Fifty Shades of Lingerie

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20| The Succubus

Kat Lovelace

It took Kat a lot longer to get ready this time simply because of all the props she had to put on. The wings especially were hard to get on by herself and she almost called Ryder to help her.

Once on, they were actually quite nice, they weren't too heavy and sat really comfortably on her back.

She had also put on some pretty purple lingerie with thin black lace going over it. She put on the matching garter belt to hold up her black lace stockings. She did a smokey seductive eye with a bit of purple in there. She curled her hair and placed the black horns on her dark locks pinning them in place. Finally, she put on some small fangs and slipped on some finger jewelry that made her nails look like talons.

She walked downstairs careful not to knock her wings into anything. She opened the door to the shooting room where Ryder sat on the stool waiting.

Their gazes fell upon each other and a slow smirk formed on his lips, she could tell by the look in his eyes that he wanted to rip all this off of her and devour her body.

She giggled and dragged her hands down her curves sending him a flirty wink and smirk. He glared at her and a small deep groan sounded in his throat.

She saw his jaw clench as he tried to hold himself back from touching her, "get on the backdrop." He growled out.

"Yes, sir." She teased and walked over to the white backdrop. She leaned forward and slid her thumb under her garter belt pulling at the purple silk fabric. She dragged her talon-like fingers over her glossed lips giving him sultry eyes.

Ryder snapped lost of pictures adjusting angles and adjusting the hard-on in his pants.

She giggled devilishly turning around and lifting her one arm as she dragged her other arm down her extended arm. She looked back and casted the camera a mischievous glare.

She bent slightly showing off her ass, she heard Ryder curse under his breath. She turned around and held her elbow as she bit the tip on the talons with her pointy fang. Ryder snapped picture after picture as she adjusted her pose.

She slid her hands down the front of her body before sliding down the ground. She sat down and spread her legs tilting her head back. She then got on all for going into a crawling position she smirked widely showing off the pointy little fangs in her mouth while casting Ryder a lustful look.

He snapped one more picture before he lowered the camera and glared desire filled daggers at her, "you really bring out the worst in me. Get up that should be enough."

She got up off the floor and walked over to him, a small fake innocent pout on her lips, "the worst? I beg to differ. I think it's the best." She grabbed his shirt pulling him closer as she whispered this against his lips.

"You are a little succubus aren't you." He growled and wrapped his arms around him pulling her close into his chest, a small smirk taking over her lips as he licked her bottom lip. She slid her knee between his legs rubbing it against his bulge causing him to groan.

She chuckled and took his lip between her teeth biting it softly with her small fang, "oh no you caught me." She whispered playfully and wrapped her arms around him.


Kat took off all the extravagant lingerie and props taking a shower and settling back in some red silk shorts and a tank top.

She was relaxing on the sectional the air conditioning on and blasting, it was unbearably hot today, as she watched tv on the huge screen.

Ryder sat close to her editing the photos, she glanced over and saw the hell fiery background he was putting in the pictures that made everything look fucking awesome.

Kat was very bored, she had been sitting around pretty much all day. She glanced over at Ryder with his headphones on ignoring her and smirked getting an idea.

She leaned in closer to him before she snatched his laptop from him and set it aside. She hopped into his lap and pushed her hips deep into his grinding softly.

He growled and grabbed Kats hips, she smirked as she felt him start to harden under her.

"Kat I'm working-"

"I'm bored." She whined on his lips.

"I don't really fucking care." He growled but lust leaked into his voice and glare.

"Can we bake a cake?" She asked pecking his lips gently.

"No." He said sternly but his hand traveled up her side.

"Pleaseee." She kissed his lips a bit longer running her tongue along his.

"No I have to edit." He mumbled against her neck as his lips traveled there.


Kat and Ryder were making a cake.

Ryder looked less then please but Kat couldn't help but notice the passion flicker in his eyes as he poured the batter into the pan.

She hummed smiling happily because she got her way, she was mixing some pink food dye into the white frosting.

"For 20 minutes right?" Ryder asked shutting the oven door.

"Yup, try the frosting." She said scooping some up on her fingers and holding it out to him.

He knitted his eyebrows together and walked over to her. He went to take it off her finger and onto his own when she shooed him away, "I got it."

He scoffed and rolled his eyes, leaning forward he opened his mouth about to taste it when she smushed it all over his face laughing.

He froze and glared playfully at her before grabbing the spoon. He swatted the sugary coated utensil at her but she quickly dodged it running around the island.

He growled, "get back here! I'll make it quick and painless."

She laughed and put her hands on the island as she was on the opposite side from him, she smirked mischievously, "you won't catch me."

"Wanna bet on it?" He said before darting around the island but she was too quick running away to the other side.

"Fuck." He growled and held the spoon tighter.

She laughed and stuck her tongue out at him. Right when she wasn't expecting it, he jumped on the island and ran over to her side. She gasped and tried to run but he scooped her up into his arms, a large smile on his lips, and smeared the frosting all over her face.

She grimaced and squealed trying to escape his arms before ultimately giving up when he finished smearing her with frosting. She wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist holding onto him.

She looked at him and his big smile, god he looked amazing with a smile, she could see his dimples. She didn't even know he had dimples!?

She sighed contently and ran her fingers through his hair looking at him. He leaned forward and kissed her sugary lips softly, his tongue moved over her bottom lip licking up the frosting.

She smiled and kissed him back tangling her fingers into his hair. He leaned back and looked at her with a gentle star struck look in his eyes, like he was taking in all her beauty, it made her heart swell and her smile grow.

She crashed her lips on his, closing her mouth over his as she deepened the kiss by slipping her tongue into his mouth to meet his. She heard him sigh and felt him lean her back into the island.

Both sticky, and completely tangled in each other.


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