Fifty Shades of Lingerie

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18| The Gangs

Kat Lovelace

Kat just got off the phone with Kevin. She was dressed in a white silk skin tight dress that had a small slit up the side.

She walked down the stairs to see Ryder on the sofa tapping away at his computer.

"Ryder we're going to Kevin's." She said happy to be going to see him.

"No." He said simply in growling voice. She grabbed her keys off the key rack and looked at him putting a hand on her hip.

"You're coming." She said more sternly.

He shot her a quick dominate glare and it made her feel all hot and shy. She cleared her throat and looked to the ground.

"Fine don't come." She opened the door when Ryder sat up and groaned.

"Wait...fine I'll come. Why are going there?" She turned to him and smiled softly.

"He invited us for lunch."


Ryder sat on Kats side as they ate their food all while making small conversation. Kat adored Kevin, he was polite, funny, and just the sweetest.

Pretty much the opposite of Ryder, and that's exactly why she could never like him past friends.

"So where do you live Kat." He said taking a bite of his lemon chicken.

"Oh! I live in New York, in the city and let me tell you it's really weird staying out here in the cabins with no noise. The first couple of days I had to sleep listening to one of the New York City sound apps."

Kevin laughed and Lauren gave a tight smile.

I hate her, Kat thought.

"That's hilarious, I'm sure it's a very big change. I live in Maine so this warm weather was a big adjustment. We sometimes have snow in early March."

"What about you Ryder? Where do you live." Lauren asked in her southern bell accent that only made Kat want to punch her in the face.

"Oh.." he chewed his food caught off guard by the question. "Uhm California, I live in L.A."

Kevin made a hiss and raised his eyebrows, "L.A? I read on the news just recently about all the gang affiliated crimes."

Kat felt Ryder tense up harder than a rock, she turned to him and looked at his deer caught in headlights face. His knuckles where turning white from clenching his hand around his fork.

Lauren went on not noticing, "yeah it's scary, lots of people dying and such. Such a darn shame."

Ryder shot up from the table and glared poisonous daggers at Lauren, "such a darn shame?" He yelled and grabbed his cup chucking it at the wall before storming out.

Kat flinched and gasped when the cup hit the wall and shattered into a million broken pieces.

Kat got up quickly completely flustered and not having a clue to why he snapped. "I'll go talk to him...I'm so sorry." She excused herself and ran out of the cabin to see him storming off down to their cabin.

"Ryder." Kat called.

No answer, he just kept walking.

"Ryder." She tried again.

No answer.

"Ryder!" She yelled and he whipped around with the most guarded broken face she'd ever seen. He sent chills down down her spine and made her stop dead in her tracks.

"What the hell happened in there!" She yelled and walked over to him.

"Nothing I'm fine." he growled out glaring at the world.

"Are you serious? You fucking chucked a glass cup at the wall!" She yelled but tried to be sympathetic.

He didn't say anything just marched on down to their cabin.

She followed waiting for him to say anything.

"Ryder please talk to me. Anything, I don't care. But this isn't healthy." She said as they walked up their porch.

He whipped around and glared at her, his eyes held a thousand unspoken words and his face looked broken, missing the pieces to make him whole again.

Kat yearned to pick up those shattered glass pieces that where Ryder and fix him. She wanted to see him happy and not hurting all the time. It hurt her heart.

"Just leave me the fuck alone Kat! God don't you know when people don't fucking want you around? I don't need you and I don't want you to try and make me your god damn charity chase." She yelled walking into the house, his words were filled with agony and rage. It sounded like empty rage and old agony.

Kat followed him inside, "why you do you just keep snapping on people-"

"Stop! Just fucking stop, I hate you!" He screamed making her freeze.

He stormed up the stairs and a second later she heard the door slam shut making her flinch.


After a little while she heard the water of the shower start. She bit her lip and debated going up there. But she knew if it was her she would want someone to keep coming back even if it seemed like she didn't want it.

Because secretly nobody wanted it when they were like this, but they needed it.

She walked upstairs and into her room, going into their shared bathroom to see him leaning his hands on the wall his head down as the hot water spilled down him. She bit her lip and slid off her dress and undergarments. Opening the shower door she walked in with him.

She ran her hands over his back and shoulders, he flinched and turned around. Their sad gazes connected and his tense shoulders relaxed.

"Kat I-" he started to say but she shut up by grabbing his face and kissing him. No amount of words could convey what their kiss did.

He pushed her gently back into the wall and simply kissed her soft lips. She felt the sadness and pain he went through with his lips, his tongue trailed along her bottom lip and she opened her mouth welcoming him. The kiss deepened and her hand cupped her cheek before sliding into her hair. The kiss slowly become more hungry, like he needed her to forget, to heal.

"Kat, I need to fuck you." He growled into her ear his hard bulge rubbing against her womanhood making her moan.


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