Fifty Shades of Lingerie

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24| The Wounds

Kat Lovelace

Kat's eyes flicked opened from the sound of glass shattering against a hard rock. She knitted her eyebrows together confused as she felt the bed next to her and Ryder wasn't there.

What time is it? She thought groggily as she sat up in bed and rubbed her eyes. She froze when she heard some pained groans coming outside from...was that an animal?

Kat was starting to get freaked out. She sat in her bed for a minute listening to the drowned out voices and groans not being able to hear a sentence. Was that Ryder? Or some random campers that stumbled too far in the forest?

She bit her lips and got up grabbing her discarded pink robe putting it on over her body. She took a steady breath and ran her fingers through her hair, she couldn't just sit here and wait around. What if it was Ryder.

She heard the groans and voices stop, she mustered up the courage to walk downstairs into the kitchen and grab a frying pan as a weapon real Rapunzel style.

She held it at her side and walked slowly to the back porch her heart pounding like a hammer in her chest, she thought she was going to have a heart attack.

She grimaced and lifted her hand to the door before pushing it open. She straightened and stopped cold seeing Ryder kneeling on the porch floor his head down.

"Ryder what-" she started to say when he lifted his head and Kat gasped seeing the big pink bruise forming on the side of his face and the large gash in his eyebrow bleeding down his face.

He shakily lifted his one hand off a bleeding wound on his forearm and opened his bloody shaken hands in front of him looking in her eyes then down to his hands.

Kats mouth hung open and she let out a choked gaspnrunning over to him and shooting down to her knees next him.

"Ryder!" She grabbed his arm and looked at the bleeding gash in his arm. He groaned and winced retreating his arm into his chest.

"Are you okay Kat? Did anyone hurt you." Ryder said worriedly looking her over frantically.

Kat glared at him and helped him to his feet putting her arm under and around him for support, "Are seriously fucking asking if I'm okay while your bleeding out all over me?!"

She rushed him inside and laid him down on the sofa, he was panting and let out quick groans as he held his hand over the wound. Kat ran upstairs to the bathroom and grabbed the huge first aid kit that was in the closet.

She brought it downstairs to him and set it beside him, she frantically opened it and looked for the stuff she needed.

"Ryder I'm going to try and stop the bleeding and then we're gonna take you to the hospital." She said seriously grabbing some large gauze pad and a towel.

"No." He growled out. "I can't."

"What? Is it cause you don't have health insurance, cause that is not the big issue right now-"

"Kat, I fucking cant." He yelled and threw his head back. She stopped talking and looked at him confused. She took the towel and pressed it down hard on his wound holding it there, she applied lots of pressure. He jerked his arm at first and groaned as she did this but he eventually got used to it.

"What happened?" Kat breathed out ever so softly. "You need to tell me what happened."

"I dropped the glass and it went into-"

"Ryder you can't bullshit me." She glared at him as she held the towel down on his arm.

Ryder looked down in his lap and sighed, his face hard but held so much pain it hurt Kat too.

"I grew up in an orphanage, a bad one. Kids were mistreated and broken down emotionally. I mean if we did anything slightly wrong we were locked in a dark tight crawl space for a week, barely fed. And once we were absolutely too big for the crawl space the staff would gather all the kids in the living room and beat the misbehaving kid in front of everyone. I grew up there and was absolutely terrified of everything. But I wasn't alone. There was boy, five years older than me. His bed was right next to mine and at night when I was maybe 3 and sobbing softly into my pillow he was in the next bed whispering to me that everything was going to be okay." Ryder spoke barely above a whisper the pain and memories that swirled through his eyes and face was so personal Kat thought she should've looked away.

He took a shaken breath and continued, "he helped me, through everything. He watched out for me, took the blame for me when I fucked up so I wouldn't get in trouble. Took every beating for me and gave me an encouraging smile while it happened. He was my big brother. Not by blood but it didn't even matter. When I was 13 and he was 18 we escaped, he took me with him and we fled to the streets of LA. Two homeless Orphans with no idea where to go or what to do." He clenched his other fist and his jaw like he was fighting back the memories. Kat moved her soft hands to his shoulder and rubbed them up into his hair soothingly.

"It's okay." She whispered and his shoulder relaxed and he let out a tense breath looking up at her with a soft loving expression. She met his eyes and her gaze was just as soft, it made her earth shake.

"We had no where to go. So, when some person offers us shelter, food, and a job we couldn't refuse. Sadly this was all provided by The Scarlett Crows." He growled out.

"The Scarlett crows?" Kat asked.

"A gang, My gang." he pulled on his collar and showed Kat the crow tattoo with red eyes, the bird was holding a knife. "They had Rhys and I- oh Rhys is my brothers name. Anyways, they had us running drugs around and selling them to people, to their clients. For a while it was okay, it was easy. Then Rhys started doing the drugs, he'd spend all the little money he earned on them and once he ran out...he started using the drugs he was supposed to sell. He was addicted. And he stole from the gang. They found out and weren't happy let's just say that." He stopped and swallowed hard, like the next part of this story was poisonous to speak of.

Kat tangled her fingers in his hair and gave him a sympathetic sad smile, "it's okay Ryder you don't have to keep going."

"No I want to." He said quickly and breathed slowly closing his eyes, "They tied him up in the gang houses dark cold basement...and forced me to shoot him. T-they held my hand and made me pull the trigger. That whole time I was struggling to get away from the gun, Rhys had silent tears rolling down his cheeks and sad smile on his face telling me everything was going to be okay...just like he did when I was three and crying in my bed. He was a good person, An amazing person, and more importantly he was my person. He just wasn't given the right tools to make a good life for himself. And right before I pulled the trigger I saw him mouth 'I love you.' Then I killed him."


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