Fifty Shades of Lingerie

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7| The Party

Ryder Bane

"Kat, will you please hurry up." Ryder called from the end of the stairs. They were doing the earth nymph shoot today and he had been waiting for her for 2 hours already.

"I'm almost done, I have like one more braid, calm yourself." He heard her yell back.

He scoffed and shook his head going back into the shooting room.

He looked through the edited pictures from the last shoot on his computer. The backgrounds were left mostly white. He just made it look like clouds were around her.

They looked really good, because they where fighting Kat had a subtle intense look in her face that gave these pictures a new feel. He liked it, air was often intense.

He kept scrolling through them when he saw the picture of Kat again, her body reflected in the mirror. He knew he should've deleted it last night.

But he couldn't bring himself to do it. He hovered his finger over the delete button staring at her curves. The memory of feeling his fingers down her waist willed him not to do it.

That only annoyed him. He huffed and set his camera down on the stool rolling his eyes.

He heard the creak of the door as it opened. Ryder looked up and his eyes connected with Kats wide blue ones.

His eyes then traveled down her body and the hunger burned deep inside him. Her lingerie fit the theme perfectly. The green corset top and tutu made out of green tulle was earthy and sexy. She walked over to the backdrop and saw under the short skirt, dark green lace panties.

Fuck, what a tease. He thought and bit his lip.

The green ribbon choker and unicorn skin fairy wings really tied in the Fantasy theme nicely too.

"Ready?" He asked coldly. She nodded and gave a little humph.

He held the camera up to his eye as she started to pose. She arched her back and twirled her braid around her finger looking to her side. She parted her lips then gently bit her bottom lip.

God I'd would love to be biting that lip. He couldn't help but think.

"Get on your knees." He commanded in a stern voice. Kat smirked and met his eyes at the suggestive command.

He rolled his eyes but he couldn't help but imagine her getting on her knees in front of him for other reasons.

Kat obeyed getting down on her knees and staring at him with a seductive glare. He nearly lost it but managed to keep himself in check.

He raised the camera and took a picture of her. Kat put her hands between her legs and leaned forward on them so she was starting to go into an crawl position.

Ryder snapped pictures quickly. Kat changed positions sitting up on her knees, she lifted her skirt showing off her dark green lace panties.

She looked at the ground her hair falling in front of her face.

Ryder stared at her for a moment his body aching for her, but he just snapped a picture ignoring his desires.


Ryder sat on the sofa editing the pictures later that night. They looked fucking stunning, Ryder was just adding in a whimsical woody background.

She walked down the stairs looking more dressed up then usual. She was wearing a high waisted black skirt with white stripes going across and down on the skirt. She paired that with a black sexy lace off the shoulder top tucked into it, it was see through so her black bralette could be seen underneath.

She looked amazing, with her red lip stick that he'd rather have smudged all over his dick.

"Where are you going." He growled and pretended not to be interested.

"We are going to party, so get dressed." She said coldly walking up to the mirror next to the door. She looked at herself and ruffled her hair.


They both stood at the door of Kevin and Lauren's cabin.

Ryder decided to go pretty simple. He wore a black t-shirt, leather jacket over it, covering his sleeve tattoo, and some jeans.

He ran a hand through his hair blowing out a breath he was holding. Parties weren't his scene, he didn't know why he agreed, it was probably the way she looking in that fucking skirt.

They walked up to the door and Kat knocked with a smile on her face.

Kevin, He assumed, swung open the door and gave Kat a side hug. Seeing someone else touch Kat made anger bubble up in Ryder's stomach.

"So good to see you Kat, you must be Ryder." He stuck his hand out to Ryder. He looked at his extender hand then back to the man standing in front of him with a subtle glare and just nodded.

Kevin cleared his throat and drew back his hand, "yeah so come on inside." He said and smiled.

Kat shot Ryder a sideways glare, "rude" she mouthed. He rolled his eyes and walked with her inside.

He looked around at everyone dancing and laughing in small groups. It seemed everyone was here.

He turned to Kat who was already holding a shot laughing with a couple girls.

He walked over to her and grabbed her wrist before she downed the shot, "you're 20" he whispered in an annoyed voice.

"Excellent observation skills Mr. Bane." She said and took the shot with her friends. She made a sour face and chuckled setting the glass down.

Ryder glared at her but shook his head scoffing, "fine, I'm not babysitting you, do whatever you want."

He turned and walked away.

After the party started to wind down and it neared 1 am, he went to find Kat. He was bored and pretty much sat on the side lines the whole time.

He walked into the living room and saw her sprawled out on the couch over some guys lap.

A glare hardened on his face and he got the urge to kill someone, specifically that guy, and it only intensified when he watched him take a body shot off Kat's stomach. She laughed and took a sip of her beer.

He clenched his jaw, she was obviously drunk.

He walked over to her and picked her up bridal style off the guys lap, she giggled and wrapped her arms around Ryder's neck.

"Hello Rydddeeerrr." She drew out his name.

"Yeah its time to go." He huffed out and walked over to the door.

"Are we gonna have fun? I really wanna have some fun. Hey did I tell you how nice your fingers are." She closed her eyes biting her lip, she threw her head back. "God that felt good."

Ryder carried her down the path to their cabin. He rolled his eyes at her drunken banter, choosing to ignore it.

"Hey Ryder." She hiccuped out.

"Hm?" He said looking down at her.

She smirked and leaned into his neck kissing his collar bone, "you're hands on my ass." She mumbled against his skin and started to leave a hickey on his neck.

"God Kat, you're a fucking mess." He leaned his head back before she could. It was hard to resist her, she was saying and doing all the right things.

But she barely knew where she was.

"You're going to bed..." he said and walked up the steps to their cabin.

"With you?" She perked up.


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