Fifty Shades of Lingerie

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9| The Fire

Ryder Bane

After the events of yesterday, Ryder nearly loosing it more than he already was, he wanted to choke Kat. And not in the malicious way, in the way where he was choking her and she was moaning his name more.

He wanted to hear her moan his name even louder and harder. He urged to see her flushed pleasure-filled face as he pushed his length into her.

He growled gently to himself knowing that she was making him go against everything.

After yesterday she left to hang out with Kevin, which only pissed him off more, because she was mad at him like always.

He got up and got ready, he left his hair messy because he really couldn't bother. He put on his grey sweats and white t-shirt walking downstairs to set up the shooting room.

He walked out and sat on the sofa waiting for her to wake up.

After about 20 minutes he saw her walk down the stairs in the hottest fucking lingerie ever for the Fire Nymph shoot. The circling straps around her thighs and torso drew him in and nearly made him grab her to tear it off. She looked fucking sexy and he wanted to show her just how she made him feel right now.

The red lace garter belt and lingerie nearly pushed him over the edge. He loved those two colors and they looked amazing on her.

He bit his lip hard and mumbled, "fuck." under his breath.

He quickly tore his eyes from her body before she caught notice and decided to make his life more difficult.

"You're actually ready." He snickered and looked at his camera adjusting the settings.

She rolled her eyes, "yeah I wanted to avoid you're bitching, not even I'm that lucky though." She shot him a smirk and walked over to the backdrop.

He clenched his jaw at her comment and walked over to a bag pulling out some red glitter.

"Here I'm gonna put this on your shoulders and make it gradient down. It'll look cool."

"Coming from you that doesn't mean much." She snickered.

"Just shut up before I make you." He growled making a tight fist.

"Where and when baby." She winked with a smug ass smile.

He scoffed and walked over to her, he put the glitter on her shoulder but it didn't stay. He huffed frustrated knitting his eyebrows together.

"My shoulder has to be damp genius." Kat said condescendingly in his ear.

He was done with her sass.

He met her eyes and glared as he pushed her back into the wall pinning her there. She gasped and bit her lip a smirk forming on her lips.

He kissed down her neck slowly, she tilted her head as small breaths left her parted lips.

He kissed down her neck and over her shoulder. He then dragged his hot tongue over the smooth skin of her shoulder.

She gasped and ran her fingers through his hair loving the sensation that flowed through her body from his touch.

Ryder then tilted his head and kissed down the other side of her neck. He stop at the spot he knew drove her crazy, flicking his tongue out of the sensitive spot.

She shivered under him as she slowly slid her leg up his side and wrapped it around his waist. He pushed his hips into hers and rubbed them against her. She whimpered and held onto him tightly.

He groaned at the sound of hearing her weak, he pushed her harder into the wall.

He smirked and licked her other shoulder slowly and teasingly, he knew she was probably thinking of where his tongue was not to long ago.

"There.." he leaned back and looked at her with an intense seductive glare. "Damp."

She huffed and bit her lip. He took the glitter and poured it over her shoulder making it slowly gradient down. It turned out better then he expected.

"And one more thing." He pulled out gold and red crown and handed it to her.

She lit up at the sight of it, "it's not real." He said shaking his head and rolling his eyes.

Kat visibly slumped at this, "It's pretty though." She placed it on her brown wavy hair.

"Okay let's get started now." He put the camera up to his eye as Kat put on her intense modeling face, that was really fucking hot.

She pushed out her hip and grabbed the crown tilting it slightly as she slowly rotated her hips. Her lips parted as she slowly dragged her hand down her face pulling gently on her lip as she went.

She then laid down on her back. She arched her back and looked at the camera. Putting both her perfect legs in the air she bent one and kept the other extended.

Ryder felt a surge of muse looking at her, "wait stay like that and give me the crown."

She pulled it off her head and handed it to him. He walked over and put it on the heel of her red Louis Vuitton's on the leg that was fully extended.

"Now run your hand down your leg." He raised the camera as she dragged her hand slowly and teasingly down her leg.

He bit his lip wanting nothing more to leave marks all over that perfect skin.

She sat up on her knees and looked down at the ground to her side. She slipped her fingers under the straps on her thigh pulling them a bit.

She then looked up into the camera with a look of fire and lust laced together in her ocean blue eyes creating a hurricane.

He held his breath for a moment and fought the urge to grab her.

"Okay that should be good." He said mostly because he had to relieve the situation between his legs before he stepped way over the rules with that girl.

She stood up and ran a hand through her hair, a sigh leaving her lips. "We're so gonna win because of me. You're welcome Ryder." She smirked devilishly at him.

He rolled his eyes and looked at his phone, "How vain Kat" he looked up and sent her a glare. "How self centered can you get?"

"Oh you have no idea, don't tempt me, I love pissing you off." She put on her silky baby pink robe, much to his disappointment.

He looked at her smooth full lips and yearned to have his own lips on them but he knew if he did taste those lips he wouldn't be able to hold himself back anymore. From more things than one.

"Bitch." He growled.

"Dick." She walked out.


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