Fifty Shades of Lingerie

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34| The Epilogue

~mature content warning~

Kat Bane

Kat dragged her finger along the mantel above the fire place collecting the dust that accumulated there.

Ryder was supposed to dust. She thought and shook her head, but her slight annoyance quickly washed away when she started looking at the many pictures that gathered there.

She smiled softly when she saw the picture of her and Ryder when they won the Victoria Secret competition. Ryder was picking her up and smiling brighter than the sun. She knew he was trying so hard not to kiss her.

Kat sighed at the wistful memories, that was so long ago.

The next picture was a picture that Ryder took of her against her will. She was painting their first house they bought together. She had light blue paint all over her when Ryder came through and snapped a candid of her. She chuckled at her pissed off pout on her face as she held a paint brush in the picture.

She glanced over at the next picture, it was a group picture of Kevin, Zada, Kat, Ryder, and one of their new friends Emily. They all were smiling so big because they all were offered jobs at Victoria secret after the competition.

She moved on to another picture. It was one of her and her brother Jacksons. It was taken two years ago when she was finally allowed to see him again. She was crying like a mess and Jackson looked so happy as they embraced in the parking lot of some diner. Of course Ryder had captured a picture because he takes his camera everywhere.

Kat sucked in a breath and put a hand over her heart when she saw her wedding picture. She picked it up and looked at it. It was a picture of Ryder tucking a piece of hair behind Kats ear...she looked so happy and in love. They didn't even know the photographer was taking the picture, it was so raw and she loved it.

Of course Ryder was pissed he couldn't be the photographer for their wedding but he kind of had other things to do that day.

She laughed and bit her lip before setting the picture back down.

The last picture was Kat in labor with their first son, Rhys.

She was standing by the hospital bed, holding on to it for support as she held her big pregnant stomach. Ryder had told her a stupid joke which made her give a pained but happy smile as he snapped the picture.

The next photo was her holding Rhys in the hospital bed after she gave birth. It made her heart twisted with nostalgia, he was four now.

God where did the time go.

She was standing there floating through memories when a pair of strong arms wrapped around her.

She smiled softly and leaned back into Ryder's chest. She sighed and laid her hand over his.

"Kevin and his boyfriend just stoped by to take Rhys to the park. That means we are alone my love." He leaned down and kissed her cheek. "Also Jackson stopped by yesterday when you were out."

"Ah finally, I need a glass of wine-"

"No, I need you." Ryder growled out and turned her around. He leaned down and grazed his lips along hers before capturing her bottom lip between his teeth and biting softly.

"Wait, real quick I have a surprise for you." She gave him a huge smile and reached into her pocket pulling out a necklace box.

He raised his eyebrow and took it gingerly from her, "uh usually I buy necklaces for you..."

"Just open it." She bit her lip with anticipation.

Ryder rolled his eyes and smiled opening it, when the lid came off he stilled. His eyes widened and his mouth dropped.

"How did you-" he pulled out Rhys' mother's necklace, the one he used to save her. The three large diamonds glittered in the light and the rose gold chain was gorgeously polished.

"I've been going through every pawn shop to see if they had it pretty much since we got married, and one called me back finally and said they had it." She looked up at him with so much love and excitement in her eyes as he marveled at it.

"I figured we could give it to our second kid...if she's a girl." she giggled and bit her lip.

"We don't have- " his eyes nearly bursted from his head ad he looked up at her with the biggest smile. "Kat you're pregnant!" He gasped.

She nodded and he smothered her in the biggest hug.

"My period was late this month so I took a test and sure as shit." She said softly.

"I love you, oh my god I love you. I'm so happy." He leaned back and captured her lips in a kiss.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back. He deepened it quickly slipping his tongue in her mouth. His soft lips moved quickly over hers as he pressed his bulge into her and rubbed slowly.

Kat moaned into the kiss and he pushed her back into the mantel making some pictures knock over. She didn't care though, she needed him.

She slid a leg up his side and he grabbed her other one picking her up on his waist.

He growled and walked her up the stairs as his lips traveled to her neck leaving sloppy kisses as his tongue tasted her sensitive skin. He sucked and left as large hickey right on the spot that made her wild. Her legs shivered and she arched her back letting out a breathy moan.

She could feel him hardening against her womanhood, so she started to grind making him groan.

He walked into their room and shut the door. He put he back on the bed, "stay." He commanded in his sexy deep voice which made her wet beyond belief.

He walked over to their dresser and pulled out a set of pink fuzzy handcuffs.

Kat giggled and smirked, he crawled over her and set them to the side. He grabbed her shirt and ripped it right off, then he grabbed her black skirt and slid it down off her perfect legs. He took off his own shirt too.

He stared at her lace black lingerie and garter belt which held up her stockings. He growled, "some things really don't change, and I don't mind that." He slid his hands down her thighs making her squirm with anticipation.

He took off her panties and tossed them to the side. He then moved down between her legs and dragged his tongue along her wet womanhood. She gasped and gripped the bed from the pleasure.

His tongue swirled around her clit before he closed his mouth over it and suckled gently.

She moaned out his name and slid her hands into his hair. He chuckled deeply against her sensitive folds and kept working his perfect tongue.

Right when she was about to cum and she was grinding her hips into his face he pulled away.

She panted and whined out a moan wanting him terribly bad, she reached down to touch herself but he grabbed her wrist and glared lustfully at her.

"Don't even think about it." He growled out and moved to take off his pants.

He took off his boxers and slammed his length inside of her. Her walls stretched around his cock and she let out a loud moan.

She was so unbelievably in love and happy, her life was good.

And she had to thank about fifty shades of lingerie and a competition with some stupid rules for it.

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