Fifty Shades of Lingerie

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15| The Hunger

~mature content warning~

Ryder Bane

Ryder stumbled into the cabin with Kat attached to his waist attacking his neck. He slammed the door behind them and leaned her up against it putting his hand on the door next to her head.

She kissed up his neck and connected her lips hard on his, her tongue flicking over his hungrily. He pushed his hips into hers and rubbed his bulge over her wet panties.

She leaned her head back and moaned, "Ryder please." She begged only fueling his need for her. He tossed their clothes on the ground and moved his hand into her hair.

He kissed her hungrily a rough growl leaving his lips.

He picked her up off the door and walked over to the couch laying her down and moving over top of her.

He moved his hands into her panties and slid his fingers down her wet womanhood. Kat parted her lips and cooed wrapping her legs tighter around him.

He pushed his thumb in a circle around her clit as he slid his long middle finger into her soft hit entrance.

She bit her bottom lip hard and squealed gently her legs shaking at the sudden relief. He thrusted his fingers inside of her, her juices flowing down his fingers the more he slid them in. He worked on her neck kissing and biting certain places, her moans and hot breaths filling the air.

She slid her hand down his bare chest and into his underwear grabbing his hard cock. He hissed and pushed his fingers deep inside of her as she moved her hand over his length.

She parted her lips and moaned her back arching slightly, "get a condom." She whispered seductively in his ear before biting his ear lobe.

He growled and pushed her back hard into the couch, pinning her hands back. "I will, but I'm not done with you yet." he spoke in a gruff dominate voice as he kissed her neck sloppily for moment. The urge to leave a hickey and mark up what was his was almost impossible to fight back. He leaned back and looked down at her.

She let out breathy gasp and looked up at him, her lewd blue eyes filled with lust and submission.

He smirked and moved down her body, getting between her legs. His hands tickled teasingly down her body pulling her panties off as they moved. She squirmed under his touch biting her lip hard in anticipation.

He lowered himself on to her womanhood his tongue flicking over her clit a couple times. She moved her hips and panted wanting more, he didn't give it to her. Instead he teased the soft skin around her sensitive bundle of nerves till she was gasping and begging him.

"Ryder, please I need it." He whined out trying to move her hands that were locked under his strong iron grip.

"How cute you're begging." He only teased her more moving his tongue quickly over her clit and not giving her anything more. He'd sometimes circle his tongue around her dripping wet entrance tasting her sweet juices. This drove her crazy making her buck her hips up and wrap her leg around his torso begging for anything.

"God Ryder please, please I am begging. I need it." She whimpered her legs shaking from the very short flickers of pleasure he was giving her.

He then pushed his face deep into her legs closing his parted lips over her womanhood, he sucked her clit moving the length of his tongue over it repeatedly. She tasted so good he could get addicted to this. If he wasn't already.

She screamed out his name from the sudden rush of pleasure, she rocked her hips gently on his mouth as he moved his tongue and lips expertly over her sensitive parts.

Her breathes started to get ragged and he could tell she was getting close. Right before she came he pulled back and left her orgasm stale and unfinished.

She gasped and dropped her arched back, her legs shaking and whimpered and moaned helplessly. He got out from between her legs and moved back up her body leaning over her.

She squeezed and rubbed her thighs together wanting relief. She looked up at him helplessly as he slid a hand into her hair.

"I told you I'd get you back at home. No more trying to make me jealous or I will punish you and it'll be even worse. I'm gonna fuck you so hard you won't be able to walk tomorrow. Now, taste yourself." He growled and lowered his lips onto hers kissing her roughly and fiercely. A burning lust fueling the fire that was behind the kiss.

She whined and ran her fingers through his hair griping it, when he pulled away he kissed her collar bone and breasts. She arched her back and moved her hips on his hard and roughly.

"Fuck me, Ryder, please." She moaned into his ear, her hands moving down his toned side. The touch sent waves of electricity through him, her touch was so delicate and desperate.

He growled and picked her up quickly off the couch walking up the stairs with her legs firmly around his waist and her womanhood pushing and rubbing on his bulge. This girl was going to drive him mad.

He tossed her down on his bed and walked over grabbing a condom out of the drawer.

He put the corner of the silver package into his mouth and turned around to look at Kat's squirmy and horny body sprawled out on his bed. Her hands roaming her body eager to touch herself

He wanted to devour her. He stared into her eyes with a hard seductive glare as he crawled over and she quickly slid his boxers off. She leaned forward looking into his eyes and bit the package taking it from his mouth. She tore it open.

He moved onto his back and she slid down his body, her hand gripped his length and gave it a few long strokes making him groan before she slipped it on and crawled slowly and sexily back up to his lip.

She grazed her lips against his, her tongue running along his bottom lip teasingly. He growled and pushed his lips onto hers his tongue slipping into her mouth.

They broke away and panted, he moved close to her ear and mumbled, "Ready?" Before kissing the soft spot under her jawline.

"Yeah." She breathed out.


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