Fifty Shades of Lingerie

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26| The Growing Feeling

Kat Lovelace

Kat woke up really early that morning, honestly she didn't sleep much. Her life went from 0 to 60 in seconds and she was trying to keep her train from derailing.

She sighed and ran her fingers through her hair as she sat up in bed looking down at Ryder's sleeping face. She reached down and cupped his face rubbing her thumb over the apples of his sharp cheek bones. Seeing him hurt last night was something she never wanted to experience again. It was terrifying, more so because Kat didn't know what she would've done if that stab would was fatal.

Kat got out of bed quietly not wanting to wake him up, he needed the sleep. She walked over to his dresser and grabbed a pair of his boxers and a hoodie putting them on. She piled her hair up into a messy bun and walked downstairs.

She opened a blind and let the warm sun spill into the detached cabin, hopefully filling the dark voids from last night with some light.

It was six thirty and breakfast started at eight so she had time to kill. She walked out to the back porch and saw the shattered glass all over the stone path. Her eyes went to the dried pool of blood on the patio and she bit her lip sadly fear and worry filling her up.

She walked inside and grabbed some cleaning supplies. She started to clean up the mess inside and outside the house when Ryder walked downstairs dressed, his hurt arm held against his torso.

"Kat? You're actually up?" He questioned knitting his eyebrows together.

She gave a half hearted chuckled and nodded, "yeah...I am. I uh- couldn't really sleep." She flashed him a tight smile hoping the worry that she felt didn't show in her face. She didn't want to make him upset.

"I'm sorry I really shouldn't have told you all they stuff...god." He growled at himself and looked down to the floor obviously feeling sorry he put stress on her.

"No!" She jumped over to him and held the sides of his arms before slipping her hands under his arms and hugging him, "I'm glad you told me. That's all I wanted, I'm just processing this. It's a lot, but I don't regret hearing about it." She looked up at him and smiled softly, leaning her chin on his chest.

She gazed into his deflated expressing and squeezed him, "c'mon, breakfast starts in twenty minutes and I've been cleaning up your blood all morning. I'm starved and you're lucky I don't have a weak stomach. Also you look like shit so I'm hoping some vitamin D will put a little life back into you." She smirked at him and pulled on his sleeve.

He stared at her for a moment before cracking the tiniest smile and rolling his eyes, "You can be a bitch sometimes."

"I know." She chuckled and winked at him before walking over to the stairs. "Let me change real quick."

"Wait, are those my clothes?" He growled out a glare setting on his face.

"Oh fuck he noticed." Kat narrated and ran up the stairs laughing.

"Yeah I noticed, Kat stop wearing my fucking clothes!" He yelled to her up the stairs as she bit her lip to hold back her laughs.

She wasn't going to stop wearing his clothes.


They walked down the pathway to the pavilion their hands at their sides. Kat changed into a small white wrap dress that had some air flow. She needed it, today was so hot.

Fucking Florida, I'm surprised an alligator hasn't eaten me yet. She thought as they walked.

There was comfortable silence around them, sometimes they made conversation but it wasn't needed to make things less awkward. It just wasn't.

Ryder's fingers would brush against hers gently as they walked and their fingers twitched slightly towards each other. Tentatively, Ryder grabbed Kats fingers before taking her hands in his slowly lacing their fingers together. It sent a warm tingle all over Kats body. They rarely touched like this, let alone in public where people could see.

Something was shifting between them, something was growing. Kat thought she knew what this feeling was but she didn't want to submit to the feeling just yet. She couldn't feel weak, not after everything she did to be strong.

Ryder rubbed his thumb over her hand and the feeling calmed her nerves and worries oddly. She sighed softly when all of sudden she heard.


She snapped her hand back Ryder doing the same, she put on an easy going smile when she saw Kevin walking over to her waving with a big friendly smile.

"Hey Kev, are you going to breakfast too?" She spoke walking over to him. Ryder didn't despise Kevin's existence like most people so their interactions were civil and that's it. Which is better than it was for most people, so it's like Ryder's way of liking someone.

"Yeah actually I was on my way to pick up my friend, we were gonna eat together. I think you met her when you were drunk."

Ryder scoffed next to her, "wonderful." He mumbled.

Kat glared at Ryder, tempted to hit him.

"Oh really who is she?" Kat asked looking back at Kevin's smiling face.

"Zada, she's African American, super pretty." He said trying to jog her memory. Sadly, trying to jog drunk Kats memories is impossible.

"No I don't remember meeting her but I remember seeing her at the Dinner party. She is really pretty, god damn. Is she a model?" Kat fanned her face.

"I know! She's one of the photographers. Her legs are super nice and she has curves for day-"

"Okay are we gonna fantasize about Zada all day? Or are we going to actually eat." Ryder
sighed out.

"Oh right I have to go- hey Ryder what happened to your arm." Kevin asked concerned.

"None of you-" he started to grumble but Kat cut him off.

"He broke some glass and a large piece got his arm while he was cleaning it up." Kat smiled convincingly.

Kevin chuckled, "you and glass, anyways feel better I'll meet you at the dinning pavilion." He waved and walked off.


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