Fifty Shades of Lingerie

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32| The Dark

Kat Lovelace

Kat got out of the cabin quickly. She couldn't stay in there. She felt like he ripped her heart out and ate it right in front of her.

She held her hands to her chest and willed this familiar pain in her body to go away.

She cried and closed her eyes walking down the steps and on the path to the lake.

Even after Ryder saw Kat pull away from Cole he still didn't care. He still only saw her as a sex object.

She sobbed and choked out a yelp as the one person she truly cared for didn't even see her as anything but a whore.

She was starting to believe she was nothing too. After hearing it from your mother all your life you'll start to do that.

Her breathing hitched as the tears streamed down her face and burned her cheeks.

Her stomach hurt and her noise was starting to run. She just wanted to watch the waves and pretend her life was perfect.

When she got to the lake she sat on some of the rocks and looked out at the rolling black waves. It reminded her of the feeling inside of her chest.

Black waves of sadness crushing her heart, crushing Ryder's words into her.

She wrapped her arms around her body and pulled her legs into her chest. The cool midnight air wrapped around her and the darkness made her feel alone and small.

Well, Ryder made her feel that way first.

What hurt even more was she still wanted him to care about her. She hoped he'd chase after her and hold her then tell her that he was kidding.

But he didn't come.

She shivered and buried her head in her knees letting the tears fall.

"Kat?" A confused concerned voice sounded behind her.

She gasped and wiped her eyes and nose turning around to see Kevin's soft face. Seeing his sympathetic eyes made her tears pour faster.

He ran over to her and wrapped his comforting arms around her. She fell into his chest and choked out sobs.

"Kat what's wrong." He rubbed her arm soothingly.

She had to be honest, she needed at least one person to care about her.

"Me and Ryder have been messing around.." she rubbed her nose and looked up at him.

"I kind of caught on to that." He smiled sadly, like he knew what was coming.

"Y-you did?" She sniffled and wiped a tear off her cheek.

"Yeah," he shrugged, "its just the way he looks at you when he thinks no ones watching him. I'm a very observant person." He smiled and wiped away her coming tears.

But hearing this only made the pain in his chest squeeze and shake her broken heart, "well...all those looks was just him eye fucking me. Because h-he saw Cole kiss me at the party and saw me pull away, but he was only concerned that his fuck toy was with other people. He didn't even care that I pulled away because...because I think I love him Kevin." She cried hard burying her face into his chest.

She didn't want to see the pity in his eyes as he looked at her helplessly in love state.

Helplessly in love with an asshole.

"Oh Kat." He whispered sadly and rubbed her arm. He gave her squeeze and moved her so she was looking up at him. "What did he say?"

Kat let her salty tears pour down her face and she recalled his words she couldn't stop hearing, "he said I meant nothing to anyone besides sex. That everyone that meets me only sees a pair of breasts...he made me feel so worthless..." she shuddered and curled up into him.

"Kat don't listen to him. I have no idea what got into him but I know he doesn't mean what he said. I know that's wrong because you mean so much to me and I don't want anything from you besides your amazing company. You are such a unique amazing person and you never deserve to feel anything less." He spoke but Kat couldn't hear his compliments.

All she saw was Ryder's angry face and his poisonous word.

She nodded softly and looked down.

"You can crash at my cabin if you want, or Zada's. I know she wouldn't mind. I'll always be here for you." He spoke softly and got up, "are you gonna he okay here on your own? I'm a call or walk away."

She forced a smile weakly at him and nodded, "yeah I feel better. Go on ahead." Lie.

He nodded and walked off. Leaving Kat, the dark waves, and the crushing pain of a broken heart alone with the night.

She held her knees to her chest and looked out at the waves like an empty shell. The tears silently fell and soaked into the ground.

Suddenly she heard a rustle behind the darkness. Her head perked and she wiped her eyes looking around.

Right when she was going to dismiss it she heard some footsteps. Her heart rate quickened and she put her legs down sitting up.

She looked around her, "Kevin?"

"Not Kevin." She heard a strangers voice around her making her jump.

She then saw a mans body emerge from the dark with a sickening smile on his face. It made her stomach lurch and her body be taken over by fear.

She moved back on the rock as she the man approached her.

"My names Vincent, I'm a friend of your boyfriends." He said making her raise an eyebrow.

"W-who?" She spoke softly looking up at his intimidating face.

"Oh, Ryder, of course."

"He's n-not-"

"Save me the details, I'm here for something specific." He smirked evilly and it chilled Kats blood.

"What?" She said shakily.

"You." He said almost...sweetly, but there was something toxic about it.

She went to scream when she felt arms wrap around her and hold her tight as a cloth was place over her mouth.

She let out muffled screams and jerked her body around trying to get free. She didn't want to breath in the intoxicating smell but she couldn't hold her breath any longer.

The smell filled her noise and her lungs and suddenly the world grew dark and her eyelids dropped like weights.

And the darkness engulfed her world.


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