Fifty Shades of Lingerie

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16| The Very Broken Rule

~mature content warning~

Kat Lovelace

She opened her mouth and let out a loud moan, digging her nails into Ryder's back as she felt him thrust into her tight wet entrance.

The feeling of him filling up every inch of her womanhood drove her over the edge. She needed this, the pleasure and pain mixing together in sweet ecstasy throughout her body.

He growled low in her ear and pushed his hard cock into her sharply. She gasped and tilted her head, her toes curling.

She panted as he pushed his thick veiny cock inside not holding back. His intense lust filled eyes connected with blue hues, staring at her like he was enjoying watching her come undone like this. She whined and buried her breathy moans in his neck becoming weak under his gaze. Her nails digging into his back she moaned louder filling the rooms hot atmosphere with her yelps of pleasure.

"No, I wanna hear and see exactly what I do to you." He growled and pushed her back on the bed. She whimpered and bit her lip muffling the moans and coos that left her lips.

Her hands traveled down his back before she shot them down into the bed to grip the sheets as he started thrusting faster.

Kat panted, "ah! Ryder fuck. That feels so good." She moaned out as he groaned deeply and sexily. She started rotating her hips slowly on his cock pushing her hips down to meet his thrust as she got used to her walls wrapped around his cock.

"I'm close." She moaned out biting her lip, she looked up at his pleasure and lust filled face.

"Me too.," Ryder said breathlessly.

It wasn't long before Kat felt a tightening in her stomach, like a knot being pulled as tight a possible. Her walls tightened around his length causing him to groan and slam deep inside of her.

She came all over his thick cock him doing the same into the condom.


Kat felt content, happy, and a little sore as her eyes fluttered open to the morning sun. She groaned and looked around seeing how tightly wrapped in Ryder's arms she was. She smiled and cooed nuzzling her head deeper into his hard chest.

Memories from last night flooded back into her mind like a delicious tidal wave. She bit her lip and giggled as she looked up at him.

He looked so peaceful and serene as he slept, his usual clenched features where relaxed and his scowl was melted away. She reached up and traced his jawline with her finger, moving to his eyebrows to smooth them down, then she ran her fingers down his cheek and traced his soft lips.

He groaned and his eyes opened slowly to meet hers. She lowered her hand and bit her lip smirking.

He grabbed her face and pulled her into a somber kiss that she welcomed kissing him back. his soft lips moving over hers as she closed her lips over his. She felt his tongue slide over her bottom lip tasting her.

He broke away and that made a small satisfying smack as their lips disconnected, "morning." He whispered into her ear and kissed her neck.

"I think I have five new're grip is strong." She laughed and gave him some sly eyes.

He chuckled and shook his head, "Good, Be glad there aren't hickey, I wanted to mark what is mine, you can just cover them up."

He shrugged like it was no big deal. She rolled her eyes and got up out of the bed. The sheets spilled down her naked body as the sun illuminated her soft curves. She walked over and grabbed one of his shirts sliding it on over her body. She moved hands under her soft long hair and pushed it out from under the shirt's neckline letting it fluff down her back and bounce as she ruffled her hair to the side.

She turned around to find him staring at her, she smirked, "What?"

"Nothing, you're just sexy." He said in a gruff hungry voice.

"I know." She said cockily and walked out of the room knowing he'd probably be right behind her. She looked at the time on the clock, yeah they missed breakfast.

She sighed and walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. She grabbed a thing of ice cream and jumped up on the island with a spoon.

She dug into the cold treat and placed the spoon into her mouth as Ryder walked down the stairs in delicious looking grey sweatpants. His hair screamed the after sex look and she wanted to devour him and all his muscly toned body.

She cooed to herself as she connected their gazes, a seductive smile overtaking her lips as she held the spoon in her mouth.

"Ice cream for breakfast? Sounds healthy." He said and walked over to her.

"It's amazing having a fast metabolism, I can literally eat a horse. Try some." She scooped some up with her spoon and held it out to him.

Right as he leaned in to take it she dropped the melting liquid onto his chest. She smirked and made an o with her lips like she was surprised.

"Oops!" She set the ice cream down and put her hands on his chest leaning forward, "I'll get that." She mumbled seductively and dragged her hands down his chest. She leaned forward and ran her tongue up the dripping ice cream cleaning it up off his chest. He groaned and reached forward for the ice cream as she finished tracing her hot tongue along his toned muscles.e

She leaned back and saw the desire filling his eyes. He dunked his fingers into the frozen treat and put it on his neck drawing a line around his neck to the other side.

She giggled and looked at him with a sultry glint in her eyes before moving to the crook of his neck and licking the cold cream off his smooth skin. She let out a soft moan in his ear when she finished which made him shiver and grab her waist.

She leaned back and opened her eyes to see his dominate gaze, she trailed her fingertips down his arm and grabbed his hand lifting it to her face.

She closed her eyes and opened her mouth sucking on the two fingers that he scooped the ice cream with. She heard him growl and push his fingers deeper into her mouth causing her to let out a little whimper.

"Fuck." He mumbled under his breath as she became a drooling mess.

She stuck her tongue out and he pulled his wet fingers from her mouth, "God where did you come from and how did I find you." He leaned in close and ran his thumb across her lips.

She smirked and kissed his thumb, "Hell, and Satan sent me to make your life a million times better."


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