Fifty Shades of Lingerie

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33| The Forever

A/n: this is the last chapter. then epilogue :,) it's been fun friends, thank you.

Ryder Bane

Ryder sat on the edge of his bed with his head in his hands. Seeing her crying, and knowing he caused it, was burning a hole in him.

He growled and shot up off the bed walking downstairs. He had to find Kat, and tell her how he felt and hope she could forgive him.

But before he could even get his shoes on there was a frantic knock at the door.

His first thought was that it was Kat.

He ran over to the door and swung it open with a hopeful look on his face that fell when he saw a scared looking Kevin.

He features set into a glare, "What's up with your face?" He asked as nicely as possible.

"It's Kat." He panted out like he just ran a marathon. Hearing this made Ryder freeze and the glare on his face melt off.

"I was comforting her at the lake after what you did to her." Kevin shot him a glare, probably the first time he's seen Kevin do anything but smile. "when I was walking back to my cabin I heard a distant muffled scream and some struggling. I ran back but Kat was gone."

Ryder looked down at the ground and his jaw clenched, his hand made a fist and before he could respond his suspicions were confirmed when he got a text from an unknown number.

He took out his phone.

'Got your porcelain doll, Ryder. ;) there's no chips in her glass yet but there can be. Bring money to this address or she's shattered. Yours truly, Vincent.'

There was an image attached.

He opened it and saw a picture of Kat tied up to a chair crying with tape over her mouth. His heart quickened and his eyes narrowed into a hard glare as anger and fear filled him up.

"What? What's happening is Kat okay." Kevin asked trying to get a look at his phone.

Ryder pushed him back, "Kat just texted me. She's fine, go back to your cabin Kevin." He growled out. He needed Kevin gone because he was a hair away from killing something.

"But the scream-" he questioned as Ryder started to guide him roughly out the door

"Nope Nope all good, bye!" He pushed him out on the porch and shut the door.

Once he heard footsteps walking away and he was sure no one would hear he yelled and smashed his fist into the mirror shattering it.

He panted and looked at his broken reflection on the mirror. He needed Kat in his life and he wasn't going to lose her.

He wrapped a paper towel around his knuckles and ran up the stairs. He rummaged around in the deepest part of his closet till he found a small box.

He sighed shakily and opened it to find a beautiful necklace. It had a rose gold chain and three large diamonds in row.

It was Rhys' mother's necklace. He said it was the the only think he had of her. When he started going down hill, about a week before he was killed, Rhys gave it to Ryder. He told him to change his life with it.

It was worth a little more then 5,000 dollars. And he was going to use it to get her, the girl already started to change his life, back.

He slipped it into his pocket and and jogged back down the stairs. He grabbed his coat, his rental car keys, and his pistol.

He loaded it and pulled the slide back. He switched the safety on and put it into the back of his pant line then walked out of the cabin and into the dark night.


He pulled up to a normal looking house in a woodsy area. Anybody glancing at it from the outside would see the basketball hoop and discarded toys in the front yard and think...

What a nice family home.

But Ryder looked at it and saw Scarlet Crow dirtbags probably cooking up meth and killing people.

He growled and walked up to the front door confidently, even though every part of him was worried about Kat.

He didn't knock he opened the door and walked into the dimly lit house. It wreaked of danger and looked dirty.

He wrinkled his nose when Vincent walked down the hall looking down at him from the stairs.

"You're Doll is in the basement. Don't worry we've been playing very carefully with her. Wouldn't wanna damage a toy so beautiful." Vincent smirked and walked down the steps.

Ryder growled and clenched his fists hard, "She isn't anybody's toy. She's her own independent woman-"

"Oh blah blah blah. Save the sweet talk for when you see her, big guy." He rolled his eyes.

"Is Carlos here too?" Ryder asked.

"Psh, the boss wouldn't bother with debt collecting. He's got important stuff to do in L.A." He walked down the other steps leading into the downstairs. He opened a hatch in the floor that opened up to a very cold damp room.

It smelt terrible, like rotting bodies and mildew, and he climbed down into the room. It was lit by one flickering hanging light, something straight from a horror movie, and he saw dried blood all over heh floor.

Very cute.

Kat was in the chair, tied up just like she was in the picture looking extremely pissed off and scared. Dried tears stained her mascara streaked cheeks and Ryder longed to reach out and hold her.

His face softened as he looked at her and hers seemed to do the same. Her eyes pleaded for him and she sobbed gently in the chair.

He took a step towards her but two buff guys on her side stepped forward and glared.

Ryder snarled and looked at their gang tattoos on their shoulders, "The money, Bane, then the girl. You know how these things work." Vincent spoke behind him as he climbed down the ladder.

"I see Carlos still has his goons running his errands. Nice to know you guys are still submissive puppies I remember." Ryder growled out.

One of the men stared daggers at Ryder and wordlessly pulled out a gun, holding it to Kats temple.

He tensed and sucked in a sharp breath as Kat shivered and squeezed her eyes closed as if anticipating a bullet.

"How's that for submissive puppy." The other one said with a shrug.

"Point taken." Ryder snarled.

"Alright, Ryder, the money, and it better be at least more than 3,000 or there's gonna be a bullet in her head." Vincent said walking out in front of him.

"Hows 5,000." He reached into his pocket and pulled out the glittery diamond and gold necklace holding it out.

He felt oddly good about giving it away. Somehow he knew that Rhys would want him to get his happiness back. That's all he ever wanted.

He looked at Kat and his heart warmed and his urge to protect and love her at all cost took over his body and he knew. He loved her.

The man who swore to never care about another person again, loved a girl who stepped on his foot and pretty much called him a pussy when they first met.

And he couldn't have been more happy about it.

Vincent chuckled and smirked like the Cheshire Cat then snatched the necklace, "I expect the other 5,000 sooner rather than later, but this will hold Carlos off. Then once you give us that, your scarlet blood turns red again. Shame."

"Yeah huge shame, now give me the girl." He growled out.

Vincent turned to the two men and nodded. They cut the ropes and untied the knots freeing her. She struggled against the ropes eager to get out.

When they finally ripped the tape off she winced and looked at him.

"Ryder." She panted out and ran over to him.

The whole world didn't matter to him. She was okay. God she was okay. He smiled brightly and scooped her up into his arms.

He sighed out and she buried her face into his neck sobbing silently as she wrapped her arms tightly around him. She felt right in his arms, she belonged here and he never intended to let her or give her a reason to go.

"You're okay, oh my god you're okay." He sighed our relieved. "Kat I'm so sorry. I didn't mean what I said before, I was hurt so bad as a kid my brain is hardwired now to hurt everyone around me before they can get a chance to do it me. When I saw you kissing Cole at the party, and when Lauren told me about other guys you've been seeing it hurt me really bad. And I went into defense mode. But really I never gave you a reason to stick around with only me. I didn't make you feel special enough or cared for enough and that's my fault. That's why I plan on doing it a lot. Because I love you, I love you so fucking much it hurts."

He pulled away slightly and looked into her teary eyes, his heart beating faster then a road runner. She smiled softly at him and cupped his cheek, she was crying happy tears now.

"Every time I look at you. I fall and drown into those ocean blue eyes. I know that I'm in way to deep to swim back up. I don't want to swim up, I want to drown myself in you. I want the man I was to die and I want the man I am with you to be who everyone sees. I want you Kat. I love you."

"I love you too." She smiled brightly and he beamed right back.

She choked out a sob and kissed him hard and fast. There was a burst pf passion and electricity being the kiss and it spread through out his body, he felt alive.

"Alright get the fuck out before I shoot you both." Vincent rolled his eyes.


Ryder couldn't stop glancing at Kat from the corner of his eye. He held hands with her and he had their laced together hands resting on her lap as they drove back to the cabins.

Kat caught him staring and chuckled, "we're gonna crash and die if you don't pay attention dumbass."

He rolled his eyes and glared playfully at the road, "you love the attention on you don't lie."

"Well I'm mad, it took you way too long to come save me." She gave him a little humph and wiped her cheeks clean.

"You could've handled yourself." He said confidently.

Kat laughed and nodded, "I know I could've." She teased and a comfortable silence settled around them.

"Hey Ryder." She spoke up softly.


"At the party, Cole kissed me, and I pushed him away. I'm guessing you didn't see that huh?" She said and looked over at him gently.

Ryder knitted his eyebrows together, "what? No I didn't. But Lauren also told me you two were good friends and you had been with other guys."

"Well...she was showing interest in you at the party and I kinda got jealous and said some...mean words to her. I'm sure she said that to make you mad at me and to get back me. But I'm gonna change how I am towards people, I'm gonna try being nicer." She nodded and sighed contently to herself, a soft smile took over her face as she looked at her lap.

"God, I really should have just let you talk instead of snapping on you." Ryder chuckled and shook his head, he glanced at her and lifted her hand kissing it softly. "But it's over now. And I have you, all mine, officially as my girlfriend. I'll never put you through that again."

Kat turned to him and smiled, she leaned over the center console and traced his jawline before planting a kiss on his lips.

"You better not because I'll cut your dick off." She mumbled sweetly and smirked as she sat back in her seat.

Ryder smiled to himself as he drove back to the cabins. He came to this competition in hopes to change his life.

He very much did change it, maybe not in the way he expected, but in the way he needed.

He found his forever.


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