Fifty Shades of Lingerie

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14| The Victory

Kat Lovelace

Hearing their names being called a light welled inside of Kat's chest and exploded sending every cell in her body in a silent excited hum.

She followed her gaze from Ineza to Ryder who look just as surprised and delighted as her. It was honestly weird seeing his face hold any other expression besides a glare.

The glared were usually curtesy of her

She shot up out of her seat as applause roared up around her. Ryder stood up with her and scooped her up into his arms. She squealed and wrapped her arms around him burying her head into the crook of his neck.

He squeezed her tight and she honestly couldn't feel the eyes that were glued to them, all she could feel right now was that she was in Ryder's arms.

She sighed happily a smile on her face and light in her eyes as he put her down. The same light she saw in Ryder's dark hues when their gazes connected.


After the Dinner was over, Ryder and Kat were privately awarded a small perk during the competition. They now got first pick from all the new shipments of lingerie.

"Congratulations you two, excellent editing and photography skills Ryder. And Kat, you are a gorgeous and a talented model. Keep up the good!" Ineza gave us both a thumbs up and a bright sunlight-filled smile before walking away.

She turned to Ryder with a soft smile that grew as she looked at him, she bit her lip gently. "Told you we'd win." Her smile melted into a smirk.

Ryder scoffed and rolled his eyes but I caught his tiny smile, "You're something else. Also, did you know there was a lake here?"

Kat knitted her eyebrows together and shook her head, "I didn't know that, who told you?"

"Shera was talking about were kind of occupied with Cole." He gave her a slight look fire clearing his throat and running a hand through his hair messing it up. He shrugged and walked to the exit with her, "wanna go take a victory lap around the lake?"

He suggested and Kat looked up at him for a moment with a smug smirk slowing down.

"What?" He questioned as a glare took over his masculine face.

"You like me don't you." Kat stopped and leaned closer to him raising an eyebrow teasingly.

"What? No, I can't stand you. I was just suggesting that- you know cause it's late- I wanted to be polite-"He stumbled over his words in his deep manly voice, it was quite hilarious. Kat was amused, her smug look only grew.

He growled through his clenched jaw glaring at her, "fine, whatever, do what you want, I don't care." He started to walk away.

Kat laughed and grabbed his suit jacket sleeve tugging him back, "I'm kidding I'm kidding ya big ball of rage and testosterone. Let's go take a victory lap." She looked up at him with a small smile. Her eyes sly as she walked away in front of him.


Kat walked around the shoreline of the lake, Ryder on the inside of her as she looked out at the dark water highlighted by the bright full moon.

Maybe a werewolf will appear. Kat thought, It was wishful thinking though this isn't a cheesy wattpad book.

Kat glanced out at the water. She watched as the subtle waves distorted the moons white reflection. The peaceful sound of the waves running against rocks sent calming pulses through her. She kept her eyes trained on the rippling black water, it almost reminding her of Ryder's eyes.

Their silence was comfortable and serene as they walked around the large pond. She looked down at her feet deciding to break natures quiet.

"Ryder, ya know, I really don't know anything about you. I've sucked your dick but I don't even know you're parents names." She looked up at him and watched his grimace.

"How blunt." He said his voice guarded and hard like steel. Completely ignoring the main part.

"You're avoiding this, tell me about yourself. What makes Ryder, Ryder." Kat said pushing it.

"What? I don't talk about myself. It's pointless, past is in the past." He said simply with a shrug but his face said more.

"What's your parents name." She said and jumped over a medium sized rock.

"I don't know." She looked over at him and saw something pained written in his eyes, but as quickly as it was there it was gone. Submerge by the dark waves that was his eyes.

"You don't know your parents? Where you an orphan? Why don't you want to talk about this? Did you have foster parents?" Kat kept asking because he would just stay silent after every question. She might've been pushing it.

"Kat!" He said in a hard voice stopping and turning to her with a glare, "stop trying to be my fucking therapist."

She stopped and opened her mouth to talk but the words died somewhere in her throat. She close her mouth and broke her gaze from his looking at the dock behind him.

She connected her glare to his and reached behind her unzipping her dress, "I'm going for a swim."

She kicked off her heels, the glittery gold pumps landing somewhere in the dark. She wiggled out of her dress and ran to the doc in her undergarments her bodice illuminated by the bright moon.

"Kat what are you doing that's probably-"

She dived in.

The water wrapped around her body and engulfed her with a comforting chill. She had no idea why Ryder was closed off but she couldn't even start to imagine what kind of thing did that to him.

Her hair floated around her in slow motion gliding through the water. She stayed underwater, she was amazing at holding her breath, and looked up at the moon as the water rippled viciously from the disturbance she caused to the calm water.

In a way Ryder was doing that to her.

Jumping in and disturbing her water. Her life. In a way that wasn't invited but Kat didn't know if she wanted him to leave so her water could return to the calm.

A second later she heard another splash close to her. Then she felt strong hands grip her side and lift her up out of the water.

She breathed in the cold hair fast the chill filling her lungs. She wrapped her arms around Ryder and look down at her him her face close to his.

Her wet locks spilled down her shoulder and the water dripped down her face into her eyes. She blinked away the water and breathed out as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

"I thought you were drowning." He said in a mumble and his lips grazed hers.

She shook her head and bit her lip softly, "nope, I was on the swim team when I younger, you couldn't keep me out of-"

Ryder sighed and crashed his lips down on hers. A new warm chill ran down her spine and her eyes fluttered closed.

The kiss was slow and passionate, there was no rush in the world. Time seemed to freeze. There was only Ryder's warm lips on hers and the gentle murmur of the waves around her.

She tilted her head and tasted his sweet lips slowly, she opened her mouth and closed her lips over his. He sighed contently and she parted her lips welcoming in his hot tongue.

Still, the kiss was rawr, slow, real, and scary.

Ryder Bane what the fuck are you doing to me.


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