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Fifty Shades of Lingerie

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❌WARNING: VERY MATURE ❌ |Completed| 20-year-old lingerie/lewd model for vogue and Victoria Secret, Kat Lovelace. 21-year-old sexually frustrated, amazing photographer, Ryder Bane. The two are paired together as permanent pairs in a Victoria Secret modeling competition getaway. He's staring at her all day in nothing but a few delicate laces. She's finding it fun to tease the fuck out of him while he's working. They hate each other. But they can't keep their hands off each other. They're playing a dangerous game, for the rules state there can be NO intimacy between the pairs.

Erotica / Romance
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1| The Arrival

Ryder Bane

Ryder Bane got his letter in the mail. The letter that told him his life was going to change.

He had been accepted into the Victoria Secret modeling and photography competition. This was a big deal for many reasons.

One, the popularity from just being in the competition was outstanding. His work would be noticed everywhere for just participating.

Two, it was almost like a vacation. The competition was in in Florida, and you and your model pair would stay together in a beautiful modern cabin. All expenses paid.

Three, if you and your model did win, life would be easy. The prize money is 10,000 dollars for both pairs. You are also guaranteed a job working for Victoria Secret modeling/photography. And say if you don't want to work for them, there are job offers lined up for you.

It's literally the dream, and Ryder was determined to win.

He was only worried a little bit about his female pair. He didn't have time for anyone's bullshit. He knew what he wanted and didn't want anyone to hinder him from getting it. And the fact he couldn't choose his model and they were assigned randomly annoyed him.

His career wasn't the only thing on the line for this thing.

Ryder had everything he needed packed. He walked out of the house rolling his suitcase behind him, his camera bag hanging on his shoulder.

His Uber was waiting on the curb rather impatiently. Ryder rolled his eyes at the guys annoyance, he couldn't wait two goddamn minutes.

He got into the back and set his stuff down on the floor next to him.

"Lax Airport." Ryder said to the driver in his usual hard tone.


He got to cabin grounds shortly after He landed in Florida.

Everyone was gathered at the entrance with their things. Photographers and models all mingling and laughing, waiting for direction.

Ryder wasn't about that, he was hear for a purpose not for leisure and frankly he didn't really like other people.

He put his headphones on and looked at his phone minding his own business.

He suddenly felt someone push past him roughly and step with their high heel on his foot.

He grimaced pursing his lips together, he looked up a glare over took his face.

A woman in a big black hat, cat eye sunglasses, and black thigh high boots turned around and registered him, like she was just realizing he existed.

The anger only seared deeper into his face, "what the fuck? Can you not see over your ego."

She pulled the sunglasses down the bridge of her nose, revealing her ocean eyes which she narrowed at him like he was piece of garbage.

"Grow a pair." Then she slid her sunglasses back up nose and walked away before he could even get a word out.

Ryder clenched his jaw and furrowed his eyebrows mumbling curses in Italian.

A girl came forward at the entrance holding a microphone and wearing a huge grin.

He sighed pushing his annoyance for the general population of the human race aside to listen to her.

"Hello everyone! I'd like to formally welcome you to this years modeling and photography competition hosted by Victoria Secret."

There was a round of applause and hoots.

"I'd like to direct everyone to the main pavilion in the center of the cabin grounds where further instructions will be explained." She lowered the microphone and shut it off.

A couple of people held clipboards and checked people in giving them a wrist band. The line moved steadily and when Ryder came up to one of them they found his name and put a wrist band on him. Someone was collecting the luggage so he put his suitcase down on one of the carts. He kept his camera bag with him, that was his child.

He moved with everyone towards a large white screened in pavilion that looked way to fancy to be in a more remote area.

He walked up the steps into the large pavilion and noticed people starting to fill up the seats.

He took a seat and saw up on the elevated stage area two women and a man sitting in chairs. There was a large projector screen behind them and a podium up front.

The lady pretty much explained everything Ryder already knew about the competition.

Each week there would be a theme, the photographer and model would have to create a portfolio encasing pictures taken of the model dressed in lingerie and makeup relating to the theme.

The best portfolio won, worst one got eliminated, last pair won the big prize .

There where10 pairs, 20 people total.

"Now, there is a boutique set up on the cabin grounds filled with lingerie free for you all to use during this competition. It will be restocked weekly with fresh stuff, and if you have any other special request we will be more than happy to fulfill them." The women over seeing the competition explained.

"Finally the rules...No sabotage, I expect everyone to act their age thank you. No complete nudity, this is showcasing the lingerie and the models skill to show it off. No taking in visitors that aren't apart of the competition into the cabins. Please do not use any drugs other then for medicinal reasons. And Finally, no intimacy between the pairs." She smiled sweetly.

That's easy. Ryder thought.

"Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served in the pavilion. And remember this event is televised weekly, no disrupting the camera crew. Pretend they aren't there. In the back there is an envelope for each of you, enclosed is your key and cabin number. You can all make your way there and meet your model or photographer." She finished and everyone stood up stretching slightly.


He got to his cabin and the sun was starting to go down displaying the beautiful melt of warm colors in the Florida sky.

He noticed the door was unlocked already.

Great, my roommate is already there. Ryder thought.

He opened the door and was greeted by the LED lights changed to red, so the room glowed scarlet.

And sitting down on the end of the sectional in the modern as hell cabin, was the girl in those black thigh high boots smirking devilishly at him.

"How's the toe?"


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