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24 hours

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Fear or adventure

We still had around 10 minuets before the flight took off and then for the safety drill to be told. You know, the key is to make everyone laugh so they watch the full thing. I heard it wasn't all that fun to do, with most people on the flight never paying attention it was almost like talking to thin air or just dead people.

I was lucky I never had to do those jobs instead, I was on food and drinks. I love food and aeroplane snacks are easy to nibble on in short periods of time, so I always just eat the snacks and have drinks. If you couldn't tell by the previous night, i love alcohol filled drinks, when on occasion and drunken responsibly.

Sadly, thought we aren't allowed the alcohol filled drinks because we must be responsible and ensure we are alert. I always failed to stay away from the drinks it was kind of like an old habit. I have never been to rehab because it wasn't an addiction I just enjoyed how it tasted.

It wasn't long till we were taking off for a 9 hour plane ride to Barbados I heard it was beautiful there but sadly for me I wouldn't get the chance to explore the place as I had to come straight back preparing the plane for the upcoming flights that are due to take place the rest of the day.

I sat down in my chair that was closest to a small boy with dirty blonde hair and eyes almost identical to mine. It was almost like he was my little brother or my son but gos knows i Haven't had a kid nor do i plan to for many years. I want a stable relationship and job which isn't this one and i want him to love me like never before. Thats when i know i will have a kid i mean if something happens before hand then i guess i will go along with it but i would like to feel like i had control over my life.

"umm excuse me miss..."

I looked down and noticed the small boy delicately tugging on the end of my mid-length skirt ensuring he wouldn't rip it, an almost fearful look in his eyes. "what's wrong young man?" I looked around the plane wondering where his parents were but to my dismay everyone was sleeping.

"Please play with me, I don't like flying on big planes"

he exclaimed with a slight tremble in his voice. I knelt to ask his name which he proudly told me was Flynn and he was only 4 years old. I looked in his hand which now held a small object he picked up from the floor, an action figure from a film it reminded me of Spiderman, but I decide not to ask but rather to sit and play with him until someone work up to take over.

After hours of playing he went down for his nap meaning I was free to relax that was until someone else required my attention. I hadn't noticed but someone else was awake, that's when I realised it was him again, the same guy from last night in the club and outside my apartment.

"Can't help staring can you princess?"

I looked up and it was him, he was talking to me with a voice like a god, eyes like the sky and his body was sculpted perfectly.

"do I know you?"

how stupid could I be, why would I ask him that of all things to say. "not yet you don't" for the rest of the plane ride we spoke getting to know each other but by that I mean he asked me questions and avoided anything I asked him. That's when he said "now I know you won't leave my side" I don't think it was intended for me to hear but it was enough to make me get up awkwardly smiling before shuffling away.

Despite my sudden change in seats, he followed me and sat next to me once again asking more questions until I felt rage fill my body.


I took a breath, raising my eyesight lightly to notice 3 of the men were now pointing guns towards me and the mystery man had hold of my wrist. It was like he didn't want me to leave his side, as if I was the other half to him, the one he had been missing all these years.

"Bad move princess, we know you saw us yesterday, so we had to follow you but now we can't let you leave alive".

His facial expression was cold, he showed no emotion almost like he was used to this. I knew at that moment my life was over I would die on this stupid plane, no one to tell my loved one's goodbye. That's when we all heard a tiny voice call out to me and the man in front of me... "miss can we play again now, and daddy can join in too?" a wave of his hand and the boy was taken away to another part of the plane most likely to ensure he didn't watch me die.

"Boys lower your guns...I think I will give her 24 hours..."

silence pierced through the air and the man stepped closer to me

"princess, you will come with us and you will do as I tell you to or one of these men will kill you do you understand"

I slowly nodded refusing to speak or even look at the men before me, I was trapped and I don't know if I would even make it past the 24 hours.
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