Fifty Shades of Lingerie

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29| The Chanel

~mature content warning~

Ryder Bane

Ryder held the camera up to his eye with his good hand as Kat stood on the backdrop posing.

Today's shoot was the last one, Hades. Kat looked irresistible in her black lingerie with red lace details under the breasts. He thought how the red lace went around the panties almost like a skirt was adorable but also extremely sexy.

And the red boots and crown just tied it all together. He felt his length stiffen from looking at her and imagining things he could do to that body.

He growled and reached down adjusting the tent in his pants. Kat caught notice quickly and he saw the mischievous smirk take over her lips and the devilish glare flash in her eyes.

Kat let out a small teasing moan and slid the strap of her bra off her should as Ryder snapped pictures. She giggled and looked up into the camera sliding the other strap slowly down as well.

He kept taking pictures until Kat pulled the whole bra down her body revealing her supple perfect breasts. Ryder slowly lowered the camera and let his eyes rack down her body.

He felt like a twelve-year-old seeing his first pair of boobs.

She smirked and slid her hands up her tiny waits and over her breasts squeezing them. Ryder growled and glared up at her, he felt his pants tighten more as his cock grew and throbbed.

She was doing this on purpose. She wanted him to give in.

She turned around and grabbed the sides of her panties bending over slightly and slowly slid them over her round ass. Ryder watched the fabric slide down the perfect curve of her butt.

The panties fell at her feet and Ryder had to fight the urge to grab her.

"Oops!" She gasped innocently and reached back unclasping her bra. She pulled it off and threw it back at him. He caught it and looked up into the gaze that was casted over her should.

She now stood there naked facing away from him. She turned her head leaving him staring at her the back of her curly brown locks.

He watched her slide her hands down her body and down to her womanhood. He couldn't see it but he knew from the sound of her moan that she was touching herself.

"Stop now." He growled out quickly the dominance taking over.

She looked over him, casting him a flirtatious glare, "or what? You gonna come over here and do something about it?" she spoke in a tempting tone.

god, she's like the forbidden fruit. Ryder thought a small groan leaving his lips before he stormed over to her. He grabbed her hips and turned her to face him, she smirked and jumped up on his hips as he slammed her back into the wall.

she gasped and leaned her head back obviously enjoying this with the smile on her face. she wouldn't be smiling very soon.

"I'm gonna wipe that smug look right off your face," he growled into her neck as he bit her skin tasting her sweet softness.

"Try me." she moaned out and pushed her hips into his hard bulge.

he cursed under his breath and picked her up off the wall carrying her up to her room. He slammed the door behind him and dropped her down on the bed as he crawled over her. His hand found its way down to her sweet wet womanhood.

He dragged his fingers down the softness of her womanhood as his finger coated in her sweet juices. He aggressively played with her clit. pushing his thumb hard on it.

she yelped with pleasure and wrapped her legs tightly around him, her hips moving in a circle on his fingers wanting more like a lusty kitten.

he abruptly pulled his fingers away as she was about to get off to his rubbing not letting her. she panted and deflated, "Ryder." she whined frustratedly against his lips. she kissed him hungrily and sloppily her tongue dancing with his in the wetness of her mouth.

he leaned back and pulled off his shirt over his throwing it. he stepped off the bed and took off his pants leaving him in his boxers. he looked around Kat's rooms quickly trying to find something specific.

when his eyes landed on a Chanel string around one of her shoe boxes the gears started turning. he smirked and grabbed the long string walking back over to her. he crawled over her and pushed her back hard into the bed. He grabbed her hands roughly and held them above her head. He started tying her two soft hands together.

kat moaned looking up into his eyes submissively, he growled and crashed his lips down hard on hers as he finished the knot. he tied her bonded hands to the bed frame and took off his boxers.

he slammed his thick veiny cock into her tight entrance fast and hard causing kat to yelp out and pull down on her tied up hands. he started thrusting into her hitting her soft g-spot repeatedly, kat moaned loud and arched her back. her lips parted and she panted hard looking up into his dominant gaze.

she pulled down hard against the restraints as he fucked her out. once he felt her start to get close to her orgasm and her walls started squeezing around his cock, he pulled out quickly so she couldn't climax, she cried out and moaned breathlessly needing her release. He he only smirked down at her submissive state.

"it's so fun watching you be all cocky, then when you actually feel my cock you get all blushy and helpless." he slammed back into her hard making her dig her legs into the bed and moan. he leaned down against her lips and captured her bottom lip between his teeth biting it softly.

he held his length inside of her and growled, "its cute."

he kept edging her on till she was a shaky breathy mess, her body couldn't handle it anymore and he loved looking at her helplessness. she begged and begged him to make her cum, and he eventually took pity on her.

thrusting his hard cock inside of her she quickly reached her orgasm. she practically screamed as the sweet ecstasy overtook her face. her cum coated his length as he got close to finishing. he pushed himself inside her tight wet walls a few times before he groaned deeply and pulled out.

he took off the condom and rubbed his length as he came all over her delicate sore body. she panted and bit her lip moaning as he did it.


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