Fifty Shades of Lingerie

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27| The Thunder and Lightning

Ryder Bane

Ryder got his plate of food and sat down at the table with Kat. He couldn't lift much with his right arm so he was confined to his left as of right now.

That was okay because his left was his dominate hand so he could still take pictures fairly easily. Kat looked up at him then down at his plate, her eyes widened and her mouth formed a tiny o.

"Oo is that fresh strawberries I didn't even see those..." she said leaning over and reaching for his plate.

"Aye!" Ryder pushed her hand away and she launched her other one at the bright red strawberry, grabbing it quickly she popped it into her mouth.

He glared at her, "why are you like this." he grumbled our shaking his head. She shrugged and he watched her chew his strawberry.

She swallowed and watched him shake his head starting to dig into his food. Kat chuckled and cut a bite of her Nutella crepe holding it out to him.

"Here, you big grump." She rolled her eyes.

He growled and took her fork biting off her food, satisfied. It tasted really good, the crepe was sweet and warm.

And Nutella was always good.

He chuckled softly and she smiled leaning back.

They fell into a small conversation when Zada and Kevin came over and sat down.

"Hey Guys! This is Zada." He said nodding to the pretty girl with dark hair tied back in a pony tail.

"Hey, I'm Kat." She smiled up at her and the woman smiled back sticking out her hand, Kat shook it softly.

"Ryder." He nodded and glanced up at her before turning back to his food.

"Nice to meet you guys, and meet you-" she turned to Kat "when you're sober." She chuckled softly making Ryder and Kat both look up when they heard her smooth Australian accent.

"Omg you just got hotter!" Kat laughed and took a bite of her crepe.

Zada laughed with her and sat down next to Rhder, Kevin on Kats right.

They all talked a bit when Kevin spoke up, "Hey, Lauren and I are having another party at our cabin tomorrow night. You three want to come?" He asked before stuffing a large waffle in his mouth.

"I'll probably pass, the whole arm thing." Ryder said, he would've said no even if he didn't have a reason.

Kat glanced at Ryder and then at his arm. She honestly wanted to stay home with him, cuddle on the couch, and comfort him while he heals (emotionally and physically). She smiled softly at him before turning to Kevin.

"I'll go!" Zada said smiling happily.

"I might stop by, but I can't promise anything." Kat said finally shrugging, she took another bite of her crepe finishing it. Ryder looked at her funny, his eyes were soft and surprised and it he might have had a loving look in them but he looked down just as quickly before she could have figured that out.

"Anyways I'm done, Kat and I have a shoot to do today so we'll see you around." Ryder said coldly like usual and stood up.

"Yeah bye Kev...Zada." Kat smiled gently and waved.


Ryder walked back with Kat with his pinky and ring finger discreetly holding hers as they walked.

When they walked inside and shut the door Kat jumped up on his waist wrapping her legs around him. Ryder caught her, holding her with his good strong arm.

She crashed her lips down on his passionately and eagerly. He met the kiss and moved his lips over hers quickly. His tongue slipped into her mouth and he sighed into the kiss pushing her up against the door.

She ran her fingers through his hair and tilted her head deepening the kiss. He slid his tongue on hers feeling the softness and taste of it.

It's sent chills down Ryder's spine when he felt how perfect his lips fit with hers and how easy being her with had become. He craved her.

She pulled away gasping, "I'm gonna go get ready for the Zeus shoot." She mumbled on his soft lips her eyes relaxed. He groaned and slid his hand up her side.

"Okay." He said softly curling a piece of her hair around his finger.


late at night after the shoot Ryder was sitting on the sofa with Kat as the rain came down hard. He didn't pay attention to it honestly, he just sat and edited the flawless pictures of Kat.

God she looked really good for today's shoot, very flashy like Zeus. Ryder thought.

He glanced up at her occasionally and noticed she was becoming tense and glancing at the window nervously. He raised an eyebrow and opened his mouth to talk when the power shut off and the room went silent.

Darkness ate up the light and sound only his computer light shined up in his face. He couldn't even see Kat.

She quickly pulled out her phone and turned on the flash light, he watched her let out a breath.

He turned on his flashlight as well shinning it at her, "I'll go check the breaker upstairs and see if there's any candles."

She nodded silently and calmly, but her eyes looked frantic.

He jogged up the stairs and walked into the bathroom, he opened the closet and looked around for a minute.

He found a box of candles, in the box was t-lights, scented candles, and....Jesus candles? He lifted the long candle with a picture of Jesus on it and shrugged. He wasn't gonna question it.

He checked the breaker but there wasn't anything he could've done, the weather was terrible.

He looked out the window when he saw lighting flash brightly and shortly after a loud boom followed and erupted through the sky.

Really ironic day to do the Zeus shoot huh? He thought.

Ryder sighed and walked down the stairs, "Hey Kat I found-" he looked at Kat curled up on the sofa covering her head and shaking slightly.

Lightening flashed again and the thunder boomed causing Kat to whimper and curl up tighter gripping her hair.

Ryder tossed the candles on the table and ran over to her, "Kat, what's wrong...are you okay?" He wrapped his arms around her and held her close him to him rubbing her back.

She quickly wrapped her arms around him and buried her face in his neck he body shivering ever so slightly.

A/n: sorry this chapter is shit, the bachelorette was on.

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