Fifty Shades of Lingerie

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21| The Tears

~mature content warning~

Ryder Bane

Ryder sat on the sofa as the sun started going down with Kat laying down on her side on his lap, she was awake and watching tv.

He rested his computer on her back, it was the only place he could put it because she refused to move, while he nearly finished editing the pictures he was using to put in the portfolio.

He felt Kats soft breaths as she watched some terrible Nicholas Cage movie. Ryder's subconsciously slide one hand down her arm and drew little patterns on her skins as he worked.

He fingers eventually found their way into her silky soft hair twirling her hair around his finger and occasionally massaging her scalp.

She sighed happily and turned to face him her face relaxed. He lifted his computer so she could move on her back in his lap. He couldn't put his computer comfortably back on her so he closed it and set it aside.

He was practically finished anyways.

He sighed and ran his fingertips along her hairline pushing her loose locks behind her ear. He sat there comfortably locking eyes with her.

"Ryder...." she sighed put eventually and opened her mouth like she was about to say something else but closed it shaking her head.

"What?" He said in gruffly.

"My mom won't let me see my brother, Jackson, ever again." She said abruptly and calmly after she didn't answer him for a bit. She was staring blankly at a spot on the ceiling her eyes holding too much emotion to be deciphered. But the pain and anger kissing her words was real and raw. It made him focus on her like an arrow aiming at a target. He just listened, knowing that's what she wanted.

"He's 10 now, My dad had him with my
Mom right before he left her. Right before he shattered our family. She was left pregnant and absolutely broken. She went pretty much crazy with our family's business and power...and the heartbreak." She choked up for a second squeezing her eyes shut hard. Ryder grabbed her and pulled her so she was sitting up right in his lap and she was laying on his chest. He stroked her back and consoled her.

"I was left to pick up the pieces of my mother, at about 10 years old I had to find my mother drunk and crying on her bathroom floor when she should've been at work. Or deal with it when she cursed me out saying it was my fault he left-"

"It's not." Ryder growled defensively.

"I know." Kat whispered into his chest almost inaudible, "I wanted the world to go away. I needed an outlet and one day, when I was 16 I started modeling. It was small at first but it grew and I started doing small shoots for underwater brands. I loved it, the people around me where sweet and fun, I loved doing the shoots. I found what I wanted to do." She gripped his shirt hard in her hand. "All my life I hated using my family's money. It didn't feel earned or right. So I thought, when I told my mom I found a way to make my own money and that I enjoyed doing it, she'd be happy." Her words where sobbed out lightly at the end as water pooled in her eyes and fell down her face.

Seeing this made Ryder's heart twist with anger that anyone would hurt her this much and sadness he had to see her like that. He let out a soft breath and cupped her cheeks pulling her face so she was looking at him.

He bit his lip his face falling as the tear slowly ran down her cheeks, "please don't cry." He whispered and wiped her cheeks slowly. He leaned forward carefully like she was china doll and crashed his lips down hard and passionately on hers. Letting her know he was here, she melted into the kiss wrapping her arms tighter around him.

When they broke apart she spoke gently, "when she found out, she completely disowned me. Kicked me out, cut up all the credit cards I never used, and banned my brother from me forever. I haven't seen him in three years. I left when he was 7"

"I'm so sorry Kat, in a weird way I know what that feels like." He said leaning his forehead against hers while he held her. She closed her eyes and breathed shakily trying to steady herself out.

He knew the feeling of loosing someone all too well.


Ryder walked into the bathroom wordlessly as Kat stood in front of the mirror in her black bra and panties.

She unwrapped the towel from her wet hair and threw it next to her dirty clothes. Ryder took a shower before her so he had a towel wrapped around his waist and his hair was damp and messy. He grabbed his toothbrush and leaned forward on his hand on the counter next to Kat.

He started to brush his teeth not really paying attention to Kat cause he knew if he did take a good look at her in her underwear they would be spending a lot more time in this bathroom.

As he minded his business and brushed his teeth he felt Kats hands traveled up His thigh and over his bulge covered by the towel.

He groaned as she started to rub his length through his towel causing his thick cock to harden. He grabbed his towel and growled looking at her.

"Kat." He mumbled her name gruffly but she kept going a smirk sat on her perfect lips as she pretended she was an innocent princess.

He grabbed her hand and pushed it away. He then grabbed her from behind and pulled her ass on his hard bulge moving her hip so she was rubbing him. She gasped and reached back running her hand through his hair as her other hand held his waist.

"You're such a dirty little slut." He growled into her ear knowing her panties where soaking. "Now your gonna take it like a slut." He pushed her back, bending her over the counter so her perky ass stuck up for him. He ran his fingers through her hair before wrapping it around his knuckles and pulling her wet locks back like a handlebar. Her head yanked back and she gasped biting her lip as lust and desire filled her eyes.


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