Fifty Shades of Lingerie

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17| The New Theme

~mature content warning~

Ryder Bane

Ryder was buried in the crook of Kats neck, kissing and tasting her sensitive skin like he was an addict and she was the drug.

She gasped and ran her fingers through his hair and all over his body, "Ryder." She sighed out his name.

He growled and slid her closer to him kissing down her collar bone. He was in so deep with this woman, drowning in her deep blue eyes, and he liked it. Every time he was away from her, he wanted to touch her. Every time he's with her, he wanted to protect her (and do other things.) These feelings where a hurricane inside of him. He didn't know how to navigate them, and he felt them so strongly they hurt in the best way possible.

"Ryder...look." She whispered and leaned back. Ryder's sighed and held her close to him leaning back.

"What?" He asked and looked into her eyes her eyes deeply, his hand cupping her cheek he ran his thumb across her parted lips. She closed her eyes and sighed leaning into his touch.

"An envelope fell through the mail slot. It's probably the new theme." She whispered and opened her eyes again. She jumped off the counter and moved past him going over to pick up the letter. He watched her bend down his hoodie sliding up slowly on her back exposing her cute ass.

He bit his lip and held back a growl and the urge to walk over and snatch her up.

She stood back up and walked over to him, her hands slipping under the flap and tearing it open. She pulled out the letter and he watched her eyes dart across the page back and fourth as she read.

"Heaven and Hell." She said quietly and looked up into his eyes with a smirk, "Fun we can do angel and devil."

Ryder's shook his head, a surge of ideas came to him as he started brain storming the idea, "way too basic, everyone is going to be doing that."

"True." She bit her lip and held her chin thinking, it was adorable to watch and his heart twisted again in that painful way that made him want to spill everything he was holding inside over.

But that idea scared him even more.

"What about a succubus? There like the sexy demons of hell." Kat threw the idea out there raised one of her eyebrows.

"I like that, one of our shoots could be a succubus and angle. And maybe we do something with the Greek Gods? Like hades and Zeus?" Ryder said casually leaning against the island, he folded his arms across his chest and looked at her with his natural cold gaze.

She smiled and nodded, "yeah I like that idea. You can go get the lingerie for this challenge at the boutique right now!"

He knitted his eyebrows together and glared at her, "why do I have to do the shopping?"

"Cause' I said so and cause' I don't want to!" She started walking to the stairs her back to him.

"Kat! I'm not doing-" but she was already turning done the hallway into her room. He growled and walked upstairs to change.

That woman drove him crazy, and he knew exactly how to do the same to her.


Ryder groaned and walked back into the cabin with multiple bags on his arms. He dropped them all the door and looked over at the couch to see Kat laying there facing away from him wearing knee high knitted black socks, some gray panties, and his black hoodie. She was wearing headphones and watching a comedy so she didn't notice he walked in.

He wanted to devour her so that's exactly what he was gonna do.

He walked over to sofa where her perfect little ass lay exposed from her hoodie riding up her back. He put one knee on one side of her kneeling over her.

She took her headphones off and looked back seeing Ryder and a smirk took over her lips, she could read the desire in his eyes, "aw is someone horny." She teased and moved onto her back.

He glared at her, "shut up." He grabbed her hips and pulled her closer to him. She giggled and moved to take off the hoodie showing off her matching bra with lace details.

He moved between her legs and kissed the sensitive soft skin of her inner thigh. He felt her legs shake slightly in anticipation. He grabbed her grey panties and ripped the delicate things right off her.

She gasped and arched her back, he didn't waste a second moving down to put his mouth on her womanhood. She gasped feeling his hot tongue, "R-ryder..." she moaned and buried her fingers in his hair.

He moved his tongue along her very wet folds before mumbling, "wow are you just always wet for me?" He smirked and looked up at her blushing flustered face.

"Oh now we're embarrassed." He chuckled deviously holding eye contact with her as he flicked his tongue over her clit.

She moaned and bit her lip before glaring down at him, "Asshole."

He snickered and moved back onto her womanhood, sliding his tongue into her wet entrance and using his finger to rub her swollen clit. She bucked her hips and yelped gripping his hair.

He worked his tongue and lips over her sensitive folds making he cum and cum over and over again till she was absolutely drained.

She was begging him and becoming a whining mess from her clit being over stimulated. Her womanhood a dripping mess of her own orgasms.

He ran his tongue over her entrance tasting her sweet last orgasm, she shivered and moaned softly gripping his hair with one hand as she bit the pinkie of her other to hold back her vulnerable sounds.

He growled and leaned back to look down at her submissive helpless state, her cheeks flushed pink and her eyes glazed over with lust as she panted. He leaned down over and kiss her lips awakening her body again as she wrapped her sore legs around him.

He kissed her hard and roughly showing her exactly who made her crazy like this.

"You're going shopping next time, and no more thinking you are above me or I'll drive you right back up to the edge again till you're crying and remind you just who dominates this body." He growled against her lips dragging his hand down her curves.

She ran her hand down from hind hair and cupped his cheek nodding breathlessly, "yes sir."


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