Fifty Shades of Lingerie

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5| The Wings

Ryder Bane

He sighed and clenched his jaw waiting impatiently for Kat to get back. He didn't want to wait all fucking day to do the shoot. He had to get the pictures, edit them, then print them, and he didn't want to have any work piling up by the dead line.

This girl knew just how to push his button and make him go crazy for her and he'd only known her for one day.

He scoffed at the thought that only made him
more angry

He was about to go upstairs when the door opened and Kat walked in. He turned his head and looked at her. A glare set on his face as he opened his mouth to yell at her.

She rolled her eyes and shot a dirty look at him, "yeah yeah I'm getting ready." She waved him off and jogged upstairs.

He huffed and shook his head getting up. He walked down the hall into the shooting room. He kept the white backdrop and started turning on and setting up the lights. He grabbed a silver stool from the corner of the room and put it on the backdrop.

He wanted to do a few things with that this shoot.

He grabbed his camera and got it set up. Now he just had to wait for Kat and god knows how long that will take.

After about two hours of him going on his phone Kat came into the room. She cleared her throat and Ryder turned around quickly.

Holy fucking shit, he thought as his eyes tore down her flawless body.

Her lingerie was perfect for an Air Nymph. The white lace lingerie underneath the sheer white cover was sneaky and sexy.

It looked airy and flowed around her resembling the wind. It made him want to tear off the breezy off the shoulder gown so he could get full view of her delicious curves in the white lace undergarments. He wanted to pull her into his chest and make her ride him till she couldn't handle herself anymore and she begged him to take control of her. He raked his eyes up to her face and caught her smug smirk at his reaction.

A scowl took over his face, "It's missing something. Here I got these while you were eating." He walked over to a large bag. He pulled out some medium sized lace fairy wings and some arm jewelry.

"Oooo." She cooed and skipped over to the items taking the wings and the glittery jewelry.

She put on the arm jewelry and put out both her arms admiring it, it looked truly magical on her.

She then smirked looking over the wings. She lifted the white gown resting the fabric on her shoulder. This revealed her perfectly sculpted body and curves hidden in the white lace lingerie. He wanted so desperately to rip it off her till it was destroyed, then destroy her.

Her sultry and mischievous blue eyes met his and he saw the scheming going on in her eyes.

"Oh Ryder could you help me put these on?" She said and batted her eyelashes at him holding on the wings.

He grumbled and took them from her. She giggled as they were ripped from her hands and Ryder moved behind her.

"Arms." He demanded and she held them up for him.

He slid on the clear straps on both her arms. Then he took the clear belt and fastened it in the front. His strong arms reaching under hers to do this form behind.

He suddenly felt her push her ass back against his crotch rubbing against it, he bit his lip hard but he couldn't resist the hardening in his pants.

He growled in her ear and grabbed her waist once the buckle was situated.

She giggled and pushed her ass deeper on his hard bulge. She reached her hands back and ran her fingers through his hair messing it up.

Ryder ground his hips into her circling hips not being able to resist.

"You're so fucking annoying..." he groaned into into her neck kissing it and rubbing his tongue along the spots that drove her crazy.

Her body responded with a shiver and a small whimper escaping her lips that made him smirk.

He couldn't stand her but yet he couldn't keep his hands off her.

She turned around and wrapped her arms around his neck. She dragged her hand up his back slowly and to his cheek pulling his face close to hers.

"Yeah I know, but watching you come undone is so much fun." She whispered against his lips and chuckled.

This combined with that stupid smirk of hers made rage seethe deep into him. He gripped her waist hard and pulled her flush to his body.

"You don't know how much I want to stuff my cock into that pretty little mouth of yours till you're a drooling mess. Then, we will see how undone you are."

He watched her eyes glaze over with lust from his hot words and a small whimper leave her lips.

She pushed her womanhood against his hard bulge and moaned, holding eye contact with him the whole time.

He nearly lost it, grabbing her thighs and lifting her onto his waist he carried her over to the wall.

He made a mess of her neck, careful not to suck hard enough to leave hickeys. She let out short breathy moans from his bulge rubbing into her womanhood.

Ryder then abruptly remember he had a job to do. He growled at how easily she distracted him.

"We have to film and like always you're being a immature." He pushed off her and walked over to his camera a glare set on his face.

She snickered, "yeah I'm immature. You're the one that can't get his foot stepped on."

He whipped his head to her and shot her a poisonous glare, "who says 'grow a pair' when they step on someone's foot?! You're. a. bitch."

She rolled her eyes and angrily stomped over to the backdrop in front of the camera. She sat on the stool in a sexy position.

"Just shut up and take my picture." She hissed.


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