Fifty Shades of Lingerie

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8| The Call

Kat Lovelace

Kat was fortunate enough to not get terrible hangovers. The most she got was dull headache which she was feeling now as she woke up.

She squinted against the sun and groaned softly. Looking at her nightstand she saw a bottle of water and a two Advil sitting on a napkin.

"Did the hungover fairy visit?" She mumbled and took them. She got up off her bed and took a quick shower after that.

She blow dried her hair and then did some very light makeup, finishing with her eyeliner.

She sighed putting on her a matching set of undergarments. Her outfit for the day was a velvet crop top with angel across the front and a matching miniskirt.

She put on a crystal choker and walked downstairs.

She saw Ryder lounging on the sectional watching tv which was odd. He was always doing something related to the competition.

"Aren't we doing a shoot?" She asked and walked into the kitchen grabbing a couple of cookies, she usually missed breakfast.

Ryder shook his head keeping his eyes trained on the tv, "no, it's Friday and we only have one more shoot to do. I'm tired so I'm taking the day off."

Kat shrugged, "well I'm not gonna argue with that." She bit into her cookie and sat with him on the couch.

"Of course you aren't." He mumbled to himself shaking his head.

She turned to him knitting her eyebrows together, "what is that supposed to mean."

"It means that you walk around with a silver spoon in your mouth."

Her expression slowly turned into a glare and her mouth hung open, "how dare you."

"How dare I?" he challenged turning to face her.

"You have no idea how much I've worked for." She clenched her fists furious he could be that rude. Was he wrong? No, but she worked for her money and she flaunted what she had.

"Omg don't give me that bullshit everyone knows how wealthy the Lovelace's are. You act like an entitled bitch."

She huffed with frustration hitting the couch cushion, nothing got her more mad then the mention of her parents, "I'm a lot of things but I am no leech. Take that back. I can act however I want because I am own person."

"I'm not taking anything back and you are your own person. You're a piece of fucking work." He growled out through a clenched jaw.

She pushed his chest sitting up on her knees, "I hate you."

He grabbed her wrists tightly when she pushed them into his chest, "hate me all you want Kat. You can't hide that your a shitty person."

She leaned in close to his face anger boiling over top, "yeah I'm the shitty person. You're the one who doesn't know how to socialize or even shake a persons fucking hand. I may act entitled but at least I still have some close friend. What can you say for yourself? What? Did something happen in your past that scared poor little Ryder?" She started ripping into him, "what, did someone die?" She spoke in a mock sympathetic voice.

Ryder grabbed her and pushed her back on the couch hard. He pinned her wrists back behind her head not being gentle at all. She hated how turned on her body was getting just from his surge of dominance over her.

"You have no idea how bad I want to fuck that prissy bitch out you. You're mouth is gonna get you Kat." He grabbed both her wrists with one hand. "One night and id make you a drooling cumming mess. You need to be punished." He grabbed her throat and put his mouth against her ear whispering. "You won't know what the fuck to do with yourself. I'd have you wrapped around my fucking finger."

Kat squeezed her thighs together from the heat that looked down there and tilted her head back slightly, a tiny whimper escaping her lips. This man was going to break her, and she knew it. She couldn't stop thinking about that night with his fingers inside of her. But she was way to stubborn to every admit that or make it easy for him.

Suddenly the heavy atmosphere was broken by the sharp ringing of her phone.

"Get off me." She hissed and sat up on the sofa grabbing her phone. It was her grandma.

She let out a breath and answered the phone, "Grammy, Hey." She ran a hand through her hair trying to calm her flushed cheeks.

"Hey love! Calling to check in, I can't wait to see you on tv this Sunday!" She spoke with her loving frail voice.

Kat chuckled, "yeah I'm pretty sure they will display the winners photos from the week so you'll see ours."

"Oh Kat you were always this confident." Her sweet grandmother giggled into the phone.

"Yeah-" Kats words very abruptly died in throat when she looked down and saw Ryder spreading her knees and getting between her legs on the floor.

He met her eyes giving her a sultry 'be quiet' look. She shivered and leaned his head back.

"Uh y-yeah I was a cute kid what can I say." She bit her lip when she felt his lips kiss up her inner thigh. She reached down and ran her fingers through his hair

"The cutest little alley Kat. Remember that nickname Doll?"

She closed her eyes and parted her lips. She felt Ryder push against her clit through her wet panties. She sucked in a quick breath.

"Yes...yes.." she breathlessly as he started rubbing her through her panties. "I uh do remember. I hated it cause alley cats were ugly."

"You okay dear?" She asked gently.

Ryder slipped his fingers into her panties feeling her wet and hot womanhood, "yes very very good." She bit her lip to hold back a moan.

She looked down and caught Ryder's eyes. His dark hues held a devilish seductive glare that sent a shiver up her spine.

"Oh well that's good to hear!" She spoke happily, "tell me about your other pair? What's he or she like."

Ryder pushed her panties aside and pulled her hips till she was on the edge of the sofa. He lowered his head between her legs and dragged his hot tongue up her woman hood before swirling his tongue around her clit.

"Ryder!" She arched her back and moaned from the sudden rawer pleasure. She gripped his hair and bit her lip. "Ahem, his names Ryder."

"Kat? Are you okay." Her poor ignorant grandma said.

"Yes yes amazing, look, I'll call you back bye!" She hung up the phone quickly before her grandmother could catch on.

She threw her phone and ran both her hands through Ryder's silky dark hair pushing his head deeper as he worked his tongue like magic on her sensitive womanhood.

She parted her lips and let out breathy moans she'd been holding in. She wrapped her right leg around him as he flicked his tongue expertly over her clit.

She panted and bit her lip so her moan was muffled. She felt the familiar knot start tightening in her stomach.

"Oh fuck, Ryder yes." She moaned out his name. "I'm close, I'm-" her words died in her throat as she felt him push two fingers deep inside of her.

She tilted her head back feeling his fingers slide in and out fast.

She lost it.


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