Fifty Shades of Lingerie

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6| The Invite

~mature content warning~

Kat Lovelace

After the shoot she was so done with Ryder she marched out of the room slamming the door so he was very aware of how much of an ass he was.

God and he has a great ass.

She was meeting Kevin again for dinner so she got overly dressed like she was always did when going out anywhere.

She put on her fancy black panties and underwear. She then slid on a garter belt and clipped them to her black sheer stockings to hold them up throughout the night.

She did her hair quickly then looked in the mirror and winked at herself. She ruffled her hair then turned around to her bed where her red skin tight dress laid.

She slipped it on and applied her signature black cat eye eyeliner and a cherry red lipstick.

She rubbed her lips together before putting on her black Louis Vuitton pumps.

Finally, two hours later she was ready.

She walked out of her room and noticed Ryder's door was closed and probably locked.

Fucking hermit, she thought with a roll of her eyes and walked down the stairs.


She got her food and waved to Kevin who was already sitting down with some other girl at one of the tables.

She joined them both, "Hey Kevin...and friend." She said to both.

"My names Lauren Grace." She spoke softly in a southern accent.

"This is my model pair, she's the greatest." Kevin said pointing at her as Lauren rolled her eyes and blushed gently.

Yeah my ass and tits are definitely bigger, she thought.

"Pleasure to meet you." Kat smiled at her, she couldn't help but size her up a bit.

Lauren was definitely pretty but not Kat pretty.

"So what are you guys doing for the first theme?" Kat said picking up a French fry and flicking it into her mouth.

Kevin smiled, "oh we had this really-"

Lauren hit his shoulder and gave him a look, "she might take our idea." She tried to whisper.

Bitch, Kat thought and narrowed her eyes at her.

She rolled her eyes and put her smile back on, "it's cool, have you two gotten around to meeting more people? So far you two are the only ones I've really talked to. Busy with shooting and what not." She waved her hand around and ate.

Kevin started to talk but Lauren spoke up over him.

"No but we invited everyone to a party at our cabin. And we'd love it if you and you're pair would come with us." She said leaning on her elbow.

"Ooo party?" Kat lit up like a high school girl about to get eaten out. She was suddenly interested in what she was saying.

"Yeah I was gonna invite you but I hadn't seen you." Kevin said and gave an easy smile.

She nodded quickly and ate her food, "of course I'd-" she remembered the invitation was extended to Ryder. She did a mental eye roll. "We'd love to come."

"Perfect, ill see ya there." He said.

They all finished the rest of their meals making small conversation. When Kat was done she said her goodbyes and made her way back to the cabin.

She shoved the key back into the door and opened it to a dark house. It was 12:00 at night.

She sighed and hung her keys up walking upstairs to her room quietly. She saw Ryder's light on in his room, Kat rolled her eyes and walked into her own closing the door.

She hummed and pulled off her dress walking into the bathroom in her undergarments. She turned on the shower and gave it a minute for the water to get hot.

She sighed and walked over to the mirror running a hand through her hair when she heard the door open.

She jumped and turned to the door where Ryder stood.

She glared at him and made a weak attempt to cover her chest like she cared it was out, not like she's a lingerie model or anything, "can I help you?!"

Her eyes then traveled down his bare...very toned chest...landing on the hard and impressive bulge in his pants.

"Yeah...mind explaining this?" He growled out and held up his camera displaying her body on the mirror, "I went to edit the pictures and found it."

She smirked and took a step over to him.

"Do you think everything belongs to you?" He spoke through clenched teeth and walked in front of her.

She chuckled seductively and smirked running a finger under his chin, "babe, when I put on red lipstick and lingerie..." she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his face down close to hers, "the world belongs to me."

He quickly grabbed her hips and picked her up on his waist. She instinctively wrapped them around him and pushed her hips down on his bulge.

He hissed and pushed her back into the sink holding her thighs.

"Did you like the picture?" She said breathlessly into his neck.

"I think I'd like hearing you moan more." He bit her ear lobe and kissed down her neck hungrily wanting to taste her.

She felt his fingers move over her panties feeling the wetness he made pool there, "huh, looks like someone likes me."

"I fucking hate you." She hissed but her body betrayed her by pushing her hips deeper on his fingers.

He slipped his hand into her panties and ran his bare lanky fingers over the sensitive folds of her womanhood.

Kat threw her head back from the sudden relief and let out a gasp. He circled his thumb over her clit working it perfectly. She bucked her hips already wanting more.

"See, you make me break so many rules and I can't stand it." He growled into her ear and slammed his long middle finger inside of her wet hot entrance.

She yelped and squeezed her legs tighter on him, she moaned breathlessly her voice not working as her body filled with pleasure.

He moved another one of his finger inside of her. Pumping them faster and curling them slightly. He started to hit her g-spot, the rapid motions made a knot tighten in her stomach and she felt it about to release.

She gripped his hard shoulder and breathed hard into his neck.

"I'm cumming, oh fuck I'm cumming!" She moaned out and came all over his sweet fingers. The feeling exploded and made her fingers tingle, it was over faster then she wanted. And she wanted more. So much more.

She leaned back against the mirror, the room heavy and filled with their hot breaths.

He pulled away and lifted his finger, staring her dead in her lust-filled eyes and flushed face, he licked up his finger slowly tasting her sweet cum. She watched his tongue slide up his wet fingers and a shiver ran deep through her.

God that tongue looked skilled. She thought as a smirk forming on his perfect lips.

He leaned forward, "Don't touch my shit you entitled bitch. Or I'll do something much less pleasurable for you."

"Bite me." She said breathlessly.

"Gladly." He winked and walked out of the bathroom.


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