Fifty Shades of Lingerie

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12| The Big Dinner (pt1)

Kat Lovelace

The morning came too early. The sunlights rays bled through the curtains warming her face. She blinked her eyes open taking in the natural light with a soft groan.

She threw the covers off her, after her mental protest, and got up.

Her feet padded across the floor as she yawned, her hand rubbing her stomach under her shirt.

She took a quick shower and left her hair wet, the water trickling down her back. She put on a hoodie and some black shorts walking downstairs.

She was especially hungry today so she wanted to actually make it to breakfast.

She gripped the firm wooden railing and walked down the stairs, her foot pressing into the cold marble waking up her body.

She yawned and jumped off the last step putting her hands in the hoodie pockets. She saw Ryder leaning against the island holding a waffle in his mouth as he looked at his phone.

Kat chuckled at the sight of him having a whole waffle in his mouth. She put her fingers to her lips and giggled. He looked up and met her eyes hearing the sweet sound, she couldn't help but notice how his face brighten at the sight of her.

Kats eyes then traveled down his bare muscular chest. His body was literally carved like a Greek god. And Jesus he was wearing grey sweatpants low on his hips exposing his defined v-line, she was convinced he was teasing her on purpose at this point.

He could just be her breakfast.

He ran a hand through his messy dark brown hair pulling his fingers through the waves, "Hey." His words were muffled by the waffle that he pulled out and retried his words, "Hey." He said clearly.

She nodded to his plate of waffles and puffed out her bottom lip, "can I have-"

"No." He yanked them away quickly. She deflated and her shoulders fell, a pout formed on her full lips.

He stared at her for a moment before rolling his eyes "Here I got these for you cause I thought you'd miss breakfast." He grabbed another plate form behind him she couldn't see or notice over his broad shoulders and toned chest.

He slid a hot plate of French toast to her and she nearly melted at the sight. The fluffy thick browned toast had golden brown syrup oozing down the sides and pooling on the plate. Powdered sugar was dusted over the top with a slice of butter. It was actually picture perfect.

"Oh my god I think I just came." She groaned and grabbed the plate greedily.

Ryder snickered, "Now me and the French toast made you do that."

She glared at him and bit her French toast slowly, "ha ha." She said with a mouth full.

"By the way, look at this." He tossed a fancy envelope to her. She chewed and picked it up looking at the fancy gold detailing.

On the front their names were written in black calligraphy 'Kat and Ryder'

"There's apparently an awards ceremony tonight. There going to announce the winner of this weeks challenge at dinner. Dress formal." He noted casually, taking a late bite of his waffles and shrugging.

Kat was ecstatic.

"I'm going to go get ready right now." She ran to the stairs with her food, her wet hair parted messily over her head and swishing behind as she moved swiftly.

"What? The dinners at 9:00?" He yelled to her as she advanced up the stairs.

"Exactly! It'll take me all day to decide what to wear. This is a big deal."


Kat was finally ready at 8:45. She had decided on wearing a beautiful shimmery gold dress that caught the light and displayed its gorgeous colors around her in a shifting wave. The straps were off the shoulder displaying her smooth and defined shoulders and collar bone fully. It hugged her curves and defined her small waist. Her breasts looked gorgeous, the dress accentuating their size. Their was a slit up the dress so her left leg peaked out when she would walk.

She loved it. She put on some gold classy heels her hair done up in loose curls with a gold leafy clip in one side of her hair holding it back.

She did her makeup and eyeliner and walked downstairs to find Ryder waiting in a tux. He looked sharp and absolutely mouth watering. His shoulders and arms looked broad and just delicious. His hair was neat but you could see it messed up a bit from where he probably ran his fingers through it, it looked sexy.

"Finally fucking ready." He growled and shot her a glare that she just returned. He couldn't resist his eyes from wandering down her bodice and taking in her sexy curves.

She rolled her eyes and grabbed her clutch, "Stop bitching, let's go win."


They filed into the pavilion that was decorated for the event. The circular tables had fancy white table clothes over them with a delicate gold detailing on the edges and in the center. All around the white pavilion were fairy lights decorating the sides and casting a glowing fantasy feel. Candles were sitting on the center of the tables and the chairs had white covers over them with a gold band tied into a bow in the back. Kat looked at the lights and vines that wrapped around the pillars and touched one of the leaves as she walked in with Ryder.

The place was really fancy and she was loving it, "we're table two right?" Kat mumbled to Ryder and looked around at everyone in their fancy dresses and suits.

He nodded and leaned in closer speaking in a hushed voice, "yeah, let's go get our seats, dinner is going to start soon." His hand brushed against hers and she felt electricity shoot up through from that and his breath fanning across her neck.

Kat walked to her table, her heels clicking on the ground as distant chatter filled the room.

Ryder took a seat next to Kat as they sat down. Pretty much right behind them, two other people sat down at the circulator table across from.

Kat leaned forward, "Oh hey I'm Kat." The guy was giving her a look she couldn't place and the girl was just smiling sweetly in her navy blue dress.

"Hey, are you guys nervous or excited, I just can't wait." She squealed and smiled brightly. "My name Shera by the way."

"Kat, and this is Ryder." Kat looked at him next to her and noticed the hard glare on his face as he glanced at the man sitting next to Shera.

"I'm Cole." The man smirked and sent Kat a little wink. He was acting like he knew her when she had never met him before right now.

Ryder leaned closer to Kat, "you were laying all over that guy when you were drunk. I saw him take a body shot off you before I brought you home. You probably don't remember." He growled.

Her eyes widened and she looked at Ryder.

Oh fuck.


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