Fifty Shades of Lingerie

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22| The Dominance

~mature content warning~

Kat Lovelace

"And you're gonna watch yourself in that mirror as you become absolutely undone from me fucking you." Kat heard him growl into her ear as he reached forward and grabbed her neck and chin pushing a finger into her mouth.

She sucked on his fingers swirling her tongue around it as his other fingers gripped her throat.

She felt his familiar large length slam into her wet entrance from the back. It went deeper then ever before because of the position. She parted her lips and moaned loud her sounds muffled slightly by his finger in her mouth. He moved it and wrapped his whole hand around her throat as he started fucking her tight little hole fast and hard.

She screamed and slammed one of her hands on the large mirror in front of her to steady herself from his thrusts.

He groaned and gripped her ass pushing himself slow and deeply inside of her. He gave her ass a firm slap making her yelp. The sensation tingly the spot he hit.

He grabbed her hair pulling on it, she gasped and bit her lip leaning her head back as he pulled roughly fucking deep into her.

She cursed and moaned loudly the mirror in front of her fogging up from her hot breaths.

She felt her orgasm building up before she exploded her hot liquid all over his cock.

He growled deeply and gripped her hair harder thrusting into her very wet womanhood even faster. She screamed his name and grabbed the sink faucet. She spread her legs wider loving the painful pleasure feeling that spread through her body.

"Fuck" Ryder groaned under his breath and gripped her neck harder pushing himself deep inside of her as he came hard in her womanhood. He growled and thrusted a few times slowly mumbling curses in Italian as he dominated her.

She looked up at him in the mirror, her ragged fucked out breaths coming short. He looked so fucking hot with his hair tousled and his eyes looking down at her body like he owned it. His tight toned abs glistened with sweat, god he looked tasty.

She whimpered slightly as he pushed his thick cock into her hard one more time, her legs shook when pulled out. He growled softly and yanked her up by her hair before picking her bridal style and planting a soft kiss on her panting and tired face.


Ryder got Kat cleaned up, taking a quick shower with her. It mostly consisted of Kat distracting Ryder with constant make outs as he tried to wash her body.

When they were cleaned he wrapped a towel around her before wrapping one around his waist. He picked her up on his waist and threw her down on his bed.

She squealed when she landed on the bed pulling her towel around her, "Ryder can you grab my pajamas."

"Got them already." He grumbled walking back into the room holding a pair of her black shorts and a white tank top. She looked up at him and smirked making grabby hands for them.

He scoffed and rolled his eyes throwing them at her. They smacked her in the face as he dropped his towel pulling on some plaid boxers. She looked at his toned fine ass biting her lip softly as a smirk formed on her full lips. She stood up on his bed and fumbled into her pajamas before falling back on the bed.

Ryder crawled in next to her pulling her close to him like a needy kid. She giggled and put her hands on his chest nuzzling her face close into his chest.

She sighed as they settled together, her body relaxing and being stilled under the sound of his slow breathing and heart beat.

"Ryder." Kat whispered breaking the silence.

"Hmm?" He grumbled half asleep.

"Will you ever tell me what happened to you...I see these scars all over your back and some on big ones on your chest and I want to ask but I don't want you to snap and get all distant..." she mumbled and dragged her fingers along his skin tracing some of the gashes on his chest. Someone of them he obviously tried to hide with the many tattoos all over his chest, but up close she could see the soft scarred tissue. She moved her hand into fist as she buried her face in his neck wanting to suck all the pain from his body and into her own.

He squeezed her tighter a sigh leaving his lips, "go to sleep Kat." Was all he said in his cold distant voice.

Kat deflated and a wave of disappointment and sadness flooded her body. She thought maybe if she shared something with him that was hard for her he'd do the same. But obviously he didn't like her or trust her enough to tell her anything.

She understood this.

It was hard for him and caused him lots of pain to dig up the past, but she wanted to share that pain with him. Maybe take a load of it off his shoulder and help him.

She just wanted to help him.

She shivered and yearned to be close to him, to feel with him.

But he was just too fucking distant for Kat too even think about melting that cold exterior of his.

What was she doing wrong?

More importantly, what wasn't she doing right.


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