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WARNING: This contains Xenophile (Alien / Human smut) 18+ ______________________ The year is 3999. Nearly a thousand years after a alien infection was set loose by the intelligent lifeforms, the Irinaut. These alien lifeforms were capable of controlling human bodies, infecting them with their spores, impregnating fertile human's, and growing the Irinaut's massive slaves; the Yeti's, a less evolved version of the Irinaut. Earth is gone. After the people fled on ships, they traveled to their new hope. The human race was able to flee from the foreign infection, but for how long? Luna was frozen on the ship. For nearly a 200 years, their ship had traveled. Many people had been placed in a cryogenic state. The Solar Sun, a space ship was the closest landing unit in the solar system. For Luna, the girl hopes that space would be her escape from the aliens that destroyed their Earth, but that was only the beginning. Luna and a small team of scientists had come in hopes for finding a cure for the strange virus, only to find the virus had taken over most of The Solar Sun. Their last hope, and their last escape from these beings, but what's to be found there will change everything.

Erotica / Scifi
Nikolai Wolfe
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Chapter One: Awake

That long have I been asleep?

All crew members who have awoken from cryogenic state, please remain in the pods until the Doctor arrives. Questions will be answered momentarily. All crew members...

The words repeated; over and over in a constant loop as the six people awoke from their sleep. The seventh, a doctor who had awoken about a week prior of them. Someone whose job was to make these centuries of travels as safe as possible for the special cargo. A group of five scientists who had studied the virus as well as it's only theorized creators, the Irinaut. Along with one young woman, named Luna.


Luna woke in a flustered mess. The female sat up quickly in her teardrop shaped pod that had encased the individuals in a cocoon. The female began looking about in a nervous manner as she listened to the recorded voice repeat it's words over. Her head was still spinning from the ride, and everything had seemed to leave her in quite a lost state of mind. Nothing seemed to add up for her. Even her name had taken a moment to come back to her. 'Where am I?' She thought to herself. The blonde placed her palm against the side of her head; rubbing the throbbing temple. Luna's head was killing her. Truly, she was having difficulty remembering anything prior to this. How had she even gotten there in the first place?

She looked around the small circular room. There were several other pods in the room. Some, with people awake like her also looking about. From what Luna could see, there was one other female, and four men. All finally awake, and seemingly more aware of their current state. One of the men seemed to be experiencing the same pain as Luna, howling and complaining. The only thing he seemed interested in was why the computer recording hadn't shut off, and why everything was so loud. Truly, a grade A Complainer.

A older gentlemen, possibly in his early forties, looked towards the young woman in a odd manner. "Hello, Luna," He coughed; holding a cloth over his mouth. The male gestured his hand towards her as he rested in his own container, "Don't listen to him, darling. He's loud and doesn't really have a large enough vocabulary to get him anywhere." He paused for a moment and took a deep breath. "So mind him please."

"Hey you ol' asshole, why don't you say that to my face instead of to the gal, eh?" The man cursing and groaning was quite broad. He was tall and muscular. His hair was shoulder length and a auburn red. The man's nose was rather square, and his eyes were pale green and rounded. He had a strong Irish accent as he spoke.

"On the contrary, I just did." The grey haired male glanced over. His dark brown eyes looked over the man; a simple grin on his face as they began to argue back and forth. His eyes were quite large, mostly due to the set of glasses he wore. "Seems like all you can do is point a gun and pull the trigger. His hair already balding on the sides. He was very tall man, about 7'0, and seemed to have very dark skin. His arms crossed over his chest as he listened to the computer as well, "Of course I wouldn't mind it being turned off, but this must be your first trip around. As a matter a fact, I believe it is. Why did we bring him again? Just knowing you were in the ship next to me for two hundred years makes me sick."

"Fuck off you old shit, just remember who's gun control around here alright?"

"Bruno, Reed, that's enough from the both of you." The woman in her pod sat up after unhooking her buckle, quickly beginning to float in the air within her pod, "We're getting out of here soon. You all know that. We're almost to our new home, and you two don't need to go yelling and scaring everyone with your hatred for one another's existence." The woman speaking seemed to be in her early thirties, her light brown hair pulled back. The rubber band holding it was nearly a foot down, resting against her back, a curly mess. Her skin was a light caramel tan. Her eyes were oval shaped. Their color, a dark grey. She was thin, and seemed to be a few inches taller then Luna.

Luna tensed a bit. Her golden eyes glistened in the dim light. She brushed her long blonde hair back. It had grown much longer since she last remembered; nearly down to her rear. At least, she thought it seemed much longer. The woman was quite surprised she hadn't aged after hearing they had been asleep for so long, "W-wait, we've been asleep two hundred years?" She spoke calmly, but her voice's quiver was all to clear, "Why are we here? I don't even remember falling asleep." Luna was a small female at only being 5'5. Her hair was light blonde, Luna's golden eyes were rounded, her lashes long and dark. Her pink lips were lush and soft, and her body pear shaped.

The two men to the side were very similar in looks. Upon looking, Luna found that they were completely identical. Both had sleek black hair; their eyes rectangular except one wore glasses. Their noses were rounded and nicely shaped. Both were very tan and quite tall, barely fitting in their pods as the two spoke back and forth; rambling about to one another about how excited they were. They were twins!

The other woman smiled; giving a light shake of her head. "Miss Luna I apologize, I'm Professor Jewel, I study the organisms and how they are capable of reproduction as well as their breeding habits. My colleague, Professor Reed never was a fan of gun men. He studies the Irinaut's enhanced learning skills as well as their attachments towards certain creatures. Really, what makes them so drawn to human beings." She pointed at the dark male, then towards the red hair brute, "As for Bruno, he is a elite soldier and engineer. The man is quite good with guns as well as the Irinaut's own special weaponry. He knows what he's doing, even if he knows nothing else but complaining." Jewel's brow raised as she glanced at Bruno and smiled warmly. Of course, she didn't seem threatening in the least.

She looked over at the twin male's, "As for the twins, Sam and Ian, they both study the techniques the Irinaut use and how to use it against them. They both studied for ten years just to learn how to understand the feelings of these creatures and how their minds work. They are my favorite pupils." The woman grinned, looking about for a moment.

Suddenly the recording ceased, going silent and leaving the room finally somewhat quiet. Bruno and Reed still argued a bit, but overall they had both finally calmed down.

Luna nodded lightly. After a moment, they all fell silent, listening for the doctor to arrive. When finally, a large beeping noise could be heard as a air locked door began to open. The locks twisting as the crossed bars against the door spread apart. Finally, opening up.

A man floated into the cylinder shaped room; holding a clipboard in his hand. He was about 5'8. His hair was short, buzz cut, and white. Oddly he was the only one who seemed to hair clean cut hair other then the balding Reed. The male's oval eyes were a light brown. He was pale as well. With his hair as white as it was, Luna questioned how old he was, even if he didn't seem it.

He looked towards Luna and the scientists. The male bowed his head lightly. "Professor Jewel, Professor Reed, we have some things to discuss." His voice was rasp and quite deep. He pulled out a key card and used it to scan a rectangular pad that came out from the floor. As he did, the pods began to open. "Take your time getting up. Make it slow. I have a breakfast prepared for you. We'll talk then. We'll have to make sure to do an analysis. Wouldn't want any of you out of working order."

They nodded, slowly all getting out to greet each other. Professor Reed approached Luna. The male had a rather kind smile as he gave a bow of his head. "Come Luna, we'll show you your room."

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