Fifty Shades of Lingerie

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3| The Tease

Ryder Bane

Ryder had no idea what it was. This women irritated the shit out of him, but his hands itched to be all over her body making her go crazy for him.

He wanted to wipe that smug smirk off her face and shut her up by stuffing his cock in her mouth.

He stared down at her vulnerable body and bit his lip.

God why was it so hard not to touch her, he wanted to, and he knew he couldn't get intimate with her or he would get disqualified.

That fact that she was tempting him made him even more mad. She was derailing everything and it was only the first shoot.

Ryder kneeled down over her on the ground and she wrapped her legs around his waist.

"Stop." He growled and ran his hands down her side gripping her hip.

"Stop what babe?" She said with mock innocence, "I'm just doing my job."

He squeezed her hip harder, his other hand was on the ground next to her holding him up.

"What's got you all worked up Ryder?" She puffed her lip out and tilted her head like she had no idea. He felt her hand trail down his chest till she reached the hem of his shirt.

Then he felt her hands trace the exposed skin on his waist line starting to go into his pant line. His breathing hitched and he reached down and grabbing her hands pinning them above her head.

She giggled and smirked at him only fueling his anger and hunger for her more.

He reached down and grabbed the blue straps that attached to her panties and pulled up on them.

Ryder watched Kat gasp and squeeze her legs tighter around him.

He pulled harder and her back arched urging for more relief. He let go of them and she breathed hard relaxing. He knew desire was lacing his dark pupils, and that's why she smirked.

"I hate you." He said gruffly with poison in his voice, pushing his hip down hard into hers.

She smirked and leaned up so her lips would graze his as she spoke, " least now we're even. You got a reaction out of me...and judging by the situation between your legs I'd say I got my reaction too." She whispered and got out from under him, strutting away he sat up and watched her hips sway.

He sat there fuming, his fists clenched he cursed and got up.

That girl made him so incredibly angry and horny at the same time. He wanted nothing more than to grab her by the throat and make her beg on her knees for him.

He hated her.


He sat on the sectional in the living room, his laptop sitting on his lap as he edited the photos. He didn't have to touch Kat, annoyingly she was perfect in all the pictures, she knew how to work the lighting. He was editing the background to be more fantasy like.

He took editing classes so the pictures looked magical. The over head shot he edited to make it look she was laying down in a glowing moon pool. He thought it looked awesome, and frankly it did.

He was starting to edit the other ones, adding in whimsical backgrounds, when Kat walked down the stairs in some normal clothes.

Well as normal as it got for that girl.

She was dressed in a low cut black crop top that hugged her bodice. It had the text 'one more time baby' in script writing across the front and red line hemming the edges. She paired it with some low cut white shorts.

She walked into the kitchen and got out a bag of cherries she must have brought. She washed a couple and put them on a paper towel. She walked into the living room sitting next to him.

She looked at him coldly and raised a eyebrow, "what?"

"Absolutely nothing..." he mumbled and turned back to his computer.

He kept editing but he found his mind was distracted. He forced himself to focus on the work as she turned on the tv.

He gave in and glanced at her from the corner of his eyes and saw her lift a cherry by its stem and place it between her parted lips.

His mind and body was enraptured.

He watched her swirl her tongue around it a few times and he felt that awaken a deep part of his body. His mind ran with the sight of that imagining that tongue swirling around the head of his dick.

He shivered.

He bit his lip to hold himself at bay. The best part was she wasn't even aware he was watching her. Her eyes were trained on the tv.

She bit lightly into the cherry making the scarlet juice run down her supple lips.

He watched a tiny droplet hang from her lip and drip onto her chest running the red liquid into her cleavage.

"Fuck" she mumbled with the cherry in her mouth and looked down.

He lost it.

He set his laptop down next to him and pushed her back on the sofa.

She looked up at him with startled and excited eyes. He broke his gaze from her eyes and looked at her cherry soaked lips.

He reached forward and grabbed the cherry by the stem out of mouth.

He then squeezed the juice all over her chest. He leaned down and dragged his hot tongue over the juice cleaning it up.

The juice rolled up her neck so he followed it with his tongue, running over sensitive spots. She ran her fingers down his back gripping his shirt.

He leaned back and saw the juice still glistening on her lips. He locked eyes with her, sending her a sultry lustful look as he licked her lips slowly.

He savored the taste of the cherry and the raw taste of her soft lips.

She shivered and wrapped her legs around his waist, desire filling her ocean blue eyes, "if you wanted a cherry you could've just asked." She whispered.

"I'd rather take it front you." He responded.

"Prick." She breath out closing her eyes and arching her back.

Ryder growled and trailed his finger down her spine supporting her arching back.

He got up off her and shook his head sitting back in his spot. He glared at her, she was making him put this opportunity on line.

The rule they stressed the most he was already tip toeing around, and that made him furious with her for having that effect on him.


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