. Haven’t really thought about what to do today.” Amber admitted.
“Well,I have. Do you want me to tell you my plans for today or do you want surprises?”

O that was another of Amber’s weaknesses,besides being impatient.
She just couldn’t make decisions,probably because she always wanted to please everyone.

“Can I have both?”
Yep,that was a typical Amber answer,Matt thought and laughed.
“Ok, I thought of taking you to this new mall,that’s just opened last week!
I had to get some stuff from the hard ware store there and checked out the place a bit! It’s got some great shops there and a cute little coffee shop right in a garden area with trees around it and there’s a cool pub for a couple of beers and people watching later too! What do you think?”
“Sold! Let’s do it!” Amber looked happy with his decision.

The mall was bustling with people.
It was such a beautiful day,there were baskers doing their tricks outside of shops and musicians playing their songs.
It was lovely.
They walked around window shopping and then Amber stopped.
“ Wow! Look at this! Isn’t it beautiful?!”
She pointed at a gorgeous black dress on a mannequin in one of the windows.

“You really should try it on! If you like it, you could wear it tonight!” Matt winked at her.

Matt waited for her to emerge from the changing room,sitting on a comfortable couch taking in his surroundings.

Amber walked up at him.
“Wow! You look sexy as hell!”
Amber gave a little twirl and Matt could feel his cock harden.
“Sweet Jesus! You’ve got to buy it! It is made for your arse!”
The dress was scrunched at the bottom, showing off the curves of her round booty.
Amber knew as soon as she put it on,Matt would want her to buy it. And she knew him just too well.

They carried on until Amber looked at Matt
“ Guess,you knew about this shop too?!”
They came up to a sex shop. Matt just shrugged with a grin on his face.

“Come on!” He pulled her inside the shop and Amber was pleasantly surprised.
It was an elegant and stylish shop she hadn’t expected at all.
The lighting was dim, but not too dark and there were separate spaces with different themes with lingerie and toys on display in the shop.

“Did you get my gifts from here?” She asked.
“They’ve got amazing things in here! Have a look! If you find anything else you like ,then get it!”
Matt’s voice sounded aroused.

He watched her walking around,picking up this and that.
Fuck,she looked so hot checking out different sized dildos,giving him a massive hard on.

“You like this one?”
Amber held a 7 and a half “ inch black cock with a suction bottom in her hand.
“Hmm. It feels like yours.” She stroked it.
“Yeah! But it’s not like my size!” Matt couldn’t help saying with a wink.
While his cock wasn’t massive, he wasn’t unhappy with his size and none of the women he had fucked,had complained. So that should be a good thing, he thought.

Amber ended up buying a couple pieces of sexy lingerie as well. A hot red silk and lace set and a black fishnet teddy.
Just the thought of her nipples poking through the net of the teddy made Matt’s mouth water.
He wished they would be at home already and he could fuck her senseless in it.
Matt had insisted to buy an anal lubricant and a clit stimulating gel as well.
“This should cover all the basics!” He said with a sly smile.
Amber had blushed bright red at the comment.

They walked on, happy with their purchases and already thinking of finishing off the shopping spree and have a coffee when they passed a shoe shop and Matt saw those sexy “fuck me boots”.

“ O Amber! You have to get these! “ He said instantly.
“I want to fuck you in them!”

Amber looked at him and saw he was dead serious and it made her giggle!

“Okay Okay! I’ll try them on.”
Matt loved Amber’s legs.To him they were real legs! Not too long or skinny,but with proper, real thighs and muscular calves.

He watched her zipping them up her shapely legs.
When Amber looked up at Matt,she knew she wouldn’t walk out of the shop without them.

“Right,Matt! That’s me! I’m done shopping! Let’s go and park up at that coffee shop you’ve told me about!”

They spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying themselves with some beers and people watching at the local pub and then they went home to get ready for the next part of Matt’s planned birthday surprise.

Amber couldn’t help but feel anticipation.
What else had he planned for her.
She thought back on the exciting day she’d had so far and grew more and more curious.

Amber was in her bathroom freshly showered. She felt so good today.
She put on her new black dress and her favourite sexy heels.
Her long dark auburn hair fell in soft waves over her shoulders .
She opted for only enough make up to accentuate her beautiful big eyes and some lip gloss and put on her favourite perfume.
She thought of her birthday gifts and felt the heat rising up inside her.
What if she would wear it out?
She took the toy out of its box and turned it on with the remote.
It started vibrating and Amber shivered.
She couldn’t stop herself and with one swift move she put it inside her.
‘Mmm. It feels so good.’
It was inside her at one end and safely placed in her new hot red panties at the other end.

She turned it off, glancing one last time at her flushed image in the mirror before leaving her en-suite.
She felt so sexy.
Matt had been so thoughtful about anything he had planned for her so far.
Would he like the way she looked tonight?

Matt was ready for a while,watching some tv to shorten the wait.

Amber walked into the living room.
“Do we need to leave soon?”

“Wow! Amber! You look absolutely stunning!”

Amber blushed “ I’m not too overdressed?”

“Hell no! I’m sure no man would think you are overdressed!”
“Come over here!”

She walked towards him and he reached out lifting the hem of her new black dress looking at her,with arousal in his eyes.
“Are you wearing it?”
“Am I wearing what?” She teased.
“Mmm,I was hoping you would put it in!”

Matt stroked Amber’s silky smooth panty,pressing her new toy onto her clit and Amber gasped.
“O Matt! Don’t...! You can’t...!”
Matt had turned on the toy with his remote.
He watched Amber’s eyes widen and felt her pressing her pussy against his palm.

“Fuck! Amber! You are so fucking hot!”
“Please Matt! I need to tidy myself up again,if you don’t stop it!” She warned him,but it seemed only half hearted.

Amber felt the delicious buzzing feeling in her pussy and on her clit and all she really wanted was for Matt to make her come.
Stuff her hair,make up and new dress.

“Are you sure you want me to stop?”
“Yesss!” Amber hissed,getting frustrated with herself for wanting to come so badly.

“Ok!” Matt said lightly and stopped the toy buzzing inside Amber.

She gasped and let out a little disappointed cry.

Matt chuckled.

“That was mean!” She told Matt,but didn’t really look angry at him.

“Come on,lets have dinner!”
“Where are we going?”

Amber smiled at him! They both loved Japanese cuisine.

“Kyoto” was a new Japanese restaurant they hadn’t been to yet.
Amber’s birthday was the perfect reason to check it out.
The small restaurant was tasteful decorated with tatami mats and cosy intimate booths clad in bamboo.

Matt and Amber slid in one of the booths and checked out the menu.
There was all sorts of exotic sounding things to try and there was an impressive looking sake list as well.

Amber and Matt enjoyed themselves immensely.
Matt kept ordering sake,making them try as many different sorts as there were on the list.
“Yum. This is a good one! Try!” Matt told Amber after downing yet another shot of sake.
“Are you trying to make me drunk?!” She giggled,already feeling the effects of the alcohol in her body.
“Not drunk,just a bit careless!” Matt answered with a mischievous smile.
“Care...? Matt!”
Amber couldn’t finish the sentence. Matt had turned on the toy in her pussy.

She looked at him,rosy cheeked.
“Tell me,what you feel!” Matt asked her,his eyes transfixed on hers.
“I... it feels...”
“ feels wonderful! O god!” Amber whispered the words,conscious not to let anybody know what Matt was doing to her!
Matt had changed the mode and watched Amber.
She closed her eyes for a moment and bit her lower lip to silence the little moan escaping her!

It was the biggest turn on for Matt in that moment. His cock twitched!
Amber sat there across the table and looked so fucking hot. He wanted to feel her slick and hot pussy himself.
He switched modes again to a lower speed.

Amber opened her eyes and stared at him!
“This thing is driving me mad!” She said.
“I hope so!” Matt’s voice sounded hoarse with arousal.
“It’s a bit of pay back! Now you know what it feels like,when you tease me!!” He added.

Amber reached into her purse and turned off the toy herself.

“What’s next on your list after dinner?” She asked.
“There’s a band playing at the pub a few doors down! You feel like some more drinks and a boogie?”
“ Why not! Gotta keep the alcohol content at the right level!” She winked at Matt,feeling deliciously floaty and happy lightheaded.
“Yep. You’ve got it!”
It was going well,Matt thought.

They finished off at the restaurant and made there way to the pub.
The band played crowd pleasers and Amber was immediately in her zone, her sexy body moving to the rhythm of Guns n roses “paradise city”.

“I get us a drink! What would you like?”
“Surprise me!” She smiled.

Amber felt wonderful. She felt happy and so sexy.
This had been such an amazing day so far.

Matt stood at the bar and watched Amber.
She was absorbed in the music and didn’t realise,she caught attention of a few guys in the pub.
Matt smiled. She was so charmingly oblivious to the effect she was having on guys.
Matt was sure if there was a guy in the pub,who wouldn’t want to take her home and fuck her brains out,he must be gay.

If Matt kept playing his cards right,he wouldn’t be the only one fucking her tonight.
His hand went in his pocket finding the remote of Amber’s toy.
Matt groaned, feeling his cock harden.
‘Patience’ He thought ‘your time will come!’

Matt and Amber settled close to the stage, leaning at a small round tall table, enjoying the music and watching people.
Now and then Amber stepped onto the dance floor and danced there right in front of Matt.

The alcohol was doing the trick. She really enjoyed herself .

“My glass is empty. You need another drink?” Amber asked Matt.

“I’m ok for now. I’ll have one later. You want me to get a drink for you?”
“ Nope. I’m a big girl! I can get one myself!” She teased him.
“Ok,off you go!”

Amber giggled to herself.
She felt confident and straight enough to walk towards the bar and not trip on her way.
Luckily she had a couple of waters with her drinks.
‘Nothing worse then a stumbling drunk woman’ she thought.

Amber waited at the bar for the bartender when she felt eyes on her.

Beside her was some guy leaning casually at the counter and watching her.

Amber turned to look at him and smiled.
The stranger smiled back at her with friendly warm eyes ,seemingly having something on his mind.

‘He is sexy’ Amber thought and blushed. He had a handsome manly face with a shadow of a beard and a stylish haircut with salt and pepper coloured hair.
‘He must be somewhere between mine and Matt’s age’ she thought.
He wore faded jeans and a casual shirt. It completed the look of confidence and sexiness,Amber thought to herself.

“What’s your secret?” The stranger asked her
“Sorry?” Amber replied.
“There’s something special about you and I would love to find out what it is !” He gave her a breathtakingly confident and sexy smile and Amber blushed.
“Sorry! No secret! Nothing special about me!” She replied,the last word hitching up a bit.

‘Matt,you little shit!’ Amber thought and looked over, to where Matt was standing.
Matt grinned devilishly at her.
He had watched Amber and the stranger and had turned on the toy, buzzing now in her pussy.
‘O my god, does he know I’m wearing a toy? I hope he can’t hear it’ she thought.

“ you ok? I’m sorry. You must think that’s my pick up line!” He said smiling warm and openly at her.
“I’m Leo!”

Amber was like hypnotised.
His eyes just drew her in and she extended her hand.
“ I’m Amber! Nice to meet you!”
Leo took Amber’s hand and held it just that little bit longer, then for a casual greeting,never loosing eye contact with her.

Amber’s toy was buzzing inside her.
She felt heat rising up and shivered at the same time.

“The pleasure is all mine!” Leo replied,still holding her hand,his eyes questioningly fixed on hers.

Amber just wanted to run,but her legs seemed to have their own mind.
She felt unable to walk away.

“Can I buy you a drink?” Leo asked.

“ o...I... I’m here with someone!” Amber replied,looking over to Matt.

“That’s ok. I can still buy you a drink,no?”
Leo smiled this warm smile again and Amber gave in nodding yes, not knowing what to do next.

When the bartender gave her her drink,she smiled at Leo and thanked him.

“Like I said the pleasure is all mine!” He said again,his smile now more sexy then warm and open.

Amber had to get away.

Matt had watched Amber the whole time she was at the bar!
He could feel her insecurity,but he also knew she felt safe knowing he was there.

“Who was that?” Matt asked her when she reached the table.
“Leo!” She tried to say in a light way,but Matt could hear a little shake in her voice.
“He seems nice!”
“Yes, He! But you are not!” Amber needed to get a grip. Her toy buzzing in her pussy was distracting her madly,but she also felt strangely excited.

Matt couldn’t help,but feel a little guilt for making her feel a bit uncomfortable.

“Come on! I think you were actually turned on,weren’t you? You think he’s hot. Am I right?” Matt teased her,trying to get her back on track and hoped like hell he didn’t push her too far.

The look on Amber’s face told him,he wasn’t in her bad books.

“ yes,I think he’s really sexy!” She simply said with a new blush coming up her face.

“ I think,he thinks you are sexy as hell!”
“How do you know?”
“Because he’s still looking over here,pretty much undressing you right beside me!” Matt told her with a wicked smile.

Amber just had to look and met Leo’s eyes as soon as she turned around.

“ What did you do to the guy? He seems bewitched!” Matt kept teasing.
“ I don’t know! I didn’t do anything.!”
“Hmm,maybe you should do something then?!” Matt kept at it.
“What? What do you mean?” Amber asked, finally getting to turn off her toy still buzzing inside her.

“I dare you to go over and flirt with him! ... I mean, really flirt with him!... more then that shy teasing you just did to the poor guy before!”

“What? I didn’t! You think he thought I was? God!”

“Amber, breathe! It’s alright! I’m here! He’s a decent guy and he’s most definitely into you! So just enjoy it and see what happens! Ok?!”

“So now be a good girl,no, better be a naughty girl and get to know him! You know you want to!” Matt encouraged her.

Amber freshened herself up while the two men were waiting for her.
Matt gave Leo a hardly noticeable nod before Amber emerged from the bathroom.

Amber walked more confidently towards the bar, then she actually felt and Leo’s eyes were fixed on hers.

‘What am I doing? I can’t... I want... god... the way he looks at me!’ Amber’s mind was racing,but she felt that tingling feeling in her body caused by the look in Leo’s eyes. It made her feel so sexy and it encouraged her.

“Amber...” The way he said her name made her get goose bumps.
“Yes...” Amber’s mind was blank as soon as he said her name.
‘Think Amber! You like him! Do something!’ She scolded herself for being like a deer in the headlights.
“Have you come back to tell me your secret now?!” Leo asked with a sensual smile.

‘That’s right,the secret!’ Amber thought.
‘You can do it! Matt said to enjoy it! I will!’ She encouraged herself.

“Nope! Not yet anyway!” She answered giving him a winning smile.

“So you do have a secret then? Can’t wait to get it out of you! I’m sure I will know by the end of the night!” Leo’s eyes bore into hers.
‘O my god,that sounded so sexy’
Amber felt the heat rising up to her cheeks again.

They made a bit of small talk and had a couple more drinks.
Amber could feel the alcohol making her feel more relaxed and confident again.
She started to enjoy herself a lot now and felt bolder to flirt with Leo.

“Would you like to dance?” Leo asked Amber,noticing her wriggling her sexy body to the rhythm of the music.

“I would love to!” She answered without hesitation, smiling up at him.

Leo guided her over to the dance floor,his hand at the small of her back,ever so slightly,caressing her smooth and soft skin.

Amber shivered.
“Are you cold?” Leo asked.

Amber heard his sexy low chuckle.
She looked over at Matt and he smiled at her.

Amber felt the music flowing through her body and she let herself go.
The music stopped and a slow song started and before Amber realised it,Leo pulled her close to him.

Matt watched his wife dancing with her stranger and felt horny as hell.
She looked so fucking sexy and her dance partner obviously enjoyed having her in his arms.
They were so absorbed in their own world, it seemed like they didn’t even know they were in a pub full of people.

“Mmm.You are so incredibly sexy” Leo whispered against the sensitive skin just below her ear.
Amber could feel his hot breath and smell his intoxicating after shave and felt like she would melt away.

“So are you!” She whispered back.
‘O my god,did I just say that! I hope he didn’t hear me’ Amber thought a little panicked.

But Leo had heard!
Amber felt his smile,rather then seeing it!
His shadow of a beard scraped softly at the soft skin at her neck and she could feel his mouth kissing her there very, very lightly.

A soft moan escaped her. Amber felt Leo’s hands travel down her body.
She felt her heartbeat quicken and her skin tingling everywhere and her pussy grew wet.
She closed her eyes and just enjoyed all those feelings rushing through her.

His muscular arms pulled her even closer and Amber could feel her breasts close against his chest.
There was a definite bulge pressing against her and Amber felt deliriously aroused.

This sexy guy wanted her.

And then the song was finished.
Amber opened her eyes and looked up at Leo.
His eyes were dark with desire.
“Thank you for this dance,sexy Amber” He said and bent down and Amber held her breath, thinking Leo was going to kiss her.
But he didn’t.
Instead,he lifted her hand up to his mouth and kissed her hand,tracing his tongue over her fingers and sucking on them.
His eyes never left hers.

Amber was lost for a moment,but gained control as soon as their eye contact broke.

“Come over to our table and have a drink with Matt.” Amber said lightly trying to compose herself.

“Ok” and Leo guided her over to Matt.

“So ... looks like you like my wife!” Matt grinned at Leo!
“ She’s sexy as hell!” Amber heard Leo say.
“Excuse me,guys! I’m right here!” Amber said with playful mockery.

Both of them looked at her, grinning mischievous.

For some reason Amber felt like they played a game. And she wanted to play too.

There were two very sexy guys making advances at her and she just couldn’t bring herself to say no!
Not after all that happened today!
She felt like she was living a sex dream!

‘What if...?’ ‘Could I...?’ ‘Would I...?’
Questions were running through her mind,but she already knew the answer to all of them,if she was honest to herself!

Leo left the table to get some more drinks.
Amber and Matt watched Leo walk over to the bar.
“You know,he’s asked me if I have a secret?” Amber giggled.
“Did he?! And what did you say?”
“That I don’t have one! And then you turned on that damn toy in me!” Amber looked at Matt accusingly.
“I noticed you jerking a bit when you started talking to him!... Are you still wearing your toy?” Amber heard the tease and arousal in Matt’s voice.
“I didn’t take it out. But it’s turned off,thank goodness!” Amber replied.

“And how are you feeling now?” Matt asked her lovingly.
“Wonderful...Thank you Matt. This day was absolutely magical! I’m such a lucky girl” Amber replied smiling at Matt.
“Your birthday isn’t over yet! We still have all night!” Matt said and pulled her close and kissed her passionately.

Amber responded to his kiss,hearing in the distance glasses clunking on the table.

“Whoa,guys! This is way too hot!”
Amber heard Leo say and she broke off her kiss with Matt.
“Sorry” she just managed,feeling her cheeks burning up again.
“No need for sorry! That’s just one of the things I wanted to do as soon as I saw you!” Leo told her,smiling his sexy smile.

“Don’t mind me!” Matt said beside Amber.

Leo didn’t waste a second and his hand was at the back of Amber’s neck. He tipped up her head and looked into her eyes and then he covered her mouth with his.

Amber couldn’t help but respond to his kiss. Leo’s kiss was passionate and probing at the same time. His hand was on her cheek now,his thumb caressing her sensual.

Matt watched Amber kissing Leo and his cock throbbed.
He felt Amber’s arousal and wanted to see how far she would go and turned on Amber’s toy inside Amber’s pussy.
He could hear a little moan escaping Amber.

Amber squirmed in Leo’s arms and she kissed him more wildly.
Matt was so turned on. She looked so fucking hot kissing Leo. Matt was close to loosing it.

“Ok,guys...” Matt didn’t need to finish his sentence.
Amber broke off the kiss hearing Matt’s voice.

Leo looked at Amber full of desire.
“Wow!” “I want more of that!”
“Bet you do!” Matt just grinned “ That’s not all she’s good at!”

Amber couldn’t believe it. What were those two doing to her?
Her skin was tingling everywhere,her pussy was throbbing and soaking wet,her toy buzzing inside her drove her crazy and her nipples were hard peaks aching for attention as well.

“Did I just crack the secret?!” Leo asked,
his eyes twinkling.
“What’s that?” Amber replied,feeling a little panicked.
“You are a sexy man eater!” Leo looked at her, his eyes lust filled.

Matt laughed! “Yep,that’s definitely one secret of Amber’s!”
“What?! There’s another one?” Leo teased.
“I think,there’s another two at least!” Matt winked at Amber.
“Seriously?” “Wow” Leo sounded intrigued.
“You think I deserve a reward for finding out one of them?” Leo turned to Amber his eyes suggestive.
“What do you have in mind?” She asked,feeling the thrill rushing to her head.

“How about telling me your next secret and if I guess the one after that,then you can decide the reward!” Amber heard Leo answering.

“Ok...” ‘that’s easy’ she thought,feeling like she won this round in their game.
“It’s my birthday today!” She smiled at Leo.

“Happy birthday!! I definitely wouldn’t have guessed that!” Leo sounded so sincere. He pulled her close to him and kissed her again. This time not as passionately,but still very sensual.

“We have to have another drink to toast to that!” Leo said.
“I agree! But I think we should have it at our place. What do you think,Amber?”
“Why not!” ‘ o my god!’ Amber’s mind started racing again.

They took a taxi to Matt’s and Amber’s place,all three of them sitting at the back of the surprisingly spacious car.
Amber was sitting between Matt and Leo and both men had their hands on Amber’s thighs,slowly and softly trailing their way up.
Amber was on edge,but didn’t dare to move. Her heart was pounding. She felt conscious of her heightening arousal.
Matt was at the top of her legs before Leo got there.

“Mmm! You are so wet for us already, aren’t you?!” Matt growled and tilted her face towards him to kiss her, ravaging her mouth.
Amber moaned and was swept away by Matt’s kiss.
Suddenly she felt her head being gently moved over to Leo’s side.
“My turn!” He growled and his mouth was on hers,his tongue entwining with hers.
Matt’s fingers kept teasing Amber’s pussy, while her toy buzzed inside her deliciously.

“We are nearly home!” Amber heard Matt say close to her ear, turning off the toy inside her pussy and she broke away from Leo.
Leo’s expression was pure lust.
They arrived at their home,Matt ahead of Amber and Leo. Leo leading her towards the door,his fingers stroking gently the small of her back.

“Leo...” Amber’s voice was a little shaky and
Leo looked at Amber.
“Amber. I want you to know,I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do! You can call it quits anytime,ok!... You sure about this?” He took her face in his hands and kissed her very,very sensual.
“ I’m sure!” She answered with determination in her voice.
Leo smiled at her encouraging.

Matt had already entered the house.
“ I’m fixing us another drink.” He called from their home bar.

“Come outside on the deck” Amber took Leo’s hand.

“Wow! This place is amazing,guys!”
Leo admired the view from the spacious private deck.

Matt joined them,passing them their drinks.
He had turned on music,playing discreetly in the back ground.

“You are a lucky guy,Matt! You’ve got an awesome home and a wife sexy as hell!”

Matt smiled at Amber. “Yep I can’t say I’m unhappy!”
“But hey,I think you are not really unlucky yourself! You get to have my wife... for tonight at least!” Matt winked at Leo.

Leo looked at Amber.
“Another dance?” He asked her and Amber could hear pure desire in those words

“Yes please!”
Leo took her in her arms and pulled her close to his chest again. This time without any hesitation.
His hand travelled down her back and this time he didn’t stop at the small of it.
He kept going down and cupped both cheeks approvingly in his hands.
Amber gasped and she heard a deep growl coming from Leo.
“Fuck,Amber! You are so damn hot. I want to see what’s under this gorgeous dress!”
Again he spoke those words close to her ear,his lips and tongue running trails down her neck.
Amber couldn’t stop a moan of anticipation.

Amber’s eyes were closed and she felt delirious with emotions.
Her nipples ached,wanting to be touched and be aroused just as much as she was deep inside. Her panties were soaked with her pussy juices.
She couldn’t wait for Leo’s next move,whatever that might be!

Amber could feel Leo’s hands roaming up and down her body. Stroking the outside of her arms and the sides of her upper body and her breasts. It felt so erotic.

Amber stopped breathing.
‘Please,please!’ She thought,but what she wished for,she didn’t really know.
And then the song finished.
Amber sighed and she could hear Leo’s low chuckle.

Matt had watched them doing their erotic dance from the side of the deck,sitting at their comfortable couch.
He wanted to give her as much time as she needed to do whatever she wanted, but it was also torture for him to just sit there,his cock aching with the need to fuck her senseless.
He reminded himself that they had all night.

“It is such a beautiful warm and balmy night,isn’t it!” Amber mused.

“Hmm,bit too warm to wear a dress,don’t you think,Leo?” Matt said,his voice hoarse with desire.

Leo had walked to the couch and sat beside Matt. Both men were watching Amber leaning against the decks handrail and enjoying the warm night breeze.

“I just told her,I would love to see what’s under her dress!” Amber heard Leo say.

“Show us what’s hiding under your dress,Amber!” Matt said and turned on the toy buried in Amber’s pussy.

Amber gasped and turned around,her cheeks rosy with desire.
“why don’t you find out your self?” She teased.
“And anyway,if it’s too warm to wear a dress,wouldn’t it be way to hot to wear a shirt and pants!” Amber was more than happy to play the game too.

“Woah,somebody is getting feisty!” Matt grinned. “I like it!”

They both removed their shirt and pants and waited in only their trunks for Amber.

“You ready to bust the next secret,Leo?”
Matt asked Leo.
“Hell yes!”
“Come over here,Amber!” Matt ordered.

And Amber feeling bold, started walking slowly over to them.

“I think I need help taking off my dress!” Amber heard herself say,looking directly into Leo’s eyes.
“Always trying to help!” He rasped and Amber stood in front of him.
“Come closer!”
Leo reached over, hooking both his index fingers under the hem off her dress,never loosing eye contact.
He lifted her dress, only very lightly feeling her legs’ smooth skin with his hands.
Amber’s heartbeat quickened.
Leo’s hands travelled up to the apex of her legs and his eyes widened.
Amber gasped.

“Fucking hell. Is that! your secret?”
“Has this been inside you all night? Fuck me,this is the best secret ever!”

“What a shame,I told you,you could decide the reward,if I guessed your next secret! I would know what I would want as a reward. But a deal is a deal. Tell me the price!” Amber heard Leo say with something in his voice that sounded a bit like disappointment.

Leo still looked in Amber’s eyes and saw a tiny triumphant twinkle in there.

“How about a soak in the spa?!” She said and could see the confusion in Leo’s eyes.

“Ok...?” Was all he managed to say,obviously hoping for something more exciting as a reward.

Matt laughed. He must have heard Leo’s disappointment as well.

“O man. You are getting her tease torture tonight!” Matt couldn’t stop chuckling.

“You are going to help me out of my dress? Or shall I ask Matt to take it off me?” Amber was so turned on by the two of them sitting there with their hard cocks straining agains their trunks. She felt so empowered and sexy and was determined to get the most out of this night and out of them.

Leo got up and stood in front of Amber. His eyes looked so hungry for her,she felt like he was going to throw her on the couch and fuck her remorseless right there.

But he calmly reached around Amber to slide the straps of her dress off her shoulders ever so slowly and letting it fall to the floor. His hands and fingers caressing her, left a hot tingling trail on her skin and Amber moaned softly.
He kept staring into her eyes until the dress was on the floor and then Amber could feel him pushing her slightly away from him!

“I was waiting for an eternity to see what’s under that dress! Let me look at you!” His voice was hoarse with lust and desire.

“Wow! You are absolutely stunning!”

Amber stood there in her hot red lace and silk set and felt heat rising up.
Her skin tingled with anticipation.
She felt so conscious of her body, standing there half naked in front of this stranger.
But the way Leo looked at her,made her feel so sexy.

Leo came close again and let his hands slide over her neck and shoulders to her chest and finally to her breasts.
Amber’s breathing quickened, making them raise and fall.

“Mmm. Perfect!” Leo growled taking them approvingly in both hands,making Amber squirm.

His hands moved down her taut tummy towards her panties.

A little panic rushed through Amber,but Leo kept looking so intense into her eyes,she felt unable to move anything.

“Fuck yeah. This is the honey pot!” Leo closed his eyes for the littlest moment and let out a sharp breath.
“You are so wet!”
His hand cupped her mound through her damp panties. And then he took out Amber’s toy and Amber gasped.
Suddenly she felt quite empty and exposed. But Leo didn’t give her time to think.
“You can have it back later!” He looked at her full of promise.
“But you are keeping this on,yes?!” One of his hands still cupping her mound while his other hand came up to feel again her breasts.

Amber felt so desired,she reached between her and Leo, trailing her hand down to his trunks,all the time keeping eye contact.

“And you are taking this off,yes?!” She couldn’t believe she had just said this and it had sounded like pure sex.
Amber didn’t wait for Leo’s answer she went slowly down to the floor,her hands at Leo’s sides taking down his jocks while all the time looking up into his eyes.

Leo’s eyes were dark with desire.
His cock sprang free when Amber tucked the waistband down and she broke their eye contact to look at what was awaiting her.
She heard Leo inhaling sharply.
“Fuck,Amber! You are driving me crazy!” Was all he could say and then she heard
“Aaah. O my god!”
Amber had impaled Leo’s cock as far as she could,swirling her tongue around, making his cock throb.
She grabbed his balls and squeezed them a little.

“Am I going to sit in this spa pool by myself all night?”
Leo and Amber heard Matt call from the other side of the deck.

Amber stopped abruptly and heard a tiny groan coming from Leo and she smiled looking up at him mischievous.

“O you are the devil!” Leo’s eyes couldn’t be more lust filled.

“Let’s join Matt!” She said,getting up and walking slowly in front of Leo in her sexy red hot lace and silk set and high heels.
Leo followed her with his hard cock sticking out in front of him.

Amber turned around to look at Leo with fire in her eyes.
“The advantage of mature sex partners is,it lasts all night!”
And there was another desperate groan.

Matt grinned at Leo. “Yep,she’s in tease torture mood! Brace yourself mate!”

“Don’t scare him off,Matt!”

“Believe me,I’m not scared in the slightest!
Bring it on,I say!” Leo’s words sounded like a challenge to Amber and she was just too willing to accept it.

She arrived at the pool, bent down and kissed Matt passionately,her sexy arse right at Leo’s cock height.

Amber thought Leo would bury himself inside her at that moment.
But Leo could play the game too.
Amber felt his hand trailing over her curvy arse and it coaxed a moan out of her now.

And then she gasped. Leo had reached the damp patch of her panties,pulled them aside and pushed his index and middle finger deep inside her.

“How’s that sexy Amber? You like that?”
Leo whispered in a deep sensual voice bending over her.
“Mmm! You are soaking wet! I wonder what you taste like?” He kept working his fingers in and out so slow,Amber groaned in frustration.

“Woah. Looks like he can play the tease torture game as good as you,Amber!”

Amber couldn’t move. She closed her eyes and let the feeling rush through her.
Matt pulled aside Amber’s top,exposing her breasts, hanging there right in front of him like juicy ripe plums to be picked.

He palmed one of them and swirled his tongue around the others nipple.

“ Aaah. O god!” Amber thought she would explode at this moment.
Leo was fingering her pussy while Matt sucked on her nipples.
Amber felt her insides clenching on Leo’s fingers and she pushed her breasts harder against Matt’s mouth.
Heat started rising inside her, her skin tingled everywhere and she hoped those two wouldn’t stop what they were doing ,because any second now she would reach her first orgasm with two guys.

And then she let go.
“Aaah. Yes. Yes. Aaah.” She bucked wildly against Leo.
She heard Leo’s harsh and fast breathing behind her. He was working his fingers in and out of her as fast as he could and she felt Matt’s moan vibrating on her nipple and it made her come over and over again.

Amber was spent for a little moment.
She adjusted her sexy lingerie and turned around to face Leo.
“Mmm. That was nice!”

He looked at her with his dark lust filled eyes and lifted his fingers up to his mouth to suck Amber’s juices off them.

“Mmm! You taste divine!”
He pulled her close and kissed her passionately, pushing his fingers again inside her.
Amber tasted herself on his tongue.

He broke the kiss and traced his fingers,that had just been in Amber’s pussy,across her lips!
Amber sucked on them,looking deep into Leo’s eyes!
“Fucking Hell,Amber!”

She grinned wickedly at him!

“Would you be so kind and take off my heels for me?” Amber asked in the sweetest voice.

Leo went down to the floor inhaling the scent of her on his way down.

Amber stepped into the hot pool and Matt reached up feeling her wet pussy trough her panties.

“Holy hell! You’ve warmed her up nicely for us,mate. She’s soaked!”
Now Matt’s expression had changed from teasing to lustily erotic.

Amber moaned.

Matt pulled her down for another passionate kiss and Amber let herself down on him,feeling Matt’s hard cock on her pussy.

His hands roamed her breasts.

Amber’s heartbeat quickened and she kissed Matt with more force while rubbing her pussy wild on Matt’s cock.

Matt’s hands lifted up Amber’s breasts and then he sucked on Amber’s nipples.

“Aaah. Yes.Yes.Yes.” Matt knew she would come again any second.

Leo stepped into the hot pool and turned her head towards him,his cock right there in front of her face.

Amber grabbed him and with one big suck she swallowed up as much as she could!

“Fuuuck,yeah!” She heard Leo growl.

Matt was sucking and teasing her breasts,she was rubbing her pussy on Matt’s stiff dick and she sucked off a strangers hard cock.

Amber was so turned on,she felt like a sexmaniac.

She felt drunk on emotions.
Her nipples were hard peaks,her pussy was aching for the need of a cock inside her,Matt’s or Leo’s,she really didn’t care in this moment! And she felt Leo’s hard cock in her hands and mouth! And it made her feel wild!

She kept bucking on Matt’s cock and thrusting her breasts into his mouth while sucking on Leo’s cock.

Leo lifted her up and braced her hands on the pool side.
He positioned himself behind her and let his cock run down her crack.
Amber stiffened, but Leo reached around and cupped her breasts,teasing her nipples and Amber relaxed.

“Now it’s my turn,sexy Amber!” He rasped in her ear, leaning over her.

Amber moaned and Leo pushed himself deep inside her ever so slowly.

“Aah. Fuck! you feel amazing!” Amber heard Leo growl behind her.

Amber could feel him stretching her,letting her get used to his thickness.
Leo’s cock was a bit thicker than Matt’s.

“O my god. Matt is right. I am a lucky guy for getting to fuck you! Shit,you are so hot and wet!” Leo had put his hand down her pussy, nipping with his fingers at her swollen clit.

“Shhh. Stop talking!... Fuck me!” Was all she could say.
Amber wanted to feel Leo’s cock make her come. She was so hungry for another orgasm.

Leo’s answer was a groan and he buried himself all the way inside her,holding her still by her hips for a moment.
And then he started pumping his hard cock in and out, faster and faster.

Amber moaned,closing her eyes to feel him more intense inside her.

Leo kept pumping his cock faster,faster. His balls smacking against Amber.

And then Amber’s eyes flew open,she looked over at Matt and his eyes were filled with pure lust.
Matt had his hard cock in his hand stroking it vigorously.

“Matt... I ...He...! O my god...!” Amber was unable to form a real sentence. Her face was red hot ecstasy.

“I know! ....Come on his cock,Amber!”
Matt watched Amber fucking her stranger and it was the biggest turn on for him at this moment and he kept stroking his cock harder and faster.

“Yeah! Come on my cock,sexy Amber!” Leo growled behind her and Amber pushed back at him,wanting him deeper inside her.

She bucked wildly,Leo keeping her stable by her hips and then she let go!

“Aaaah!Aaah!Yes!Yes!Fuck me!Fuck me!Yes!Yes!More!More!”

Leo gave her everything and she screamed out her orgasm.

Leo stilled and Amber could feel her pussy walls clenching and spasming around Leo’s cock,her juices coating him,running down her legs.

“Fuck me! I can feel you squirting on my cock!” Leo groaned,seemingly enjoying the feeling with his eyes closed.

Leo and Amber were still catching their breath and didn’t notice Matt had left the pool.

“Wow! This was so fucking hot!” Amber heard Leo say.

Amber turned around looking Leo into his eyes and was making her way down to his cock with her hands trailing down his taut stomach and happy trail to his pussy juice coated curled hair,grabbing his rock hard twitching cock.

Leo groaned.

“I messed you up!” She simply said.

“I don’t mind!” Leo replied, his voice full of desire, his hand now going down to Amber’s pussy,pushing a couple of fingers into her sticky hot core.

Amber’s eyes closed and she moaned.

“Fucking hell! You are so fucking wet and so swollen! I think you’ve been fucked real good,sexy Amber!” His voice sounded so sexy saying those words,Amber just whimpered.

“You...” Amber couldn’t finish the sentence. She had already forgotten what she wanted to say anyway, a disappointed moan escaping her.

Leo had taken his fingers out of Amber’s pussy,now grinning devilish at her!

“What was that about you being the champion of the torture tease game?
Are we still playing it?” He asked those two questions tracing his pussy juice sticky fingers across her lips,watching Amber sucking them clean.

“Sure we are!” She let her tongue swirl around them,coaxing a groan out of Leo.

Now she had the devil in her eyes!

“I think,I need to tidy myself up!
There’s a guest bathroom just down the hall way,if you like to have a shower!”
Amber stepped out of the pool.

“See you in a bit!” She said and looked at him like the next round of the game was just about to begin.

“Can’t wait!” Was all he said.

Matt had already freshened up while Amber and Leo were still busy with them selves and was fixing them all another drink.

“Here Leo,take a drink with you!” Matt told him.

Leo thanked him and walked towards the bathroom.

Amber slipped into her en-suite,closing the door behind her. She looked in the mirror.

Her eyes were shining brightly,her skin was rosy and felt so soft.
She was feeling so sexy.

Matt knocked and entered.

“You ok,sexy Amber?!” He asked her, imitating Leo.

A little panic rose up inside Amber.

“...Matt...! I... Are you ok with us doing this?”

Matt looked into her eyes.

“You are kidding,right?! I get to watch my sexy as hell wife fucking another guy in the comfort of our home And! I get to participate whenever I feel like it!
You really asking me if I’m ok with this? Amber, it’s the hottest thing we’ve ever done! .. So far!”
He took her face between his hands and kissed her passionately.

Amber melted into Matt’s kiss and her worries disappeared.

“Here,I got you another drink.
Don’t let us wait too long! I think,Leo feels a bit lonely without you!” Matt grinned at her and gave her a playful smack on her sexy bottom and then he left.

Amber turned on the shower and let the water run over her.
It felt wonderful. Her skin felt so sensitive. She felt the water turning her nipples into hard peaks and then felt her swollen pussy lips,pushing a finger deep inside her.
She moaned. ‘O my god. Leo was in here,only a few minutes ago!’ The thought made her heartbeat quicken.

She remembered both men waiting for her and felt excitement building up inside.

Amber got ready as fast as she could.

Matt and Leo were in the lounge at the home bar having their drinks when Amber walked in.

“Mmmm! Jonny Lang!” She smiled wickedly at Matt.

Leo turned around. “Fuck me! You look hotter then the best stripper in a strip club!”

Amber was wearing her newest purchase,her black fish net teddy in combination with lace top stay up fence net stockings and her new “fuck me boots”!
She wore a black leather jacket on top,completing the look.
She knew,Matt didn’t like her hiding her body,but she felt like she needed something to cover her at least a little, especially if this would be the only thing giving her a bit of protection, because she had decided wickedly,to keep her lower body bare.
Amber’s nipples were rubbing deliciously against the inside of her jacket,poking through the fish net of her teddy.

Whatever Matt had put in her drink,it did the trick.
She felt amazing!
She closed her eyes hearing Jonny Lang’s raspy voice singing “lie to me!” and she was swept away,feeling the music through her body.

Matt loved it when Amber was lost in the music.
She looked so fucking hot,her eyes closed and her hands travelling up and down her sexy body, stopping at the spots where she wanted them to give her the most pleasure!

Matt saw Leo watching Amber like hypnotised and chuckled to himself.

“Yep. She’s got you under her spell,mate!”

“O man! She’s just so damn hot! I just wanna fuck her again!”
“This really is a torture tease,isn’t it!” Leo’s voice was hoarse.

Amber opened her eyes looking at Leo,seeing the desire in him and she smiled sensual, her hands going down towards her pussy.
Leo followed them with his eyes and groaned.

Amber felt so aroused,she dipped her fingers inside her hot pussy,her eyes closing again, a moan escaping her lips.

She removed her fingers and lifted them up to her mouth,sucking her pussy juices off them, looking again into Leo’s eyes.

The song finished and then she heard Beth Hart singing in her sexy smoky and so seductive voice “Damn your eyes”!

“Mmm. I like this one too!”
Amber spotted her toy on the bar counter top and she walked towards Matt and Leo.

“I believe this is mine!” She stopped right beside Leo,making her sexy booty bump slightly into him.

Amber’s hand stretched out to pick up her toy,but Leo was quicker,covering his hand over hers.

“Allow me,sexy Amber!” He obviously had recovered,taking control in more then just one way.

With one swift move he had taken Amber’s toy and was now cupping her mound.

“Are you getting wet again for us,sexy Amber?!” His eyes bore into hers and she moaned.

He pushed the toy inside her turning it on with the remote laying on the bar counter top.
“Yess!” Was all she could say.

Leo stood in front of Amber looking down at her with lust filled eyes!
Amber felt like she was exposed to his mercy.

Leo took her hand and wrapped it around his rock hard cock.
“Feel it! Feel how much I want to fuck you,you sexy little tease!”Leo groaned!

Amber held her breath!
She was so aroused and suddenly she felt Matt’s cock pressing against her bottom.
His hands came up her arms and shoulders reaching her neck.
He kissed her sensitive skin below her ear and she couldn’t stop a moan escaping her.

“O yeah. I know...” Matt said behind her.
“Feel,who’s teasing now?!”
Matt and Leo had her sandwiched between them,caressing her skin, kissing her,teasing her without mercy.

Matt shrugged off Ambers leather jacket and Amber heard Leo inhaling sharp.

“Fuck! Look at those nipples!”
Leo cupped Amber’s breasts and pinched her nipples poking through her fish net teddy.

“Aah! Yes!” Amber whimpered.

Leo lowered his head,pushed her breasts together and took both nipples in his mouth. His tongue swirled around her nipples and he nipped them now and then.

Amber thought she would explode and then she felt Matt’s hands parting her cheeks from behind.

“Fucking hell,Amber! I could come on your sexy arse right now! I would never have imagined it looking this hot!!! ”

“Have a look!” And with that, he was bracing her hands again on the bar top,so Leo could see what got Matt so excited.

“Wriggle your sexy arse for us,Amber!” She heard Matt behind her and she felt so aroused she just had to obey!

She spread her legs apart and pushed out her sexy booty,wriggling it for Matt and Leo to see her emerald green butt plug.

“Holy hell! What else can she surprise us with?! This is fucking beautiful!”

Amber heard their admiring comments and was so turned on. She couldn’t wait for them to finally fuck her.

But they had other plans for her!

She felt them coming closer and there were hands everywhere on her body.
She moaned,her eyes closed.

“I leave her with you for a while. But don’t exhaust her too much. I’ll be back soon.”

Before Amber knew what was happening,she felt the toy inside her buzzing in another speed and Leo spun her around ravaging her mouth.

He growled,his cock nudging her wet mound,her pussy buzzing with the toys vibration.

He lifted her up,still kissing her passionately and letting her sink onto his hard twitching cock.

Amber felt him filling her out.
With the toy buzzing inside her,she felt deliciously horny.

She moaned and responded to his urgency to fuck her.
She rocked herself up and down on his cock while he held her stable lifting her curvy arse.

Leo walked her over to the wall keeping her legs wrapped around him and his cock in her soaking wet pussy.
He pushed her back up against the wall and thrust into her.

Amber felt his mouth on her breasts,his tongue teasing her nipples and his teeth nipping at them.

“O yes!! Yess! Aaah! Aaah! Yes!! More! Please! Please! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Amber felt Leo’s cock fucking her,his mouth ravaging her breasts and it felt amazing!

She orgasmed on Leo’s cock again and again,making him growl with desire.

“Mmm! This was amazing! I like to fuck you!” Amber’s energy level was low and she leaned her head against his neck.
She heard a low chuckle.
“That’s good,because I’m not finished fucking you yet!”

“Hey Leo! I hope you haven’t puffed her out too much! I want a turn with her too! Bring her over here!”
Amber felt Leo carrying her over to the couch.

Matt had turned it into a big fold out bed and had prepped it with cushions and a throw.

Leo laid Amber on her back on the comfy couch. She looked beautiful. Her hair spilling across the pillow,her face rosy cheeked and her sexy body clad in her hot teddy,her nipples hard peaks.
He let his hands roam over her legs in her “fuck me boots”.

“Can’t get enough of her?!” Matt looked down at Amber.

“Who could?” Leo said,having his hands still on her body.
“She’s like the best piece of steak! soft and tender... and juicy... and she tastes so fucking delicious...”
Amber was at first a bit confused,when she heard Leo comparing her to a steak,but she saw him look at her body,his hands travelling up and down, appreciating every inch he touched,and she felt wickedly aroused!

“I can be hard and tough too,though!” She teased.

“O yeah! And that’s when you need to be tenderised!” Amber heard Matt chuckle.
He had climbed onto the couch kneeling beside her and massaging her breasts,tweaking them into hard peaks,making her squirm.
She turned to face him and his cock was right there in her face!
She opened her mouth,her eyes hungry for him and Matt pushed himself inside her hot mouth.
“Fuck,Amber!” She heard him growl and then she gasped.

Leo had removed her toy and lifted her legs up exposing her pussy hole to him.

She felt his hand reaching the small of her back travelling up her arse,tucking on her butt plug and then finally reaching her dripping wet pussy.

“This is so fucking beautiful!” He growled nudging his cock against her opening.

Amber felt hands and cocks and she wriggled with anticipation.

But Leo wasn’t entering her. He went down,kneeling comfortably on a cushion and buried his head between Amber’s legs,pushing his tongue deep inside her.

“Aaah.Fuck yeah! Mmmm! This... this is ...sooo good!” Amber felt him nipping her clit,sucking on her lips and fingering her and she arched her back,exposing her breasts more to Matt.
Matt was still massaging them and tweaking her nipples.
Amber just couldn’t get enough of it.
She sucked on Matt’s cock vigorously, making him groan.
Her other hand was in Leo’s hair pushing his head onto her pussy.

There was moaning coming from all three of them.
They enjoyed the feelings they were giving and receiving.

“Let’s turn her over! I want to see her arse poking up at us with this fucking amazing plug in her hole!” Amber heard Matt growl and it made her shiver,but she felt so hot.

“ I think she’s warming up too much. We should strip her out of this!” Now it was Leo’s voice,she heard.

“Great idea!”
Matt pulled down the straps of her teddy and Leo finished off the job.

And then she was laying on her tummy,only wearing her fence net stockings and “fuck me boots “, her face pushed into a pillow.
Her senses were heightened.

She lifted up her booty invitingly, hearing Matt’s and Leo’s harsh breathing!

Amber felt a hand again on her mound.
Who’s hand it was,she wasn’t really sure,but she so didn’t care.

She heard a squish noice and instantly felt cool liquid over her back.

Hands were massaging the liquid all over her back and Amber moaned.
It felt so good.
Another squish and Amber gasped.
Her pussy tingled with desire. The hand was applying a tingling cream and Amber could feel its effects immediately!

She moaned and wriggled,surrendering her body totally to Matt and Leo!

Their hands were everywhere and then she felt something cold and hard entering her pussy.

“Feel this?” “ Who do you think is fucking you now?” She heard Matt’s voice and it dawned on Amber. It was the 7 and a half ” inch black cock she had picked out in the sex shop.

“You like him fucking you?” He rasped.

“Yesss!” Amber whimpered into her pillow.

And that was all the encouragement Matt needed. He pushed the dildo all the way into her yearning pussy and fucked her hard with it,making her scream with yet another orgasm.

“Aaah!Aaah! Yes!! Yes!!! More! More!!”

She bucked wildly against the dildo!

Leo laid beside her on his back and was stroking his hard cock.
He turned her face over to him and ravaged her mouth,making her moan with satisfaction.

She felt Matt’s hands lifting her up and she moved over to settle on top of Leo.
His cock was now in her dripping wet pussy.

“O my fucking god! Fuck!!” Amber heard him underneath her and she was riding him like wild.
Leo’s hands reached up to her breasts,pushing them together,squeezing her nipples,making her riding him even harder.

Leo pulled her closer,taking her breasts into his mouth,sucking,nibbling.

“Aaah! This feels sooo good!” She rocked and bucked and felt Matt moving behind her. He removed her butt plug and Amber gasped.

She felt cold liquid dripping into her hole.

“God,Amber! I need to fuck your arse!” Matt growled and before she knew what would happen,he had pushed his cock inside her.

Amber let out a little cry and Matt stopped,giving her time to adjust to him. “You ok?” She heard him whisper behind her,kissing her neck close to her ear.

“Yes!” “I... I feel... so full!” And then she started moving,making both men growl.

They thrust their cocks inside her,making her buck wildly.

They all panted and moaned,feeling Ambers wet,hot and tight insides.

“I think it’s my turn to fuck her sweet arse now too!” She heard Leo say.

Matt pulled his cock out of her,making her feel strangely empty for a moment.
Leo gave her nipples another sharp suck and nip and then pulled out of her too.

All three of them changed positions like they had done this many times before.

Now Amber kneeled on the couch with her sexy arse in the air,her holes wide open for Leo to see and he growled,smoothing his hand appreciatively over her sexy curves.

He smacked his cock on Amber’s arse and she squirmed.

“O fucking sweet Jesus!” Leo pushed his hard cock inside Amber’s hole ever so slow.

Amber stopped breathing. Leo’s cock stretched her even more. She closed her eyes and concentrated on getting used to his size.

“Are you with me,sexy Amber?” He whispered behind her and she just managed a nod and the tiniest whimper.

He started to push his cock further into her until she felt his balls touching her pussy.

She was delirious with emotions.
“ O fuck! You are so tight! Mmmm,it feels so fucking amazing!” And he started pumping in and out of her,picking up speed!

Amber’s breathing quickened and her breasts swayed beneath her.

It felt so different,but it aroused her so much,that she pushed back against Leo,making him thrust more relentless.

Matt watched Amber getting fucked into her sexy arse and he ached for his own release.

He positioned himself in front of her face,stroking his hard aching cock vigorously.

Amber looked up at him,her face flushed and her eyes dark with desire.
She swallowed all she could of his length and sucked his cock unforgiving,making him groan.

“Fuck,Amber! You make me come,if you keep this up!” She heard him saying lustrous.
“You look so fucking hot from up here!”

“I can’t wait for much longer either” Leo growled behind Amber!
“I want to come on you,sexy Amber!”

She felt Leo pulling out of her and he turned her around on her back,making her stop sucking on Matt’s cock.

“She’s yours! Make her come with us!”
Amber heard Leo say and Matt moved between her legs,pushing his cock into her soaking wet pussy.

Leo stood at Ambers head,looking down at her with dark eyes, stroking his cock as fast as he could.

Amber pushed her breasts together and squeezed her nipples,looking up at Leo.

“ Come on me! Come on me!” She urged him on.

Matt was so turned on. His wife laying in front of him and another guy nearly coming on her.
He kept thrusting his cock into her harder, faster, faster.

She kept playing with her breasts and nipples,squeezing them harder,lifting them up to her mouth,sucking and even nipping on them,making herself etching closer to her climax all the while feeling Matt’s cock inside her.

Matt was fucking Amber like a wild man,while Leo stroked his cock relentless above her.
She felt so aroused,her inside walls clenched and she bucked wildly.
And then Matt and Amber let go!

Amber looked up at Leo,seeing his face strained with his need for release!

“Come on me! Now!” She screamed out those words at Leo while being rattled by her wild orgasm.

And then Amber felt Leo come on her,one warm squirt after another! And she loved it.
She felt wicked,with those two cocks spilling in and on her.

Amber kept bucking wildly,feeling Matt’s throbbing cock emptying inside her.
Leo’s warm squirts on her skin made her massage her breasts and sucking on her nipples, tasting Leo’s saltiness.

And then it was over. Amber,Matt and Leo were spent, laying on the couch, their breathing becoming slower.

“Wow. This was fucking amazing! If you ever feel like wanting to do this again,let me know! I come running! Anytime of day or night!” Leo was the first to talk after their just finished sexual encounter.

Matt chuckled “Bet you would!”’

“Amber?” Matt nudged her. He expected her to be fallen asleep after their sex marathon.

“Hmm?” “Just thinking...”

“What about?” “How many orgasms you had tonight?” Matt teased her.

“Yeah! How many did you have? I never had a woman who could come as often as you did! Fucking hell! It feels so satisfying to make you come! You look like you really let yourself go and enjoy it without any compromise! It’s just you! It’s fucking amazing!” Leo reflected on their night together.

“Honestly,I don’t know! Are we counting the ones before our threesome as well?” Amber couldn’t help a little giggle and she could hear Leo inhaling sharply.

“But no... really... I was thinking..” she propped herself up on her elbow facing Leo.
“ you’ve cracked my secrets,but...
who do you think won the tease torture game?” She grinned wickedly at Leo,who had propped himself up as well, looking her sensual in the eyes.

“I think we call it a tie! What do you say?”

“Sounds fair! Might have to challenge you some time again to find out the winner!” Her voice sounded suggestive.

“If that’s a promise, I’ll accept the challenge!” He told her in that sexy voice she had noticed the moment they’d met.

“You wanna crash here for the night?” Amber heard herself asking Leo.
For some reason she felt comfortable with the thought of him staying for the night.

“If it’s ok with you guys, I would love to take the offer! I think,I shouldn’t really drive.”

“Fine with me too.” Matt agreed.

And they called it a night.

The morning began as beautiful sunny and warm as the day before.

“Good morning” Matt kissed Amber below her ear, snuggling her.

“Mmm. Good morning!” Amber answered sleepy.

“Are we having a “Groundhog day”?
She asked Matt and he could hear the mischievous smile in her question.

“O you insatiable little sexmaniac!” He chuckled.

“It’s Sunday! Will see what happens!” And with that he jumped out of bed, grinning at her and left to have his shower.

Amber snuggled up in their bed, remembering with a smile her very special birthday and Leo being still in their house, sleeping in their guest room.

A little panic rose up in her.
Would this morning be awkward?

It will be fine. She calmed herself.
She knew Matt would be happy with anything that would happen. He always was positive about everything.
Amber loved him being that way,as she could be a bit negative at times.

Amber stepped outside on their deck freshly showered.
She wore a pair of light and breezy shorts and a halter top.

Matt was cooking bacon and eggs for their breakfast on the bbq and he and Leo were having a light conversation.
Amber heard them chuckling.

“Morning Leo!” Amber greeted him lightly with a smile and walked up to Matt,who stood beside Leo.

“Morning,sexy Amber!” Leo smiled warmly back at her and pulled her away from Matt towards himself.
And then he kissed Amber right there beside Matt.

It was a short but forceful kiss and Amber responded.

“Just needed to make sure last night wasn’t all my imagination!” He looked at her sensual.

“Ok guys,breakfast’s up!” They heard Matt say.

“Mmm. It smells yum!” Amber was glad about the distraction.

She kissed Matt tenderly and then looked him lovingly in his eyes.

“Thank you for yesterday Matt! It was the best birthday I’ve ever had!”

“You are so welcome! You’ve made the day pretty special for me too,even more so the night!”Matt winked at Amber.

They enjoyed their breakfast on the sunny deck and chatted lightly.

“Thanks for breakfast guys and the most incredible night last night. I think I leave you guys to enjoy the rest of Amber’s birthday weekend!” Leo winked at Matt.

“Thank you Leo. It was absolutely amazing!”
Amber wasn’t really sure what to do. Should she kiss him good buy? Or shake his hand?
She didn’t get to think more about it,because Leo had pulled her close again and kissed her one more time passionately.
Amber moaned and let herself enjoy this one last kiss and then Leo broke away ,tracing his tongue over Amber’s lips and looking her deeply into her eyes.

“Like I said before,sexy Amber! The pleasure was all mine!”

“See you in a couple of weeks at the safety meeting,mate!” Leo said to Matt.

Before Matt could answer,he saw Amber’s eyes widen.
“You two know each other?” Amber didn’t sound betrayed or angry, only surprised.

Now Matt looked a bit sheepish.

“Yes,we met at the last safety meeting and I instantly thought you would like Leo and your birthday was coming up and I wanted to make it special for you and I wanted it safe for you and guaranteed to happen!” Matt babbled, thinking Amber would feel betrayed and get angry.

“Shh... Matt! It’s alright! Stop!”
Amber wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled at him.
And then she kissed him. Her kiss told him,everything was alright!

She broke off their kiss and looked him lovingly in his eyes.

“Thank you. You are the best!” Was all she said.

“I love you!”

“I know!” She grinned at him.
She never doubted it,but last night she found out just how much her really loved her.
And she loved him even more for showing it to her in his own way.

Leo waved a good buy at Matt and got a thumbs up as response.

Leo left, smiling, knowing this wouldn’t have been their last get together.
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