Fifty Shades of Lingerie

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36|*bonus 2* The Brunch

Kat Lovelace

12 months after competition; before epilogue

Kat Lovelace knew today had to be perfect. There was a lot going into today that made it have to go perfectly.

And Kat was far from perfect, she had a long line of past enemies that would vouch for that too.

But she was different now, being with Ryder and growing with him, made her into her own perfect.

Today Jackson was coming over for a lunch, it was the first time he was allowed to come over to her house. Everything was still very very rocky between her and her mother, but they were working through it.

She couldn't believe it had been a month since the first time she saw her little brother, she had Ryder to thank for that. He was the one who pushed her to call her mom.

Most tense phone call of her life, and the dinner they'd set up was even more tense.

Regardless the day had arrived, it was going to finally be Jackson and her under one roof.

Today was also Ryder and Kats one year anniversary, so on top of Jackson coming over for a brunch, all their friends and family were coming over too.

And the cherry on top.

Kat and Ryder were announcing her pregnancy with baby Rhys.

So as you can imagine, she was a little on edge.


Just a little.

"Babe, why are you freaking out?" He groaned walking down the stairs.

"Freaking out? Freaking. out. We have one hour before everyone gets here, I still need to make the fruit purée and the fruit salad, the table isn't set, I don't even have a shirt on, and I can't. Find. Those. Over priced. Fucking. Peaches!" She basically screamed out, running her fingers through her hair from frustration.

Ryder stared at her for a moment before wordlessly waking over to her. He flicked a towel away and held up the bag of peaches.

Kat looked at the peaches, then at him, and let out a sigh.

"I'm sorry, I'm being crazy, I'm just stressed because this is a really big day and-"

Ryder crashed his lips down on hers shutting her up, she melted immediately into the kiss. His lips fitting perfectly on hers as his hands found her hips pulling her in close to his body. She moaned softly into the kissed slipped her tongue into his mouth.

They stayed like that for a moment before they broke away slowly, Kat smiled softly and opened her eyes to meet his gaze. "Happy anniversary babe."

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box, opening it up between them, as dazzling pair of diamond earrings glittered in the box.

"I know you've been talking about how you never wear earrings and you wanted to start again. I also know that you stopped wearing them because the metal backs bothered" He dug into his pocket and held up a bag of clear plastic backings.

"Ryder..." she gasped softly and looked at the stunning pair of jewelry. Kat nearly cried at the fact he remembered such little things. "I love them, thank you." She threw her arms around Ryder and embraced him.

"I got something for you for you too." She whispered against his lips.

"Mm oh yeah?" He growled pushing her back against the counter.

"But you have to wait till this evening because this brunch is top priority." She patted his chest and pushed off him.

Ryder chuckled and grabbed the peaches, " I got the purée and the salad, you set the table and get dressed."

"Good plan, what they say about you is wrong, you are more than just a pretty face." Kat teased before pecking his lips.


Kat was ready right on time, and so was everything else. Ryder had cleaned up kitchen while she was getting herself together.

God she loved him so much. All the stuff he did, he didn't even know meant the world to her.

She was wearing a fitted knitted beige long sleeved top that was paired with some high waisted black jeans. She added a black Chanel belt that had the Chanel logo as the buckle in gold. She popped on a necklace and a gold watch, letting her wavy golden brown locks cascade down her shoulder, she was ready all right. And of course she had her new earrings on.

She walked downstairs and giggled, kissing Ryder quickly. People started to arrive shortly after, first was Kevin and Sebastian, his boyfriend, then was Zada and Emily, then her cousin Vera (who had set aside her very busy modeling schedule to be here), and then finally Jackson arrived with her grandma Callie.

Once Jackson stepped through those doors, Kat's world stopped. This was what she dreamed of for two years when she didn't have him in her life.

She wished for her world to be all under one roof, to see him, in her life, in her home, with all the people she loved. And here he was, this now 11 year old boy, all smiles, in her house.

She ran and hugged the shit out of him, "missed you Kitty Kat!" He giggled out.

"I missed you. Now let's go eat and you can tell me about school."


"Ahem, if everyone could give me their attention for a moment that would be wonderful." Kat said clearing her throat slightly as the brunch started to wind down.

Everyone quieted there small side convos and turned to Kat and Ryder as they stood up.

Ryder had a beaming smile on his face, his arm was wrapped around Kats waist protectively, a hand resting protectively on her stomach as he held her.

"As you know today is me and Ryders one year anniversary.-"

"You're getting married! Omg I thought I'd die before I'd see the day!" Grandma Callie exclaimed fanning her face.

This made Kat blush brighter than the strawberries on the table and made everyone else around the table laugh.

"N-no Grandma that not-"

"Actually...about that."

Everyone shut the fuck up real quick.

Kat whipped around to see Ryder on his knee, reaching into his pocket to grab yet another small black box, opening it to reveal a glittering ring.

Thump, thump, thump

Kat could feel her heart beating in her ear as time froze around her. Seeing him, looking into her eyes with the most adoring look, sent a happiness through her she didn't know a person could feel.

Warmth. Everything about Ryder was warm.


Every time he said her name it felt like a her heart beat for the first time.

"Will you marry me." He spoke softly, his words leaking with love. His eyes vulnerable, vulnerable for her and only her.

Kats hands flew to her mouth as she started to cry, she blinked back the warm droplets full of raw emotion and nodded quickly, "Yes, of course yes...! Now get off your knees and kiss me idiot." She smiled brighter than the surface of the sun.

He sprung up and kissed her passionately, a fire of new life behind their lips. Their friends and family around them cheered and hollered for the new couple. Their smiled were infinite.

Kat laughed and broke from the kiss looking at the happy party as Ryder held her.

"Also I'm pregnant! It's a boy! Woo..." She laughed and everyone stopped once again.

Kevin downed his mimosa and mumbled, "Yep this is a Kat Lovelace party..." he chuckled softly

Grandmas Callie looked as if she'd seen a ghost, then she screamed, then she cried, then screamed again. She was a roller coaster right now.

Jackson jumped up on the chair and fist pumped the air, "I'm gonna be an uncle! The best uncle. I'll let him stay up past our bed time and eat ice cream for dinner."

Kat laughed and leaned into Ryder chest, "slow your roll big guy."

Zada was firing off questions, "I need a name, due date, time of conception..."

"His name is Rhys." Ryder answered ignoring the last question.

Everyone was so excited and curious, and the two of them were eager to answer.

The evening definitely didn't go as planned, I mean Kat now had a shiny diamond on her ring finger and a fiancé to show for it.

But this unexpected turned out to be the perfect she was looking for.


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