Fifty Shades of Lingerie

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4| The Thief

Kat Lovelace

Kat retreated to her room for the rest of the night to avoid Ryder's scolding. That man was impossible and strange.

She scoffed rolling her eyes thinking about him and got up off her bed. Kat got her stuff around to take a shower, then she went out to find Ryder to discuss tomorrows shoot.

He wasn't downstairs and he wasn't in his room. Kat glanced outside at the darkness that blanketed the sky.

He's probably eating dinner at the pavilion, she thought. She wasn't hungry so she skipped it.

Then she got a devious idea, well all Kats ideas were devious. But, this one was especially because it meant she could mess with Ryder more.

She ran up the stairs to his room and stole his camera bag. She smirked smugly to herself and took out his fancy camera looking it over.

She's seen her fair share of cameras so she knew she could figure this one out.

She took it into her room and grabbed her gold elegant mirror and set it on the best along with the camera.

She then stripped bare.

Giggling, Kat walked over to her mirror and tilted it at just the right angel to not show anything Ryder would want to see.

But enough to tease the shit out of him when he found this picture.

Her curves were on film display, but the mirror hid away her intimate areas.

She raised the camera and snapped the picture. Her sly grin etched on her lips as she took it. She looked at the results and was very satisfied.

Kat quickly stored away his camera and walked through the bathroom to his room setting it exactly where she found it.


The next morning came to early. The bright sun spilled in past her airy white curtains washing over her delicate face.

She squinted and groaned at the warm rays and lifted her hand to shield her face.

She sighed and threw the covers off of her bodice sitting up in bed. Kat took a minute to stretch then got up and put on her robe.

She walked downstairs and, big surprise, saw Ryder up.

He looked up from his spot on the couch and noticed Kat.

"Finally, you're up. Get ready for the shoot right now, you're doing the air nymph today." He stood up and walked over to her.

She scoffed and crossed her arms over her chest. She jutted out her hip and raised an eyebrow at him, "no."

"No?" He asked in a confused irritated voice.

"I'm going to eat breakfast." She couldn't help but giggle at the look on his face. He seemed liked he wanted to push her up against a wall force her too stay.

"Why..." He growled out obviously trying to keep his temper in check.

God his temper was hot, Kat thought and smirked.

"Because I'm hungry..." she got in his face and grabbed the collar of his shirt. "and you don't control me." She whispered into his neck.

He grabbed her roughly by the hips and slammed her back into the wall.

Kat smirked and wrapped her legs around his waist as he picked her up on the wall. He ground his hips down hard into hers. She felt her body response to the rubbing and a pleasurable heat burned between her legs.

She felt Ryder's lips kiss her collar bone and move up her neck. She let out a sudden small moan when he sucked on a sensitive spot under her jawline.

She tilted her head back and squeezed her legs tighter around him, moving her hips on his bulge wanting to remove the clothes that got in her way.

Her hands roamed down Ryder's chest to his belt buckle.

He grabbed her hands with one hand and pinned them down behind her on the wall.

His other hand traveled down her chest and found the delicate fabric of her panties.

He pressed his fingers against her sensitive bundle of nerves causing her to gasp and buck her hips on his fingers.

The wetness in her panties coated his fingers, she panted and arched her back wanting more. He smirked and pulled away from her neck. She met his eyes quickly with a desire filled glare.

He grabbed her neck and whispered into her ear, "I don't control you now, but mark my words, Kat, I will."

Her body shivered under him and she felt tiny under his cold hard glare.

He dropped her on the wall and walked away turning his broad back to her, leaving her panting and collecting herself.

"Get ready as soon as you get back, cause we are doing the shoot." He said gruffly and walked upstairs.

She ran a hand through her hair and stood up.

She glared at the ground and thought, fuck him. Then she stormed upstairs to get dressed.


Kat walked down the path on her way to the pavilion. She was cursing Ryder pretty much the whole way there, letting out short angry huffs and thinking about all the ways she could get revenge.

When she got there she breathed out a sigh and put her anger and revenge plots to the side for later.

She walked in and saw a couple people sitting down eating. There was a buffet along the side filled with delicious looking breakfast items.

Her stomach growled and she whined not realizing how hungry she was.

She skipped over to the buffet and got her
food sitting down.

She ate her food happily when a man sat down across from her. She raised an eyebrow and looked up at him.

"Hello?" She said curiously.

"Hey, sorry for interrupting you look to be enjoying that. I though I'd sit with you cause-"

"I look lonely and sad stuffing my face alone?" She finished his sentence. He laughed and shook his head

"No! Well- yeah kinda. I'm Kevin Foster." He smiled softly at her.

"Kat." She returned the smile mischievously.

"Hey two K's! We are meant to be."


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