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Fifty Shades of Lingerie

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2| The First Shoot

Kat Lovelace

Kat Lovelace stared at the man with hair like midnight and eyes that looked harder then stone with a tantalizing smirk.

He gave her a viscous glare and all she could do was giggle at it. She stood up and walked over to him her heels clicked on the marble floor.

"You're a bitch." He growled at her, "this is fucking perfect." He said sarcastically and rolled his eyes then walked past her to where his luggage was dropped off.

Kat scoffed at him, "And you're a dick." She walked over and stood in front of him.

"Look...stay out of my way and I'll stay out of yours."

"I'm the model." She got in his face and pushed his chest with her pointer finger.

He knitted his eyebrows together and looked her up and down, he suddenly grabbed her small waist and pushed her back into the wall.

He leaned in close to her ear and grazed his lips down her neck, she shivered at the touch cursing at her body for responding..

She glared and tried to slow down her breathing.

"And I'm the photographer. I can manipulate how you look, I call the shots, and I tell you what to do..." he whispered and grabbed her thigh pulling it up his side, she tried to push her hips into his but he grabbed her hips and slammed them back into the wall.

She gasped and arched her back hungrily.

"I'll make you're life hell." She threatened and looked down at his lips.

"Get off your high horse." He growled dragging his hand up her inner thigh making her legs weak.

This man was using her for a reaction and it was working.

Stupid hormones, Kat thought, It didn't help that he was really hot.

He pushed off her leaving her leaning back on the wall, her chest was rising and falling fast as she glared at him.

He grabbed his stuff and walked upstairs. Kat's personality was a lot to handle for a lot of people.

Her family came from old money but despite that, she was hard worker and worked for what she got. She could just be a handful sometimes.

She walked up the stairs, her hat under her arm and sunglasses in her hand.

The two rooms were upstairs connected together with a bathroom. Angry man had his door closed, probably brooding.

Kat walked inside of hers and was greeted by her luggage sitting besides her bed. She sighed then ran a hand through her hair and started to unpack her stuff into her closet and dresser.

She felt deflated and strangely pulled towards her other pair. Something about him ignited something inside of her, she couldn't decide if that was something bad or good.

But she knew very well she couldn't and wouldn't be able to stand that man.


The next morning she woke up rather late, she grabbed her baby pink silk robe and slipped it on over her undergarments that she slept in.

She walked up to her vanity and ran her fingers through her hair calming it.

She yawned and walked downstairs. Kat looked into the kitchen and saw her partner drinking coffee leaning against the island.

He looked at her dismissively and held up an envelope. "The theme for the week came in...Kat."

He said into his coffee mug and tossed the letter on the island walking away.

She raised an eyebrow at how he knew her name, but her curiosity for the letter took priority.

She grabbed the envelope and opened it taking out the letter.

'Kat and Ryder...' so that's how he knew her name. She read the rest of it and smirked gently seeing the theme.

"Fantasy huh?" She spoke looking up at him.

He nodded and pointed to a couple big Victoria Secret bags, "I took the liberty to go to the boutique early this morning and get stuff I thought would fit the theme. And speaking of theme we should do Nymphs. Like the four elements? A water, fire, air, and earth Nymph."

His was more telling then asking, but she actually didn't mind that idea. "I'm doing the water nymph first."

Kat walked over and grabbed all the bags happily bringing them upstairs to change and get ready for the shoot.

There wasn't a team to work on her hair and makeup but she was amazing at doing it herself so she wasn't worried.

Once she showered and did her hair and makeup, her makeup was some light blues and shimmery colors along with her signature sharp black eyeliner, she put on her pink robe and walked back downstairs.

She raised an eyebrow and looked around for Ryder. She assumed he was probably set up in the shooting room.

She walked down the hall and opened the door. Lights where set up pointed at a white back drop. The room was lit to the gods and provided an excellent glow to her skin. This made her highlight pop on her defined bones and shadow her curves.

She smirked satisfied, she looked at Ryder who was holding his big camera playing with settings.

He turned around and stilled slowly, his eyes dragging slowly down her body like he was undressing her with his eyes.

"Finally, took you long enough." He growled and turned back to his camera.

She walked over in front of the camera and waited for his instructions.

She got an idea, last night he worked her up for a reaction. Now she was going to do the same.

While she waited she ran her hands down the curve of her waist then back up her front playing with the bow that tied together in the front.

Ryder looked up from his camera and watched her hands, fire flashing in his eyes.

He ignored her though, "okay water is innocent so I want you to give me sexy innocence."

She got on the ground laying down on her back. She could do sexy innocence, she could pull off any look.

She curled her legs up slightly and arched her back running her hands slowly behind her.

Ryder was quick to get down at her level and start taking pictures of her in her vulnerable position.

She closed her eyes and bit her lip making a small moan escape her lips as her hands traveled down her torso.

That was for Ryder. She smirked as she heard him momentarily stop taking pictures and his breathing hitch.

She heard the click of the camera again and opened her eyes looking directly at the camera. She parted her lips and turned on her stomach, flipping her hair to one side.

She rubbed her smooth legs together and leaned on her elbows biting her finger.

She smiled gently and looked at the ground.

Ryder was a tough cookie to crack huh? She thought.

"Okay, sit up and take your garter off then slowly pull it back up you leg." He said in a gruff demanding voice.

She smirked and looked up at him, he sounded like he wanted to watch that for himself.

She obeyed, taking off her garter, then slowly slipping it back up her leg in slow seductive movements. The atmosphere in the room was hot and heavy.

He snapped lots of pictures then growled looking at her. "Okay last thing. Lay on your back I'm going to get a shot over head."

She nodded laid back, her long hair fell around her like water. She looked to the side and closed her eyes. Her fingers went into her hair and she sighed gently.

Ryder stood over her and snapped pictures. He then sucked in a breath and lowered the camera.

She opened her eyes hearing the camera stop, she looked up and saw the dangerous hunger in his eyes.

She smirked smugly and bit her lip.


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