Fifty Shades of Lingerie

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23| The Past Is Sharp

~slight gore warning~

Ryder Bane

"Kat, you seriously make my job so impossible. And you don't even do anything besides look the way you do. Are you aware of how infuriating that is?" Ryder spoke in his deep voice. A small groan sounded in the back of his throat as his eyes traveled down her body.

She was wearing some white lace lingerie with an off the shoulder strap that had lace flowing down the elastic bands.

She had a medium sized pair of angel wings on her back, the feathers swaying softly in the air as she moved. The silver crown sat on her head dipping in the middle of her forward. The clear gems on them caught the light and shimmered blue and pink. He saw the shiny sliver wings she had on ear loving how they looked with everything.

Kat smirked softly and brushed her soft honey brown locks behind her shoulder, "Infuriating you is my job. And damn do I love working." She said walking past him her hand sliding up her cute ass.


It was late at night, maybe around one am. Kat was dead asleep from their shoot that took all day.

Well the shoot took three hours...them fucking took all day.

He was up late now editing, he blinked his eyes straining them against the bright artificial light.

He groaned and rubbed his eyes, he needed a quick break.

He got up and grabbed a glass of water putting a couple of ice cubes into the glass. He picked it up and the ice clanked together as he stared down into the glass. The sick feeling of someone watching him spread through his body like ice, chilling his blood.

He stilled the ice cubes in his glass going silent as he looked up out the window at the dark thick woods.

He stared.

And squinted.

The sound of crickets chirped around him as the tree branches swayed ever so slightly in the wind.

Still silence.

He sighed and shook his head, he was being paranoid. He walked out to the back porch and looked around at the peaceful night, glancing up at the stars before looking back forward.

He raised the glass of ice cold water to his lips the condensation dripping down his hand. He let the cool air flow over him.

Suddenly, he was tackled. The glass shattered against the patio as he fell hard on the porch. He felt the familiar feeling of a cold sharp knife slipping into his forearm. At first he felt no pain. He just thought, yeah I'm being stabbed, then the pain erupted around his arm. His arm muscle strained and tightened around the knife causing more pain. He groaned but a hand was slapped around his mouth.

"Don't want to wake sleeping beauty upstairs now do we?" A venomous familiar voice hissed out like a snake.

Ryder's blood chilled and he felt his heart stop, his thoughts were swarmed with one thought.


He knew exactly who that voice belonged too. He growled in pain and held his arm picking up His feet he quickly slammed them into the figures chest launching him back tumbling.

Ryder shot up and glared dangerously at the man, he looked ready to kill and he had a dagger sticking up halfway in his forearm. Blood rushed down his arm as the searing pain rang up his arm alerting every cell in his body. But in his mind that was the least of his worries, he couldn't even register it.

"I swear to god if you fucking touch her, Vincent, I'll kill you." Ryder rasped out deeply as Vincent got up off the ground smirking evilly at him.

"Tsk tsk tsk, Ryder-fucking-Bane has another person he cares about. Did you not learn your lesson last time?" The man hissed out chuckling like a fox. His grin was as sinister as the Cheshire cats.

Ryder stormed over to him moving his clenched fist into the air.

"Ah ah ah, Mr. Bane. I don't think your in the position to strike me. You owe the Gang some things. 10,000 green things if I recall correctly." He rubbed his thumb and four fingers together signaling money before chuckling. "And if that isn't enough, your little porcelain doll upstairs will be shattered to a million pieces if you so much as touch me." Vincent spit out and walked around Ryder putting his pointer finger on his fist pushing it down.

He smirked in his face as Ryder panted from the anger pouring inside him faster then Niagara Falls.

"Don't touch Kat. You'll have your money and I'll be done with you." He said and winced, a shattered groan leaving his lips as he held his arm the blood spilling out between his fingers.

"Yes, but until then you still have more strings attached to you then Pinocchio to the gang. To the Scarlett Crows." Ryder flinched hearing the name after so many years.

Vincent laugher, smiling, very amused, "old memories huh? I just love the nostalgia."

"Shut your fucking mouth." He growled out through clenched teeth.

Vincent drove his fist across Ryder's face hard and fast, a glare set like stone on his fast, murder in his green eyes. Ryder fell weakly onto the floor from blood loss and the hit. He growled and held the side of his face. Wanting to fight back but Kats safety was more important.

"This is your friendly reminder Ryder. Get us the fucking money or we will kill that girl and force feed you her intestines. Then, we'll use her severed pretty little hand to fire the billet into your head." He slammed his foot into Ryder's ribs as he laid on the floor, causing him to lurched forward into a fetal position.

"You don't want to be like you?" He ripped out the knife form Ryder's arm. "God that was a messy one, and you were in the splash zone!" He laughed like a psycho wiping the bloody blade.

Ryder screamed through his clenched teeth, from pain but it was mostly emotional. He felt
His heart strands ripping apart all over again.

Vincent pushed the heel of his shoe into the open bleeding wound, "You can't hide, you can't run, and your weakness makes us immortal." He twisted his heel causing Ryder to wince and groan tilting his clenched face back in pain.

"You're blood is Scarlett Ryder, never fucking forget it."


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