Fifty Shades of Lingerie

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19| The Shower

~warning mature content~

Ryder Bane

Ryder groaned and put his hands on the back of the glass shower wall leaning into the crook of her neck to taste her soft wet skin.

She gasped and wrapped her arms around him leaning into him. He needed her, right now. Forever.

His lips found hers and the pure raw feeling he felt through them scared him to the bone, but he couldn't pull away. He was completely intoxicated by Kat Lovelace.

He growled and bit her bottom lip hard making her moan and run her warm soft tongue along his. His hands traveled down her side and found her large supple breast. He grabbed it and ran his thumb over her hard nipples making her whimper.

"I'll get the condom." He growled out and stepped out of the shower grabbing his pants he discarded on the floor and pulled a small blue crinkly package from his back pocket.

He walked back into the shower and pinned her back on the glass wall, he ripped open the package and rolled it over his large cock. She slid her leg up his side and quickly grabbed her thigh holding it there.

She gasped on his lipa and rubbed her wet womanhood over his length teasingly. He growled kissing her lips passionately and eagerly before slamming his hard cock into of her wet entrance.

She gasped and threw her head back as he filled her up, feeling her soft walls tighten and stretch around him to accommodate to his size.

She panted as short loud moans left her perfect lips as he held up on the wall and started fucking her. For a moment the world didn't exist, all the mattered was Kat, not his fucked up past.

He thrusted inside of her, the hot water filling the room with steam fogging the windows and mirrors. All the fog wasn't just the steam from the shower, it was also their hot lust filled moans.

He slammed deep inside of her causing her to arch her back and dig her nails into his back.

"Fuck Ryder right there!" She moaned and moved her hips down on his cock making him growl and pick her up off the wall pushing her hard into another.

He thrusted into her fast hitting her g-spot over and over again making her walls tighten around him.

"Fuck." He groaned against her lips making a mess of her neck. He bit her sensitive areas and ran his tongue over the bite marks.

She looked fucking amazing taking his cock. He growled and pushed himself deeper inside of her, she yelped and gripped his dark wet hair.

The feeling of the water running between them caused a new sensation he loved. She seemed to like it too.

"I'm gonna cum...don't stop...fuck don't stop." She whimpered out breathlessly moving on his length and meeting his thrusts.

He felt her walls squeeze around his cock as she reached her orgasm, but he wasn't done. He kept slamming into her even wetter womanhood faster.

She screamed his name and a lustful smirk took over her face as her tongue slid out of her parted lips.

She looked so fucking sexy.

"Oh god Ryder-" he muffled her moan by flicking his tongue over hers as it stuck out and kissing her plump swollen lips.

He growled and pushed his cock as deep as he could manage and released his hot large load into the condom inside of her.

He panted and came down from his high pulling out of her. He held her close and moved to the crook of her neck kissing the red areas gently.

Kat ran her hand soothingly down his toned wet back and through his hair.

No words where uttered but a thousand things were said.


As Ryder dried off he looked at Kat who had a towel wrapped around her perfect body. She was running a brush through her hair and humming gently to herself. She looked peaceful like she was in her own world.

He saw a couple new bruises forming on her arms from where he pinned her down. He'd apologize for that later when she had to cover it up with makeup during shoots.

She gathered her clothes and moved to the door to her room.

"Kat-" Ryder said quickly not even sure what he wanted to say when she turned to him with a raised eyebrow.

"Sleep with me." He said suddenly.

She smirked and rolled her eyes, "you just did-"

"No, I mean in my bed. I want you in my arms." He said turning away from her to put on his boxers, he didn't want her to see the look on his face. He didn't even know what emotion it was but it was written all over his face and lacing his dark hues. It made him feel weird and breathless around her. Like an addict needing the drug.

"Oh, yeah...yeah sure." She smiled and tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear biting her soft lip, "let me get dressed."


Kat fell asleep fast wrapped in Ryder's strong arms, her lips where parted gently as soft breaths left her lips. Her long eyelashes laid down as her eyes were peacefully closed. Her face serene and beautifully neutral.

Ryder's heart twisted and lurched nearly making his stomach hurt. He wanted to lean down and kiss her, hug her, protect her, give her the world. She left him weak, but also so fucking strong, and the most confused he's ever been.

He couldn't sleep, his past echoed in his head daring him to fall asleep so it could infect his dreams.

But right now, with Kat, he ignored it. He watched her, listening to her breathing and brushing her hair back he ran his fingers through her hair. He leaned down and kissed her soft lips. The feeling her got from them shaking his bones.

"Kat." He whispered cupping her cheek. "I want to tell you everything. But I can't, cause you'll hate me. I'm a terrible person...I should be dead...I-it should've been me." His words choked up in his throat.

He sighed and pulled her closer, she murmured in her sleep before wrapping her arms and legs around him tightly.

"Ryder." She mumbled gently in her sleep.


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