Fifty Shades of Lingerie

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25| The Acceptance

~mature content warning~

Ryder Bane

Ryder jerked his hand arm back and hissed through his clenched jaw, "That hurts." He growled out glaring at her.

She rolled her eyes and pulled his arm towards her as she pushed her sewing needle through his skin, "It's going to hurt I'm stabbing a sewing needle with fishing line through your arm. Just hold still and relax." He said and focused on his wound sewing him up.

Ryder couldn't help but focus on her. After all this, everything he told her, she cried and hugged him Telling him he didn't kill his brother. she accepted him. All of him. And knowing this made a hot feeling spread through his body like an infection every time he looked at her. It made his heart race like he was about to have a heart attack or stroke.

She was drug and he was the addict.

He watched her and his heart beat quickened his chest rising and falling faster. What the fuck was happening to him. When did he dive off the deep end into her ocean eyes? When did his world stop being 'work' and started becoming 'kat.'

He was scared shitless, because he didn't know what to with these emotions. And he was feeling them so fucking strongly it hurt to be away from her.

She did the last final stitches, him wincing and groaning as she finished them off.

"And...done. Well almost I'm gonna clean it up." She tied off the fishing line then got some peroxide cleaning up the blood and wiping his arm clean with some water.

He watched her carefully with a soft curious expression, following her movements with his gaze he couldn't stop thinking about how beautiful and perfect she was. Especially with those marks on her neck he knew he made.

She placed a large gauze pad on the clean wound before wrapping it in some white mesh medical wrap. She secured the end and smiled very gently up at him grazing her fingertips over his sore wound soothingly.

"There, it's all bet-"

Ryder couldn't help himself, he sat up grabbing her face with his good arms hand and relaxed his eyes looking at her lip. She quieted and met his hungry kiss quickly. His lips closing eagerly over hers like the tension of not her touching intimately was getting to him.

He groaned and pushed his lips into hers roughly nipping at her bottom lip before he slipped his hot tongue into her mouth. She whimpered weekly and slid her hands down his chest grabbing his pants.

"I want to fuck you. Now." He growled out dominantly rubbing his hand into her hair before gripping it hard. He pulled her head back and dove into the soft sensitive skin of her neck making a mess of it. He couldn't hold back, he left hickeys all over her, sucking on her sensitive spots causing her to moan and push her crotch into his hard bulge.

"Ryder no your stitches you-" she pleaded out weakly trying to catch her breath. Ryder hated that she was right, but he wanted her now.

"Then get on your knees and take me in your mouth." He mumbled into her ear before he bit her ear lobe gently. His hot breath fanning across her skin making her shiver, " I want to see your perfect little lips wrapped around my cock."

"Yes sir." She breathed out fumbling with his belt. He grabbed her neck and grazed his lips against hers rubbing them down her neck till he planted a soft kiss under her jawline. He let go and she slowly moved down his body taking his pants off.

He grabbed her shirt and ripped it off her body throwing the useless fabric across the room. His hand slid down and cupped her supple breast squeezing her erect nipple between his fingers. She moaned softly and pulled down his boxers eager to taste and please him.

"Put your hands behind your back and don't move them." He instructed and she obeyed putting them behind her back as she stuck her wet tongue out wanting him so badly to place his hard cock in her mouth.

He growled and placed the head of his length on her tongue. She quickly closed her lips over it and started swirling her tongue around him. He pushed her head hard down on his length as she started sucking and bobbing her head up and down on his cock.

He groaned and mumbled strings of curse words under his breath as she took his length down. He forced some more of his large length down before grabbing her head and pulling her off. She gasped and panted saliva pooling in her mouth.

She leaned forward and wrapped her mouth around his length again. He growled and thrusted his cock into her mouth loving the feeling of having her hot mouth wrapped tightly around him.

She closed her eyes and took him down as small coos and whimpers left her lips. Ryder tilted his head back and groaned grabbing her head and slamming it down hard on him. She pulled back and coughed slightly panting hard as her sticky saliva coated her tongue and his cock.

He looked down into her eyes and saw the eagerness to have him inside of her. He wanted to grabb her then throw her back on the couch and fuck her till she couldn't walk.

But this would have to do for now till he healed a bit more.

"Ryder-" she moaned out as she put her mouth back on his length moving her head on him fast edging him closer to his climax. She tightened her lips causing him to groan.

He gripped her hair and pushed her to the base of his cock before he pulled out a tiny bit and came into her mouth hard and fast. He fucked his load into her a mouth a few more times before pulling out to see his cum decorating her mouth. She panted and looked up into his eyes like an obedient lustful puppy before swallowing his thick load.

"Good girl." He panted and grabbed her chin running his finger over her wet swollen lip.

He just got stabbed in the arm and he couldn't even keep his hands off her long enough to heal properly.


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