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24 hours

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I knew what it was like to be alone, but I never knew I could be so alone in a room full of people, dangerous ones at that. Being kept in the dark was nothing new but it wasn't till I saw him on that plane, did things really start to go wrong. I never asked for this, but I didn't know that none of that mattered. I was a toy in a larger game, one he played many time... so how comes I got out alive within 24 hours and I was the queen in a secret war with nothing but silk in between. Edited by tracy

Erotica / Romance
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Just 5 minuets

"Just 5 more minutes!" That's a sentence I heard way to often from her.

"We need to go, NOW" It was always me and Abigail ever since my parents disowned me 10 years ago.

But nothing else mattered because today I turn 21 which meant my last day of freedom before I go back to work. I will be honest I can't complain about my job because it pays so well. Then again, my job isn't easy I mean is being an air hostess ever easy. It's only a small company that Abigail, my best friend, owns that's the only reason it pays so well.

I looked in the mirror for the final time checking for any smudges in my makeup only to see my cold grey eyes stare back at me, admiring each curve and mark that lied on my body; long curls ending mid-back on my head.

I wouldn't say I was satisfied with my body, but it was always something to be proud of, even if I never showed it off much. But I would say when I do it is worth it, so does everyone else. The lucky guys at the club would get a sneak peak of that today. I mean, it is my 21st birthday after all.

Abigail chose my dress, so it was way shorter and tighter than what I would go for but all it does is bring out my wild side and something to remember, icy white looks great with my eyes.

"Okay my love, we can go!"

Abigail thought it would be funny to wear the same dress in different colours, so she is wearing dark blue which isn't unusual for her. Funny story to how we met, she came out of jail and decided to work to open her airline company which was random, and along the way she met me when she decided to sit on my coffee so I gave her extra clothes at one of the training sessions. Which then followed with a promise of a new coffee, from then we have been best friends and I wouldn't have it any other way, some of the time. We decided it would be fun to move to Paris only to bring in a lot of business. The tiny food, amazing nightlife and libraries were all just a bonus.

I decided I was bored of waiting and I went downstairs to call for the taxi when I noticed a black car on the other side of the road and three men, two of which were holding what looked like guns the other on his knees slightly hidden by the black car. I tried to make it look like I didn't see them but when the gun went off I couldn't help but let out a scream alerting the two men in front of me. They started moving, slowly towards me guns at the ready as if they were about to shoot me then and there. Just in time Abigail walked out heels in hand and dragged me into the now parked cab as we drove off leaving one thought in my mind... who are they?

Not even 5 minutes later we found ourselves parked outside the club, lights beaming through the window, drunk guys and girls clinging to each-other many getting slightly too close to the random stranger next to them. I slowly stepped out, adjusting my dress to its original length which wasn't too far from where it rose to, while Abigail payed the man not giving him enough time to flirt before she rushed us both into the already packed club

"let's go celebrate my final night of freedom and the beginning of adulthood"

I shouted already holding the first shots of many.

"yes queen, we are letting loose for once maybe you will finally pick up a guy or two"

she said with a wink only to be faced with a smirk and wink back from me.

I wasn't always like this but today I had a reason to be, the best reason of all. That's when I realised the bouncer had never asked us for ID, I never really know why I just guess it's from Abigail. For me and Abigail the next 12 hours were a blur filled with drinking, dancing and sweaty bodies pressed close to ours gradually separating us till we were no longer in each other's view. The only thing in my sight was once again the black car parked outside the club only this time, the two men were closer, almost scanning the club trying to find one person out of the hundreds in here.

Then our eyes stopped when they found their way to each other, then a small nod and just like that he was in the VIP section not breaking gaze until his buddy spoke to him turning his attention away from me. From then on it was a daze my mind flooded with questions, who are they and why did they shoot that guy, did they follow me here? Hours passed without seeing him again, to my luck I found Abigail with a guy or two laughing and flirting well, trying to.

Lucky for me it was time to go, something told me if we stay any longer we wouldn't be safe. Within 10 minutes we stood outside our apartment clinging to the wall for support. It was like time slowed down and everything was in slow motion. I suddenly noticed my keys were lying on the floor but when I went to pick them up I was met with a muscular hand, one that didn't belong to Abigail. I turned slightly focusing my sight on the mystery man that I was faced with at the club and earlier before that. Feeling like they followed us here rage took over causing me to shove the man despite him moving an inch the first time I pushed him again, he smirked at me and slowly walked back to his black car.

what seemed like years passed and to my dismay I was still wide-awake coffee in one hand and my newly shattered phone in the other slowly scrolling through shopping websites admiring clothes I would never wear. It wasn't long before I was stripping out of my dress, pulling my hair to a messy bun and stepping into the steaming shower. Spine tingling is the only word to describe the amazing feeling of the burning hot water attacking my back, it was like something out of a book you read. The moments you wish you were the main character in that exact moment in time, luckily for me I was her and always had been. Voices that seemed to be yelling filled my ears dragging me out of my dream state.

"How could you do this!" is what followed a loud slam of the door not long followed by crying of my name. "What happened Abigail, is everything ok?" is all I could get out before two ice hold hands wrapped around my body and an ear bursting screech and tears that slowly made my towel damper than it was before. "he, he left me for real this time". many hours followed of me listening to a story I heard many timed before, unlike the other times this one never seemed to end unlike the relationship which to my relief was over for good. Relationships were never my thing, they are complicated and most guys wat one thing... money and the sex is just a bonus. A small look at my phone made me snap back to reality.

"Jesus Abigail, we have work in less than 40 minutes and we aren't even dressed yet"

the tears stopped, and it was like time sped up because we were dressed and ready in less than 10 minutes and on the way to my personal idea of hell.

Abigail had it easy, bossing us around, travelling to exotic places while I was stuck helping people who were always rude and the kids always screaming in my ear demanding something of off me every two minutes. The airport was close to empty other than a group of people all around my age. I didn't even realise I was staring until the women in the group walked up to me frightening me but bringing me back from my make shift daze. "hello..." she had a light voice one almost too delicate to be human curls down to her mid-back like mine but a dark red which matched her dark black eyes. "HELLO!" I realised I was gawking again

"I am so sorry what is the name for your book in?"

I said at last only to receive a light laugh followed by her name.

"Mrs Rosa, it should be"

I nodded my head and signed her and the rest of her group in for their flight before rushing to the plane and setting everything up ready to take off.
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