Fifty Shades of Lingerie

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11| The Passion

Ryder Bane

Now that Ryder had her lips on his, as he tasted her, he knew he now wouldn't be able to get enough of this taste. He was in deep, too deep for his liking.

He kissed her slowly, locking his lips on hers. His lips moving over her soft plump ones, he pulled her closer.

She pushed her chest into his and wrapped her arms around his neck running a hand through his hair. He was getting eager, he needed more.

He licked her bottom lip wanting her to opened her lips. She got the message and her lips parted, he kissed her harder slipping his tongue in her mouth.

She cooed and tilted her head moving her lips over his as soft sucking noises sounded from their tongues gliding across each other's and their lips moving together.

He wrapped his arms tighter around her waist so her body was flush to his, she pushed her hips deeper into his.

The kiss was electric, awaking every cell in his body. His lips tingled and his body grew more and more greedy for her.

She opened her mouth and leaned up on him. He flicked his tongue over hers and leaned forward with her kissing her passionately.

He closed his lips over hers and slid his hand down her back then back up under her shirt.

He guided her back on the couch so he was now leaning over her. Her hair cascading down behind her as he worked her lips like he needed herbto breath.

He supported himself over her on his knees that were on both sides of her. Her legs where now wrapped around his torso. Her lips, intoxicatingly sweet, moving quickly and passionately over his.

He ground his hips down hard into her. She broke the kiss panting heavy as a gasp left her swollen lips.

His breathing was rapid as he kissed her neck, he nipped at the sensitive spot on her neck before running his tongue across it.

She let out a small moan and tightened her legs around him grabbing a fist full of his hair.

He moved back to her lips and ran his tongue across her bottom lip teasing her. She arched her back and gripped his hair.

"Ryder" she mumbled breathlessly against his lip.

"I have to go drop off the portfolio." He whispered begrudgingly.

"No you don't." She opened her eyes and looked up into his. Ryder bit his lip and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. A new jolt of passion shot through him every time he saw those blue eyes. He got needy and possessive wanting to scoop her up and fuck the shit out of her then just cuddle her afterwords. He had no idea how to navigate these new feelings.

He sighed and ran a hand down the side of her neck, "yeah I do, there's a deadline."

"It's later though, kiss me more. now." She licked her lip and Ryder watched, his body trembled at the sight.

He leaned down and bit her lip, pulling it between his lips before dropping it.

"It's better to get it in earlier." He said getting up off of her.

"Asshole." She smirked smugly and mumbled while crossing her arms.

He shot her a sideways glare and rolled his eyes, "How charming Kat." He said before grabbing the portfolio and leaving.


Ryder walked back into the cabin and dropped the keys on the key rack by the door. He looked around and saw no sign of Kat. That was all he wanted right now.

He sighed and ran a hand through his messy hair. It honestly made him really upset seeing her anything but herself, even though they fought all the time, he hated seeing her sad.

He didn't know why she was upset but he was relieved he saw her back to herself.

He walked upstairs but her door was wide open, he raised an eyebrow and walked back down.

He walked down the hall and saw her out on the porch sitting on a chair drinking a glass of wine while looking out into the woods.

One of her legs was on the white pillar, the other on the floor. His eyes traveled down her smooth legs and to her outfit. Which was one of white shirts, and holy fuck. It was too big on her so it came to about her mid thigh. He couldn't imagine what she had on underneath.

He walked over silently and grabbed the wine glass from her hands.

A glare morphed over her serene face and she looked up to see her wine thief.

"Give that back." She sat up more and reached for it but Ryder just raised it.

"You're wearing my shirt get out of it. Seriously, what is with you and taking my stuff." He growled and shook his head.

She smirked smugly and pulled up at the bottom of the shirt, "it makes you mad, and no I'm not taking it off."

He glared at her and raised the wine glass dropping a good amount of the white wine on her.

She gasped and shot up, "what the fuck." She pushed him.

"Now you have to take my shirt off." He shrugged and threw the rest of the wine in the grass.

"You're such a fucking child." She scoffed and looked at the wine on her shirt.

"Yeah, a child that wants his shirt, now take it off."

"No." She said stubbornly.

"Fine." He grabbed her hips and pushed her back into the pillar. He grabbed the collar of the shirt and ripped it right down the middle.

She gasped and bit her lip, she put her hands back on the pillar as the ripped fabric fell to the ground.

Ryder took a look down her body and saw the cute pink panties and bra, the bows on the hips of the panties drove him crazy.

"Shit..." he groaned under his breath and walked over to her dragging his fingers down her perfect body. She wrapped her arms around him as he started to kiss down her torso.

He got on his knees so his head was by her stomach and dragged his tongue along the places the wine soaked through.

"You know I'm actually allowed to drink this." He mumbled and bit the hen of her panties pulling them down with his teeth.

"Shut up..." she said through short breaths running her fingers through his hair.

Something was blooming in Ryder's chest, it hurt but in a good way, and it happened every time he touched it even thought about the girl he couldn't stand.


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