Fifty Shades of Lingerie

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28| The Distraction

~mature content warning~

Kat Lovelace

Kat had always been terrified of thunder storms. She couldn't stand the noise and the lightning. It made her freeze up and become a shaking ball. She suspected the fear started when she was about three and her mom and dad went camping with her. They got caught in a bad storm and ever since Kat broke down during the storms.

And now she was blubbering mess in front of Ryder, freaking out over a silly little storm. The thunder boomed making Kat flinch and squeeze her arms tighter around him.

Ryder was rubbing her back and whispering sweet nothings in her ear. It probably would've been cute if she was actually listening to him and not the raging storm outside.

She squeezed her eyes shut tight and buried her face into his neck, she felt his soothing touch as his fingers ran through her hair. She sighed and started to steady her breathing.

She felt Ryder plant a soft subtle kiss on her forehead and whispered, "'s okay it's gonna pass soon." Her heart was beating fast for a different reason now.

Ryder adjusted on the sofa and leaned back against the pillows pulling her up between his legs. She laid her back on his back, he rested his chin on her head and carefully wrapped his strong comforting arms around her.

She closed her eyes softly and tried to stop shaking, her mind trying to focus on him but she just couldn't. Lightning flickered across the sky and then a loud boom followed making her jump and gasp.

Ryder held her tighter, "Kat dont think about it..." he whispered and ran his hand under her shirt. She felt him draw small patterns on her soft stomach.

"I can't." She choked out as her lip trembled.

She felt Ryder's hand lift her shirt slightly before his hand slowly slipped into her pants. Kats breathing caught in her throat and she looked down at his traveling hand. His fingers brushed up against her clit through her panties and she gasped as the sudden pleasure.

She could already tell she was wet.

"Then let me distract you." He mumbled lustfully into her ear with his deep sexy voice. That alone made her a fucking waterfall.

He rubbed her through her panties teasing her. She panted and squirmed under him wanting him so badly to touch her.

"Ryder" she moaned out as he undid the button on her shorts.

"Shh" he growled into her ear before slipping his hand back into her pants under her soft underwear. She arched her back slightly as his finger slipped into her wet womanhood.

"You're so wet." He mumbled and circled his finger around her clit. Kat blushed and moaned as her sensitive bundle of nerves was teased. she lifted her leg slightly and moved her hips on his fingers.

He dragged his lanky finger around her clit before moving down and teasing her entrance. She shivered and hissed from the tease desperately wanting him to push his finger inside of her.

She whimpered and moved her hips up, "Ryder..." she panted out and bit her lip hard.

He put two of his fingers deep inside her wet entrance, Kat parted her lips and moaned reaching back and running her fingers through his hair. He curled his fingers slightly and moved them deep inside of her. His thumb was rubbing her sensitive clit as he thrusted his fingers into her.

Kat loved the sweet ecstasy that spread through her body, warming every corner. She panted out breathless moans as he started pushing his fingers inside of her faster. His thumb rubbing her sensitive folds.

Ryder leaned down and kissed her neck, running his tongue over the spots he knew drove her crazy. She leaned her head to the side and bucked her hips into his fingers. Her toes curled and she gripped his sweatpants.

He pushed in a third finger and thirsted them fast hitting her g-spot. Kat couldn't hold back anymore, she moved her hips in a circular motion grinding down on his fingers.

She then released the knot that formed in her stomach cumming all over his fingers. She panted and small moans left her lips as she came down from her high.

Ryder growled sexily and pulled his wet fingers out of her pants, "taste yourself." He whispered into her ear making her whole body light on fire. Her eyes relaxed and she opened her mouth inviting his warm fingers in.

She closed her lips over them and tasted her sweet lustful pleasure that coated his fingers. She moaned and tilted her head dragging her tongue along them.

He groaned and she felt his erection pressing into her back. She opened her mouth and eyes as he pulled his wet fingers out.

Safe to say that the last thing on her mind was the terrible weather outside.


The storm had passed and now all that remained was some rain. Kat laid in Ryder's arms, they were both were awake but she didn't know how much longer she was going to last.

She yawned as Ryder tickled her arm,
Running his finger tips up and down her soft skin. She sighed and relaxed deeper into his chest.

The silence that settled around them was safe and comfortable. Kat held her hand lightly on his bandages as her eyes fluttered closed.

Her heart was growing weak every time she was around Ryder, she knew that he could do anything and break her vulnerable heart.

It was scary, definitely scary.

But also strangely comforting knowing he could also cradle her weak heart and make it stronger. She felt breathless around him.

In more ways then one.

She reached up and gripped his shirt sighing softly. She didn't want to be weak, she couldn't.

A/n: omg 59k? You make me feel like Luke P when he thinks he can control Hannah ;)

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