Fifty Shades of Lingerie

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30| The Witness

Kat Lovelace

Kat was getting ready for Kevin's party tonight. Ryder didn't want to go and that was understandable, he was stabbed in the arm.

She slid on a deep red color over her supple lips before fluffing a hand through her brown locks. She stood up and walked over to the mirror looking at her long glittery black dress in the mirror.

Kat put on her black pumps and walked down the stairs to find Ryder laying down the sofa.

He looked up at her and she watched his eyes slowly rack up and down her body taking in all her curves. He bit his lip and let out a small groan from the back of his throat. It did all kinds of things to Kat, she let out a hot sight and smiled at him.

"You look...really fucking good." Ryder growled out deeply practically eye fucking her.

She smirked, "might wanna close your mouth or you'll drool sweetheart."

He smirked showing off his irresistible dimples, "where are you going?"

"Well, Kevin really wanted me to stop by at his party tonight so I thought I'd swing over there and say hello."

"That's your 'swing by' outfit." He snickered which earned a playful glare from her.

"In fact, yes, yes it is. And if you don't like it suck my-"

"Alright whatever just don't get wasted again." He cut her off getting up off the couch. He walked over to her slowly with a sexy mysterious look on his face.

"But before you go..." He grabbed her hand and pulled her quickly in his chest before he wrapped his arms around her. Kat gasped lightly and blushed looking up at him, her heart racing at his mere touch.

She put her hands on his chest and opened her eyes up into his dark gaze.

She bit her lip and looked down at his lips. Rider growled and pushed her back hard into the wall. She sighed softly and leaned her head up.

Ryder grabbed her face and pushed his lips down on hers hungrily. His lips parting and his tongue slipping into her mouth to meet her hot tongue. She moaned into the kiss and deepened the it by closing and opening her mouth quickly over his.

She tilted her head and he slid his hand down her side. His fingers tickled over her thigh lightly before grabbing it and pulling it up his side.

He pushed his hips deep into hers causing her to whimper and move her soft lips over his more eagerly.

She felt his cock start to harden again on her and she took that as her moment to leave before all her clothes ended up discarded on the floor.

She pulled away and panted looking up into his eyes. He smirked cockily and she raised an eyebrow.

"What?" She asked

"I wanted to see that red lipstick smeared all over you..." he growled and ran his fingers through her hair as he planted a small kiss on her lips.

She blushed and glared at him, "asshole, it's all over you too." She scoffed and pushed his chest away. She moved to the mirror by the door and whined as she started to wipe the smudged lipstick.

He chuckled and moved behind her in the mirror wrapping his arms around her and kissing her neck, "oh come on."

"Dickwad." She elbowed his side and grabbed her red lip stick from her clutch.

He chuckled as she reapplied it, but she couldn't help the smile that spread across her lips.


Kat walked up the steps to Kevin and Lauren's cabin. She could hear the drowned out sound of music as she approached the door. She found it pointless to knock so she just walked in.

She looked around at the changing neon lights and the loud music playing. People were talking in groups or other random people were dancing together with drinks.

She smiled and closed the door behind her. She walked inside and grabbed herself a red solo cup filling it with beer.

She took a soft sip from it and looked around for a face she wanted to talk to.

Her eyes landed on Lauren and she inwardly groaned. Not a face she wanted to talk to.

She turned around quickly but the southern bitch already spotted her.

"Kat!" She yelled

Kat groaned and turned back around putting on a big smile, "!" she chuckled drily and embraced the girl who pretty much tackled her in a forced hug.

"How's Ryder? I heard about his arm." She hissed out in the most insensitive way.

Kat made a fist, "he's amazing..."

"God I don't know you control yourself around a man like that. Whew, I'd eat him right up" she fanned her face and sighed softly, "I might try and get his number after the competition."

Kat glared at her, "yeah!" She said with fake enthusiasm, "but he doesn't really go for cow titty drinking yeehaw girls." She spat at her and rolled her eyes as she pushed past her.

Was it petty? Yes.

Was it jealousy? Yes.

Did she regret it? Maybe later.

She walked down the hall sighing when she spotted another familiar face waiting by the bathroom.

"Hey Cole." She smiled and waved to him.

He turned and his jaw dropped a bit when he took in her appearance, "You don't do casual now do you?" He smiled and met her eyes.

She smirked and shook her head, "never my thing."

"You're gorgeous." He mumbled letting his eyes move down her body quickly, "uh in a ways as friends...of course." He smiled bashfully laughing.

"Why thank fiends of course." She replied and they both shared a laugh.

As the laughed died Kat realized he was growing closer to her. She froze and her expression melted from her face as she subtly moved back into the wall.

Before she could even process what was happening Cole kissed her.

It felt awful and wrong and her body was screaming for these lips to be Ryder's.

It took her a moment to suck her soul back into her body and push him off. He stumbled back with a deer caught in headlights expression.

"I-I thought we were having a moment." He stammered out.

"There was never a moment!?" Kat yelled frantically running her fingers through her hair.

He sighed and shook his head storming off.


She touched her lips as a bad feeling settled inside of her.

She looked down the empty hallway and into the busy living room.

little did she know Ryder saw that whole thing.

Well everything expect Kat pushing him away.


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