Fifty Shades of Lingerie

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35|*bonus 1* The Day I Met You

~mature content warning (ofc)~

Ryder Bane

• 11 and a half months after competition; before epilogue •

"Always late." Ryder growled down at his camera before glancing at his watch, he couldn't help but grow angrier as another minutes ticked by Kat wasn't out of the changing room.

This was a common occurrence with that woman, and since she had moved in with him she isn't any faster getting ready before shoots.

Still always late, just this time she couldn't use her usually excuses of 'there was traffic' or 'the light was down.'

Their studio was literally the basement level of their house.

Ryders patience was wearing thinner and thinner till he heard the door open. He growled not even sparing her a glance as he set his camera on the tripod, a hard glare set on his face.

"Back" He demanded, already fed up he was going to be late submitting these prints to Abbey at Victoria secret.

He heard Kat's intoxicating little giggle and the click of her heals as she neared him, "oh I love it when you talk dirty to me." Her voice dripping in mock lust.

He kept his glare set in front of him until he felt her hands snake around his side before her familiar body pressed into him.

"Aw, Ryder, don't stay mad at me." She whined her voice now less playful and more sultry as she dropped her hand lower on his muscular chest.

It earned a hungry grunt from Ryder, he reached and grabbed her wrist pulling her in front of him. He opened his mouth to scald her when he took in her outfit.

The annoyance immediately melted away like snow in July. He let his eyes rake over her body.

She was wearing almost exactly what she was wearing the first time they met.

A small skin tight black dress, a big hat (not black but still huge like the one she was wearing), cat eye sunglasses, and of course those black thigh high boots.

A loving look warmed his face as a soft smile formed on his lips. His dark eyes were dripping with love for this women right here.

A woman who stomped on his foot with the high heal of her of her boot. The woman he crushed his walls for. The woman he fell in love with.

Her own expression lightened a thousand watts, "you like it?" She said doing a little twirl, "brings back memories huh?"

"Many memories. I can recall that day perfectly." He smiled, now completely forgetting about the shoot as he started to get wrapped up in her. He placed his hands on her hips gently closing a bit of space between them.

She smiled wistfully and wrapped her arms around his neck. He got lost in a her ocean eyes, swimming through them as waves of adoration crashed on the shores of his heart.

He had drowned in these eyes, inhaled the water in and learned to breath again.

"Mm really? Tell me about it, my memories a bit foggy." She playfully lied as he pulled her flush to his chest.

Ryder leaned closer to her face and lowered his voice as if it was a secret. His voice hers to hear as he spoke, "I had just arrived to florida taking a long ass Uber ride to the cabin grounds. I was already tired because of course the under driver was hitting on me the whole way there. Ya know, cause I'm so sexy." He chuckled embellishing the last part with a goofy grin on his lips.

Kat smiled widely and wrinkled her nose, "mm, so sexy." She mimicked his words playing along.

"And I was looking around through all the models and photographers wondering where to go next, when..." he paused for dramatic effect gazing across her face. He got lost for a minute, smiling cheekily to himself as he wondered how lucky he was to wake up to that cute little button nose and that smile, god that smile, every day.

"Whennn?" She waited with a slight roll of her eyes.

"I saw the ugliest girl in the most hideous sun ha-"

"Watch it or there will be a couch downstairs with your name on it. Plus, I got a new shipment of lingerie I will enjoy all by myself happily." She gave him a sassy 'hump' turning her nose up in the air slightly with her eyes closed.

He grabbed her and slammed her up against the wall, "oh that's just mean." He dropped his voice into a lower more husky tone watching her blue eyes darken into a more navy color.

He loved watching her eyes change color every time he made her horny.

"Then finish the story dummy." She pushed his chest slightly before looking up into his hungry eyes. He weak push did nothing as he stayed rooted in place.

He smirked, "alright alright, then I saw this woman. She kinda looked like you."

She narrowed her eyes playfully, "oh did she?"

"Yeah, and she was wearing this awfully sexy skin tight black dress and hugeee sun hat." He said his voice low as he tightened his grip around her, he pushed his hips in hers earning a little gasp from her as she started to slowly grind on him.

He held back a groan as he grabbed her hat and tossed it on the floor.

That was going to get in the way...

"She had these cat eye sunglasses that made her look very mysterious but spoiler.... she is just a bitch."

That earned a slap on the chest and a chuckle from him.

"And that was correct because she stepped on my foot then told me to grow a pair." He chuckled pulling her face closer so his smile laced lips grazed hers.

"Spoken like a true lady in my opinion." She mumbled before he crashed his lips down on hers driven with fiery lust

And love of course.

The photo shoot was the last thing on Ryders mind, with his lips burning with lust against hers, he needed her right now.

He pinned her against the wall grinding his growing bulge harder into, he groaned and moved his lips viscously over his. His tongue loving the taste of her mouth.

He craved to taste something else on her.

The smalls coos and moans escaping through the kiss drove him mad with lust. He tightened his grip on her before he grabbed her and picking her up effortlessly on his waist.

He carried her over to the desk where he slammed her down on it, stuff clattered to the floor but right now that was the least of his worries.

Ryders lips broke from hers as he started grinding his hard cock into her womanhood. Her dress riding up to her waist now, Ryder looked down at her blushed cheeks and seductive face as she moaned out eagerly.

"Ryder! Fuck that feels good take off my panties." She begged her hands feeling down her own body teasing Ryder.

He moaned and bit his lip hard watching her hands, reminding him how she would tease him during shoots back then. And still now let's be real. Working with her was a pain and blessing.

"Ask nicely." He teased in his husky voice, his hand traveling down to play with the hem of her panties. He pulled them ever so slightly making her arch her back and squirm eager to feel him.

"Please! Ah, please I need you." She looked up into his dark eyes with her face dripping in submission.

She was all bark and no bite.

He leaned down his veiny hand closing around her throat as he whispered against her lips, "good girl, now who's not going to be late for shoots?" His tongue traced her bottom lip as his other hands traveled down her stomach and into her panties feeling her wet womanhood.

She gasped out and moaned quickly, "me!"

Ryder smirked and slowly moved down her body. He pushed her legs apart quickly before pulling her to the edge of the desk. Not wasting a moment to take them off, he ripped the delicate lace panties off her.

It earned a small whine from Kat, "you're buying me new ones."

"Oh sure I'll just leave and get them now I gue-"

"No! No stay." She yelped quickly.

He smirked shooting her a seductive glare before moving in between her legs. He moved his face onto her womanhood his tongue moving teasingly.

God, he loved the taste of her.

His tongue swirled around her soft clit causing her to jerk and arch her back abruptly. She shivered out a delighted moan.

Her legs instinctively started to close but Ryder grabbed her thighs shoving them apart. He worked his tongue expertly over her sensitive folds, knowing all the spots that drove her fucking crazy.

Just then Ryder's phone blared to life. And with that a dirty idea popped into his head.

"Decline it." Kat moaned out grinding into him.

He ignored her taking the phone out of his pocket he wordlessly answered putting it on speaker.

"Hello? Ryder this Abbey D'illia from Victoria Sceret."

Kats eyes widened in horror and she quieted herself quickly. He muted the call momentarily.

"As punishment for making me wait, you have to take this call." He said with a mischievous grin.

"Okay I'm not sure why that's-"

"While I'm eating you out."

"Ryder! Are you cra-" she hissed

He unmuted it.

"Hey! Abbey how is everything." Kat quickly said.

Ryder moved between her legs again moving his lips and tongue on her womanhood more aggressively.

Abbey rambled off about due dates and photos while Kat struggled to hold in her moans.

"Mhm...mhm." Was all she was giving her as she let out quiet gasp and moans.

"Kat! Speak to me here, I need a rough estimate as to when you're sending these photos in. They publishers are waiting on you guys and harping on me!"

"Uh uh...ah Ryder." She slipped with a breathy moan, her face freezing "uh Ryder! Ryder and I have the shoot mostly done. One more outfit...." she bit her finger holding her yelps as Ryder teased her sensitive clit. " shoot then we will have it done" she finished her sentence trying to hurry her off the phone.

"Are you okay? You sound out of breath." Abbey asked concerned.

"Yes!" She yelled out a moan rubbing her fingers through Ryders hair forgetting abbey was even there for a second.

"Ahem, yes...I just got back from a run."

"Okay so you'll have them done by this week?" She asked.

Ryders tongue teased her entrance before dragging back up to her sensitive areas. He attacked her womanhood tasting all of her sweet juices. A small groan escaping his lips and onto her lips.

Kats legs shook slightly as they wrapped around him. Her fingers tightened in his hair as she arched her back. Ryder knew she was about to cum.

A smirk spread across his lips as he went harder rubbing her clit. She let out short breathy moan crying out, "fuck yes! yes, just like that!" She disregarded the phone completely as she came, Ryder was quick to drag his tongue over her entrance tasting every bit of her.

"Uh....okay....great to hear you're so enthusiastic about turning your work in past due dates. Don't let it happen again Miss. Lovelace! And rely the message to Mr. Bane! Bye!" She hung up leaving Kat in a panting frazzled mess.

Ryder leaned up staring into her lustful eyes with a sly smirk.

"I hate you, Ryder Bane, hate."

"Yes! Fuck just like that!" He simply just imitated her eager moans for him from a moment ago when she was coming.

Kat shot up and slapped his chest laughing, Ryder only chuckled and tackled her back on the desk ready for another round.

A/n: read this!! oh my fucking god. 1 MILLION!!!! I'm truly blow away right now. Never in my days would I imagine I'd reach that many. Lol chapter 7 I was thanking you guys for 100! It means the world! And In celebration I'm going to be writing 10 one shots from various moments in their lives. If you want to see more of a character, see someone's backstory you didn't see in the main story, or have some cute scenes you want to see Kat and Ryder in comment them and I'll do my best to incorporate it. This is for you guys!!

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