Fifty Shades of Lingerie

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13| The big Dinner (pt2)

~mature content warning~

Ryder Bane

Ryder couldn't help but shoot daggers at Cole from across the table. He was obviously flirting with Kat, making eyes at her, laughing at her jokes way too hard, and smiling at her wider then Ryder liked.

The rage bubbled inside of him as he imagined reaching across the table and grabbing a fist full of Cole's button up shirt to pull him across the table to meet his fist.

He leaned on his knuckles observing the conversations with a sour look on his face. He glanced at Kat and traced her lips with his eyes remembering the taste and smooth feel of them. He wanted to run his tongue over them and kiss her till his lips were numb.

He let out a breath and came back out of his fantasy. He noticed Kat was sending Cole flirty glances back and biting her lip seductively when he was talking to her. She then glanced to Ryder from the corner of her eyes teasingly.

She's trying to piss me off, Ryder thought scoffing to himself.

"Kat." He interrupted their conversation, she turned to him with the most falsely innocent look. He glared, "let's talk for a second."

"Oh, well of course, Ryder. Please excuse us for a moment." She got up and walked past Ryder connecting her gaze with his. She gave him sly eyes and dragged her finger under his chin before walking off to the bathrooms.

Ryder walked behind her and as soon as they were out of sight he grabbed Kat and slammed her against the wall. He moved his face into the crook of her neck and licked his tongue over her sensitive skin.

She gasped and bit her lip to hold back the smirk on her lips. That smirk wouldn't be there in a minute.

He dragged his fingers down her arms tickling her smooth skin that now had tiny raised goosebumps. He grabbed her forearm when his hands traveled there and pushed her arms roughly back up over her head on the wall.

He leaned back and stole her gaze, staring intently into her eyes at the crashing waves of lust in her blue hue. He saw the flicker of passion and longing for him flash in her eyes and it made his heart twist in the best way.

He growled and pulled her into the men's one stalled bathroom locking the door.

Grabbing her he leaned her back against the door and crashed his lips down hungrily onto hers. The jealously fueling his dominance over her.

He moved his lips over hers as she opened her mouth and invited his tongue deepening the hot kiss. He tasted the hot passion on her lips rubbing his tongue along hers.

Kat slid her exposed leg up his side and wrapped it softly around him. He tangled his fingers into her hair and pushed her hard into the door.

She broke the kiss and moaned feeling him grind his hard bulge into her crotch.

"You think it's so cute to make me mad." He growled into her ear planting a kiss under her jawline before nipping the skin. He grabbed her roughly making her gasp, "I swear Kat when we get home I'm gonna show you just how cute it is. But right now, get on your knees." He commanded and let go of her throat stepping back.

She couldn't speak, her voice was dead in her throat from his dominance and her breathless pants. She lowered to her knees and looked up at him with seductive eyes.

She started to un-do his belt, Ryder took off his suit jacket and put it on the counter. He ran his hand into her hair before gripping it.

She pulled down his pants and boxers taking his large hard cock into her hands. He smirked devilishly as she bit her lip.

She stuck her tongue out and slid it along his tip circling it just like she did to those cherries a while back.

He sucked in a breath watching her, it was so fucking sexy.

She wrapped her plump lips around the head and started moving her soft hot mouth around it. He felt her tongue rub on his head and flick it teasingly. Her hand started rubbing the rest of his length as she worked and teased his tip.

He groaned and pushed her head deeper on his length, "Stop teasing, this isn't your little game anymore."

She whimpered and closed her eyes taking more of him into her. Her lips wrapped tighter around him and sucked harder.

"Ah..fuck. That's good baby." He groaned under his breath as she started moving faster her hand rubbing the base of his cock hard.

She pulled him out of her mouth and panted her tongue sticking out. Drool dripped down her lip and a string of saliva connected from her tongue to the head of his dick.

He bit his lip at the sight. She went back on him, moving her head faster. Her tongue worked his sensitive areas perfectly. She took his length into her mouth deep and her mouth coated his cock in a hot layer of her saliva that made her hand slid faster on his length.

He couldn't hold back anymore, he pushed her head deep on his length before pulling out slightly and cunning in her soft mouth.

He gripped her hair and groaned deeply as he reached his sweet climax on her soft tongue.

She looked up at him with lust lacing her eyes and face, her lips swollen she stuck out her tongue and his cum dripped off her tongue and ran down her lips and chin.

He growled watching her as his hot load dripped off her tongue and on her perfect breasts. He pulled her roughly back up and pushed her back against the wall kissing her neck sloppily.

"Let's clean you up." He whispered into her ear. She panted and nodded gently kissing his lip. He met her kiss passionately and slowly, savoring this soft vulnerable moment with her.


It didn't take long for them both to straighten up. Ryder picked Kat up and set her on the counter in the bathroom.

He then grabbed the clutch that got lost on the floor in their hot frenzy. He opened it and grabbed her nude pink lipstick.

"Oh thanks I need to reapply that...obviously." She smirked.

Ryder's shook his head and uncapped it moving between her legs, "I want to do it."

Kat went still from her subtle surprise her smirk melting into a smile, "oh okay." She said in a soft wistful voice.

He leaned in close to her and twisted the lipstick up. Her eyes relaxed and she leaned her face forward for him. He slid a hand through her hair cupping the back of her head for support as he slid the lipstick over her soft lips watching as the color coated the original pinkness.

She let out a gentle breath as he put it on. Ryder flicked his eyes up from the lipstick to her eyes. His heart was in his throat as he was truly left breathless himself from the intimacy of this moment. He wanted to sweep her up and run away. Not think twice about the consequences.

He finished and lowered the lipstick tube, without thinking he leaned forward and planted a slow gentle kiss on her cheek. He heard her breathing hitch.

"Done." he whispered.


They sat back down at the table, they where gone for thirty minutes. They made the excuse that Ryder had an family emergency.

The excuse was kind of ironic...

They also said that after the family emergency they started chatting it up with a friend that stumbled into them at the bathrooms too.

They where none the wiser to their sinful deeds.

Eventually the dinner was collected and one of the administrators of the competition, Ineza Lockhart, walked onto the stage with an envelope and large smile.

"Hello, if I could have everyone's attention." She spoke into the microphone but everyone's attention was glued to her.

"I have the winners here. I'd like to say a quick thank you to all the models and photographers, you all did a great job. But this week, one pair did exceptional..." she beamed and looked around at everyone.

She opened the envelope and stared at it for a moment, she looked up with an even bigger smile, Ryder's heart stopped.

"The winners of the first week is...Kat Lovelace and Ryder Bane."


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